Roger Ver Considering Launching His Own Crypto Exchange

On Tuesday (9 October 2018), Bloomberg reported that CEO Roger Ver had told them that he plans to buy or develop his own crypto exchange.

In an interview in Malta with Bloomberg, early Bitcoin (BTC) evangelist and angel investor and current Bitcoin Cash (BCH) promoter/evangelist said:

“If we build it ourselves, we can do it really, really cheap, and we get exactly what we want... But we don’t have the security of a battle-tested exchange that’s been around for a while.”

According to Bloomberg, Ver also said that Bitcoin Cash would serve as the exchange's base currency. And since it will be hosted at, it'll "have thousands or tens of thousands of new users every single day."

In a recent interview with CryptoGlobe at World Blockchain Forum London 2018, Ver explained how he got into Bitcoin:

"I heard about Bitcoin for the first time on a radio show called 'Free talk live', which is a libertarian-oriented radio program out of the US and they were talking about it in reference to the Silk Road. And I personally wasn't interested in drugs at all myself but I thought, what the heck kind of money are they using to buy and sell these drugs on the internet. And so that's why I googled Bitcoin started looking into it. And I realized that this is going to change everything because now there's suddenly money that nobody can control and people can send and receive it with anyone. It's beyond the control of any bank or government or anyone. So it's a game changer for the entire world. And here we are today."

He was also asked about reports saying that Bitmain owned a lot of Bitcoin Cash (perhaps, as much as one million BCH):

"It's incredibly bullish. This is the most successful company in the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem and the fact that they chose Bitcoin cash as the cryptocurrency of choice is an incredibly bullish sign so it's fantastic and when they have their IPO, they're not going to need to sell any of their coins. If anything, they will have more money and they can buy more Bitcoin cash. So it's an incredibly incredibly incredibly bullish sign for Bitcoin cash and it's worth pointing out that the CEO of Bitmain was the first person in the entire world to translate the original Bitcoin white paper from English into Chinese and so thanks to Jihan the CEO Bitmain he's the one who spread Bitcoin to China just like I was actually the one with some help to translate the Bitcoin white paper and the website all into Japanese and I brought Bitcoin to Japan, so we have Jihan who brought Bitcoin to China and myself who brought Bitcoin to Japan and to a large extent the rest of the world both of us are saying Bitcoin cash is the version of Bitcoin that we fell in love with, and it's the version of Bitcoin that we think has the ability to change the world for the better, so both of us are devoting our time and effort and resources to promoting Bitcoin cash, because a digital currency can improve the lives of everybody on the planet, a digital store value, not so much."

Finally, another interesting question that he answered was what were his future plans for

"Sure there's a couple of things coming for One is integrating privacy features so you basically make it difficult for people to do blockchain analytics on wallet users. So we have a lot more privacy with your Bitcoin cash transactions. Another major thing we have is where you'll be able to spend Bitcoin cash in just about every single major merchant in the entire United States like Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, Home Depot, all these major merchants in the United States and you'll probably wind up being able to get a 1% discount when you do it and that will be available in the wallet only on Bitcoin cash not on Bitcoin core."

At press time (15:40 UTC on October 9th), according to data from CryptoCompare, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $517.51, down 2.04% in the past 24-hour period.

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