In this article, we recap the main highlights of the events of day 2 (16 November 2018) of what has been called the “Bitcoin Cash Civil War”, a fight between two powerful camps, Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, for the title of “The Real Bitcoin Cash.”

Block Mining Status

The mining pools supporting ABC are Antpool,,, and Viabtc; and those supporting SV are BMG Pool, SV Pool, Mempool, and Coingeek.

At press time (November 17th, 14:20 UTC), according to data from Bitcoin Cash statistics site Coin Dance:

  • 290 blocks “have been mined under the new consensus rules”
  • Bitcoin ABC is 17 blocks ahead
  • Bitcoin ABC is 53.4% ahead on proof of work
  • Bitcoin ABC has 49% more hash rate (64% vs. 19%).

Crypto Exchanges


Comments From the Bitcoin ABC Camp

Bitcoin ABC Team:

Emil Oldenburg, CTO of

Nishant Sharma, who works in Communications & PR at Bitmain:

Comments From the Bitcoin SV Camp

Calvin Ayre, Founder Ayre Group and Calvin Ayre Foundation:

Interesting Comments From Third Parties

BitMEX Research:

Bitcoin ABC’s Use of Checkpoints

Chris Pacia, the Lead Backend Developer at OpenBazaar, published a great blog post yesterday that is highly recommended reading if you want to understand what checkpoints are, how/why Bitcoin Cash has been using them after each hard fork, and how they are helping Bitcoin ABC in the war with Bitcoin SV.

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