Prominent Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist and developer, Jimmy Song, recently called EOS a “scam” during an interview with CryptoInsider. He added that EOS, a cryptocurrency platform for building horizontally and vertically scalable applications, “will die in a horrible dumpster fire in the next five years.”

Song also recommended that junior developers should focus their efforts on learning about various open-source projects as this will help them gain a better understanding of the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

ICO Projects Offering Developers “A Lot Of Money”

The University of Michigan mathematics graduate further noted that there is currently a lot of demand for blockchain developers and “it isn’t that difficult to find someone who will hire you.”

He explained that many initial coin offering (ICO) projects “have no developers” and they “will … offer a lot of money” to software engineers for working on developing the software for their business ideas, or products.

While it might be tempting to accept an offer from an ICO startup offering a lot of money to work with them, Song said it would be better if upcoming developers work on Bitcoin Core development or various other open-source and peer-to-peer (P2P) projects.

Going on to explain the long-term benefits of working on collaborative, community-led and open-source platforms, Song noted developers can learn valuable skills in these types of work environments – while receiving guidance and feedback from experienced software architects.

Two-Day, $4,000 Bitcoin Core Programming Course

Song also thinks: “most people will do fine trying to learn, getting better and seeing what market opportunities there are. It might involve getting an entry-level job at certain Bitcoin-related companies, or it might be creating a new open-source project.”

Notably, Song teaches experienced programmers how blockchain networks are built and how to contribute code to the Bitcoin Core codebase. However, those interested in applying and registering for Song’s two-day seminar/course have to pay $4000 in BTC to enroll.

EOS Is A “Bad Investment”, “Pushes Costs” Onto Developers

However, as far as the EOS project is concerned, Song’s criticism and concerns about its long-term viability are shared by many other crypto industry pioneers. James Spediacci, a blockchain investor and researcher, has explained why EOS is likely a bad investment.

According to Spediacci, the $4 billion raised through EOS’ ICO were sent directly to, the privately-held company behind its development. He added that the Cayman Islands-based for-profit firm is now free to decide how it wants to use the funds.

Spediacci also criticized EOS for “pushing its cost” to developers:

It costs $10 in staked EOS to onboard a new end user on to any EOS Dapp. If your Dapp gets 1M users, that costs you $10M. This costs $0 on Ethereum (ETH). This is a massive issue that EOS has not publicly addressed at all.

James Spediacci