First Ever Metal Crypto-Linked MCO Visa Card Available to Singapore Customers

Alan Wass

If you are based in Singapore, you can now get the world’s first ever metal crypto-linked MCO Visa Card shipped directly to you.

As the crypto world moves closer to traditional financial markets, many will hope that crypto-linked credit cards will hopefully become commonplace. Singaporeans however, can now get the MCO Visa Card delivered directly to their homes that offer a wide range of features with no monthly fees.

Shipping Now Open for Crypto-Linked Visa Card in Singapore

The pre-paid MCO Visa Card is being touted as the “world’s first ever metal crypto linked credit card” with a bunch of spending rewards, convenient airport lounge access, interbank exchange rates and more.

From now on, MCO has made the shipping of their cards to Singapore available. You can make your reservations for the card by downloading their card and mobile wallet and card app, which will also be used to manage the card usage, and even freeze or unfreeze the card yourself.

The co-founder and CEO of, Kris Marzalek, had some kind words for the company’s supporters and partners:

“We are thankful for the support of all our partners and our community. During this process, our team has grown tremendously and worked incredibly hard to achieve this milestone. This is an important step towards our mission of accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.”

Securely Buy and Sell Crypto-Assets

Once you have downloaded the app and received your MCO Visa Card, you will then be able to take advantage of the wallet’s secure platform to perform a whole range of crypto duties. You can buy or sell, or even store or send crypto-assets with the new card. Uswers will also be able to use the card to spend your crypto, which is automatically converted into fiat cash with no exchange fees.

As Singapore is one of the shopping and retail capitals of the world, having access to a crypto-linked MCO Visa Card can simplify your shopping needs and cut down on costs, especially when using crypto for purchases in shops.

With a wide variety of cards on offer, customers can pre-order the card of your choice now and have it directly shipped to your home in Singapore.

Those Banned From Facebook May Not Be Able to Use Its Cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook’s two days of congressional hearings on the social media giant’s cryptocurrency ambitions seemingly revealed that those who have been banned from Facebook may not have access to Libra.

During the congressional hearing Facebook had to answer some tough questions, and one of them came from Representative Sean Duffy, which asked the company’s cryptocurrency head, David Marcus, who’ll have access to Libra.

The Congressman initially asked Marcus who could use the cryptocurrency, to which Calibra’s CEO answered: “anyone that can open a Calibra account, that can go through KYC [know-your-customer checks] in countries where we can operate.”

Duffy then referenced two individuals banned from Facebook for violating its community guidelines, Louis Farrakhan and Milo Yiannopoulo, and asked whether they’ll be able to use the social media giant’s cryptocurrency.

Marcus ended up replying he doesn’t “know yet,” after seeing Duffy hold a $20 bill and ask hin who can use it. His point was that cash doesn’t discriminate, and that anyone who can hold it can use it.

While throughout the hearing Marcus tried to point out the company will follow appropriate regulations and comply with lawmakers, Duffy responded that a proper answer would be “as long as you abide by the law, you can use Libra.” The fact he didn’t get this answer, Duffy said, gave him “great pause.”

Speaking to The Daily Beast Elka Looks, a Facebook spokeswoman, clarified Marcus addressed the Congressman’s concerns later on in the hearing. She stated:

For Libra, anyone who is engaging in lawful activity will be able to transact on the network. Facebook will have no say. For Calibra, there is no policy in place yet, but we will share it when it is closer to being finalized.

The news outlet adds that Calibra, Facebook’s wallet to send, receive, and hold Libra, doesn’t yet have final terms of service or a privacy policy. All of this means that those who’ve been banned on Facebook may not have access to its cryptocurrency.

As CryptoGlobe covered, Congressman Warren Davidson implied during the hearings Facebook’s crypto is a ‘shitcoin’ as it doesn’t have some of the properties bitcoin has. The Congressman made it clear bitcoin has no central authority that can censor transactions or dilute its value, while Libra has the Libbra Association.