Unveiled on Github, the Shasper upgrade specifically contains a mechanism that combines proof-of-stake consensus switch of the Casper code with the platform’s in-house scaling solution, sharding. Speaking about the change, Wei Tang, who is leading the Parity integration project described the upgrade as a basic skeleton that will be tested:

Shasper is a combination of Casper and sharding. […] We should see vast improvements in terms of ethereum's transaction throughput. On one hand, we show that Substrate is a general framework that works for many different blockchains. On the other hand, we can hopefully provide more inputs for the Shasper specification, and speed up its development.

According toTang, interested parties will be able to run the codebase and users will see huge improvements as the upgrade is prepped for usage. The developer was quick to point out that the Shasper upgrade is still only a foundation for bigger things as there is more research and testing required before perfection is achieved.

Building Infrastructure for a Decentralised Web

Wei explained that a shared Shasper test network will be introduced, once more additions have been made to the software, in particular, the rules surrounding block creation. He posited that Substrate implementation is a fundamentally new way of building online services, a much more open, peer-to-peer way of interacting with each other where users have more autonomy.

Alongside this development, Parity Technology says that it is laying the foundation for a better web by disrupting centralized online services and enabling institutional innovation, an example of which is the Substrate project. Ethereum co-founder and Parity founder Gavin Wood described the Shasper upgrade as a cutting-edge development put together by the best minds for the benefits of institutions and individuals substantially invested in technology.

CryptoGlobe reported recently that Justin Sun’s TRON is alsoinvolved in a push to build out a range of necessary infrastructure for a decentralized internet using proprietary software developed by Bittorrent. With its recently completed acquisition of Bittorrent, TRON now has a key piece of its framework for building a peer-to-peer internet.

Substrate is a modular blockchain development framework designed to allow for projects to build custom blockchains. This will prove especially useful to software developers by allowing them to fully express their creativity. Substrate also offers simplified tooling to implement the Shasper change, compared to the ethereum network itself, according to Wei.