First TRON (TRX) Gaming DApp Played Over 10,000 Times on Release Day

Alan Wass

The first ever gaming DApp to be released on Tron (TRX) blockchain has been a massive hit, reportedly marking up over 10,000 plays on its first day. As TRON plans to dominate the streaming industry with its decentralized products, the success of its inaugural gaming DApp is a boon for the industry.

The Tron Foundation enjoys close relationships with developers and programmers who now use the platform to create a myriad of groundbreaking DApps for the innovative network.

Rolling the Dice with TRON (TRX) Gaming DApp

TRONbet is not just a fun and fair dice game but is the first ever TRON (TRX) gaming DApp that is currently making the news with over 10,000 plays in the first day after its launch. The game has become an instant hit with not just those who support the TRON platform, but also from crypto enthusiasts more broadly.

The TRON Foundation released the news in regards to the 10,000 plays on their Twitter official Twitter handle on October 16:

If you want to play TRONbet, the rules are pretty simple. The first thing you need to do if you are a TRX holder is to connect to a TRONLink wallet. This must be a TRX wallet. You will then be able to enter a betting total in TRX and a number that is used to denote an over or under outcome. If the number you have chosen is below the selected target number, you will get a payout to your wallet. It really is that simple. Roll the dice and let it ride.

The game has already become a massive success in the past few days since its launch with some users banking some nice payouts so far such as the user who banked $130 in TRX.

The developer team behind the first ever TRON (TRX) gaming DApp already had vast experience in the gaming industry way before crypto had ever surfaced. One of the major problems TRONbet and other gaming/betting crypto platforms have encountered has been security and transparency. The industry has been crying out for an e-gaming platform that could merge the latest DApp tech with sound security measures, fairness, and transparency.

News reports have also been circulating that the first ever game to be built on the TRON network, Magic Academy, will soon be available.

Warren Buffett Donated the near $40,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency Justin Sun Gave Him

Earlier CryptoGlobe reported that Warren Buffett doubled down on his anti-bitcoin approach, calling the cryptocurrency “worthless” and bashing it by saying its economic impact was to reduce demand for suitcases.

His comments came after a meal with TRON Founder Justin Sun and other prominent figures from the cryptocurrency space – including Litecoin’s Charlie Lee and eToro’s Yoni Assia. In the interview where he made those comments he was asked how it feels to be a bitcoiners as Sun said he sent the billionaire investor 1 BTC and 1.9 million TRX, as well as various TRC-20 tokens.

Buffett responded he didn’t hold any cryptocurrency and added he “never will.” His comments soon became controversial as some claimed Sun was laying. This saw the entrepreneur – who’s acquired crypto exchange Poloniex, BitTorrent, and Steemit – share the transaction records on social media to prove he was telling the truth.

.Sun also shared the TRON account created for Buffett, which currently holds over 1.9 million TRX, 20,000 BTT, 19,000 WINk, and some other tokens. In total, the address has nearly $30,000 worth of TRX and TRC-20 and TRC-10 tokens,

Twitter users responded to Sun’s tweets quickly, prompting CNBC reporter Becky Quick to try and find out why the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ said he didn’t own any cryptocurrency, even though blockchain transaction records show he was gifted some.

Quick revealed later on that she called Buffett to clarify the ordeal. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway reportedly replied that he donated the nearly $40,000 worth of cryptocurrency to the GLIDE Foundation, which he was raising money for.

Notably, Sun had dinner with Buffett after paying a record $4.6 million in an auction whose proceeds go to the anti-poverty non-profit organization based in San Francisco.

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