First TRON (TRX) Gaming DApp Played Over 10,000 Times on Release Day

Alan Wass

The first ever gaming DApp to be released on Tron (TRX) blockchain has been a massive hit, reportedly marking up over 10,000 plays on its first day. As TRON plans to dominate the streaming industry with its decentralized products, the success of its inaugural gaming DApp is a boon for the industry.

The Tron Foundation enjoys close relationships with developers and programmers who now use the platform to create a myriad of groundbreaking DApps for the innovative network.

Rolling the Dice with TRON (TRX) Gaming DApp

TRONbet is not just a fun and fair dice game but is the first ever TRON (TRX) gaming DApp that is currently making the news with over 10,000 plays in the first day after its launch. The game has become an instant hit with not just those who support the TRON platform, but also from crypto enthusiasts more broadly.

The TRON Foundation released the news in regards to the 10,000 plays on their Twitter official Twitter handle on October 16:

If you want to play TRONbet, the rules are pretty simple. The first thing you need to do if you are a TRX holder is to connect to a TRONLink wallet. This must be a TRX wallet. You will then be able to enter a betting total in TRX and a number that is used to denote an over or under outcome. If the number you have chosen is below the selected target number, you will get a payout to your wallet. It really is that simple. Roll the dice and let it ride.

The game has already become a massive success in the past few days since its launch with some users banking some nice payouts so far such as the user who banked $130 in TRX.

The developer team behind the first ever TRON (TRX) gaming DApp already had vast experience in the gaming industry way before crypto had ever surfaced. One of the major problems TRONbet and other gaming/betting crypto platforms have encountered has been security and transparency. The industry has been crying out for an e-gaming platform that could merge the latest DApp tech with sound security measures, fairness, and transparency.

News reports have also been circulating that the first ever game to be built on the TRON network, Magic Academy, will soon be available.

Vitalik Delves Into Transaction Stats: More TX Not Necessarily Better

Ethereum (ETH) founder Vitalik Buterin explained on social media why daily transaction count is a “tricky” measure of actual usage on the platform - but still maintained that usage was growing.

The explanation came in the form of a bit of self-deprecating fact-checking of a news post from TheBlockCrypto, in which the crypto news outfit reported that transaction levels on the smart contract chain had seen their highest levels in a year - over one million daily transactions.

However, Vatalik - knowingly “arguing against [his] own interests” - clarified that a higher overall number of transactions could instead indicate “that the [type of] transactions that users want to send are getting smaller.”

He did however stick up for himself and for the Ethereum blockchain, by offering some evidence showing that, indeed, the smart contract chain’s usage is going up. He submitted that transactions fees are rising on the chain, indicating that users are competing to pay more to have their transactions included in blocks.

Looking at the fee chart from, we see that there is indeed a visible uptick in fees.

large history ethereum gas fee(source:

And zooming in a bit, we can see this difference more pronounced versus more recent data.

ethereum gas fee small(source:

Vitalik also pointed out that the recent Constantinople hardfork provided a slight speed bump, filling up more transaction space on the chain.

Quality vs. Quantity

Looking at the smart contract data aggregator, we can get a sense for how weird the decentralized app (dApp) landscape can be.

Dappradar, top smart contracts last seven days(source:

On the Ethereum chain, we can see that the number one smart contract by transactions, the IDEX decentralized exchange, is doing the most transaction volume over the last seven days. But while IDEX has quite a lot of Ether volume as well going through it, other smart contracts in the top six like “,” “My Crypto Heroes” and “CryptoKitties” have very high transaction counts coupled to comparatively small Ether counts running through them. And 0x, number two on the last, has zero.

This goes to show that usage versus utility is perhaps not a straightforward and linear relationship, which seems to be what Vitalik was getting at. Some disaggregation is required.