Cryptocurrency app Delta has launched Delta Direct, a direct link for token teams to connect with existing and potential investors. Currently 32 teams have signed up, including NEM, Zcash, Lisk, Decred, Nano and Maker.

Token teams can let users know directly about updates to the technology and important investor communications, Delta Direct will be integrated as part of the free app.

Nicolas Van Hoorde, the CEO at Delta stated:

At Delta, we believe that in this current state of market, token teams need to be empowered to communicate with their stakeholders. With Delta Direct we also want to counter misinformation about projects.

According to Delta their vision is to create a way for token & asset teams to communicate to their existing or potential investors. Since most team communications get lost in unverified news or spam, Delta Direct is aiming to solve these issues by offering investors a transparent and reliable stream of information, directly from the teams.

Improving Transparency in the ‘Wild Wild West’

With the rise of ICOs in 2017 and accompanying increase in scams, the need for effective and unadulterated communication between projects and investors is more important than ever. The growing noise in mediums such as Telegram, Reddit and Discord has made effective communication hard. Initiatives such as Delta Direct and Project transparency may just solve this growing problem.