According to two famous YouTubers and a long list of online commenters, the EOSIO Wallet Explorer has been making unauthorized withdrawals.

Popular YouTube stars, the Hodgetwins, who have a following of over 4 million subscribers, recently revealed that they had thousands of dollars worth of EOS stolen from them through a malicious wallet that they downloaded from the App Store.

The cryptocurrency wallet in question was called EOSIO Wallet Explorer, and the pair reportedly lost 1,500 EOS ($8,500) not long after they made a deposit.

The Hodgetwins are best known for their comedy and fitness commentary, but the two have taken a recent interest in cryptocurrency as well.

In the description for the YouTube video about the incident, the Hodgetwins write:

To whom this may concern I have been using this EOS wallet on my iPhone developed by Valeriy Dorojkin to hold my EOS. I noticed these 3 transactions on 9/10 to wallet address OTCBTCDOTCOM in the amounts of 76.8447, 773.6121 & 650 totaling 1500 Eos tokens…I have included pics in this video to corroborate what happen. I want to be clear I did not authorize these transactions not sure how this could have happened. I filed a claim with ECAF CLAIMS…. but have not received a response yet please help.

Below is a screenshot showing the unauthorized transactions.


In the video, the twins pointed out that the suspicious wallet where the funds were sent had nearly a million EOS. Judging from the recent reviews that the app has received in the App Store, this incident is likely just one of many. The recent reviews are filled with upset EOS users who had funds stolen from them in the same fashion.


The Hodgetwins are hoping that their problem can be rectified through the EOS governance, which allows for the freezing of funds for restitution in case of theft.

This should serve as a reminder to be extremely careful about any third party apps that you download to handle your crypto, as both Google Play and the iPhone App Store have been criticized for not thoroughly verifying all of the content that is offered on their platforms.