TRON Supernode Sesameseed Launches TRX-Based Payment Card Beta Program

Omar Faridi
  • TronCard beta program allows investors that contribute to the platform's accelerator projects to receive special incentives while also making it easier for them make Tron (TRX) transfers.
  • Poppy, a Tron-based payment processor, has now received the funding required for the project's ongoing development.

Sesameseed, one of the TRON network's supernodes (validators), recently launched the TronCard Beta program - which can be accessed by SEEDGerminator contributors. SEEDGerminator is "a platform [that serves as] an accelerator for developers seeking to create DApps, tokens and [related] technology."

According to the announcement posted on Medium, all crypto “addresses contributing to the Poppy project on SEEDGerminator"will be given 5 Poppy tokens "per SEED", in addition to "1 Poppy token per TRX" contributed by the user. Poppy aims to be "a payment processor, powered by the Tron Blockchain, designed to seamlessly integrate into modern Point of Sale (PoS) systems."

As of October 21, 8 million Poppy tokens have been invested, so 100% of the hardcap has now been reached with 1,671 total backers.

The notice further states that addresses which receive at least 10,000 Poppy tokens by the time “HardCap” is reached will then “automatically” be registered to participate in the TronCard Beta program. Early program members will reportedly get a “complimentary” and “fully functional” TronCard.

Special Incentives For Early Participants

The early participants will also be able to make purchases, or receive rewards/rebates, by using the TronCard at various Poppy retail stores, in addition to crypto wallets that support the TRX token. The participants will also receive special invites to “engage with the Poppy and TronCard teams” to take part in testing the TronCard Beta program.

As described in Sesameseed’s Medium post, “TronCard is a fully-featured TRON wallet” with security features that help to “prevent tampering”, and has added support for “NFC and QR options” to make TRX transfers. NFC is a commonly used card emulation standard that lets users process payments from their smartphones.

The announcement further noted that support for “interfacing with Poppy” and other TRON wallets makes it more convenient and easy for users to make TRX transfers using the TronCard.

According to Sesameseed, TronCard has been developed as an “open payment platform” which may be integrated by many other crypto wallets and applications that support “the TRON ecosystem.” Moreover, the goal of the beta program is to allow the crypto's community members to actively engage in the ongoing development of the TRON network - which aims to create “the most versatile payment method possible.”

"Security And Anonymity" Ensured

Sesameseed’s post also mentions that the “security and anonymity of TronCard members” will be ensured as the "addresses that receive 10,000 or more Poppy tokens” will be able to “procure” their cards via a trusted “third-party distributor with their initial Poppy distribution.”

Notably, the TronCard beta program has been launched just a day after the TRON network experienced the highest number of transactions - over 600,000 in 24 hours.

According to Twitter account, 77% of these transactions had been triggered by the platform’s smart contracts. As CryptoGlobe reported on October 18, a new TRON network-based gaming DApp called TRONbet was played over 10,000 on its release day.