Crypto-asset analyst Yassine Elmandjra dug through old BitcoinTalk and P2P Foundation threads to find some lovable, historical gems.

In there, he discovered memorable Satoshi quotes as well as many posts that show us what Bitcoin was like in the early days.

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about what is considered “ Satoshi’s True Vision .” To see what the Bitcoin creator really thinks, it’s useful to go back in time and read exactly what he was saying.

The entire thread can be found here .

To read more from Satoshi, click here to read a curated list of Satoshi quotes. You can also click here to browse all of Satoshi’s forum posts.

Here are some of the top posts (with Yassine’s quotes above).

“Satoshi on the problem with conventional currency… right above the link to download Bitcoin”

“First attempts at selling something for bitcoin. One picture for 500 bitcoins (roughly $1 after PayPal fees… heh)”

“Satoshi working on the Bitcoin logo. ‘How does everyone feel about the B symbol with the two lines through the outside?’”

“Satoshi being cautious about not moving too quickly.”

“Satoshi claiming NOT having Bitcoin is the net waste”

“Satoshi confirming: ‘I am not Dorian Nakamoto.’ Questions remain as to whether Satoshi truly wrote this. Still cool though.”

“Satoshi expressing that Bitcoin is NOT the first attempt at ‘e-currency’”

“Those margins tho…”

“In July 2010, Bitcoin’s Wiki page got deleted for ‘not being famous enough’. Satoshi wished that rather than deleting the article, they should have put a length restriction. ‘If something is not famous enough, there could at least be a stub article identifying what it is.’”

“First attempts at making Bitcoin hit Slashdot’s front page”

@gavinandresen launching what remains the most legendary Bitcoin coding project.”

“But of course, a jerk in Spain had to ruin it for all of us.”

“At least Bitcoin pizza guy got a pizza…”

“When generating versus buying bitcoin was a legitimate question for the everyday user.”