Makers of the top cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app “CoinStats” announce milestone and new feature to chat with other cryptocurrency owners.

CoinStats Direct is a crypto chat community for each specific cryptocurrency within CoinStats. Users can jump in, post questions, and have conversations with other coin owners about coins they are interested in. CoinStats is also introducing features for cryptocurrency teams to be able to post updates, product roadmaps, and answer top voted questions right from within the CoinStats app.

Coinstats cryptocurrency app

They are rolling out with 8 coins to start with more coming later. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, NEO, VeChain and AppCoins.

CoinStats Direct makes it easier to communicate with other coin investors and coin teams.

 They believe that the more communication between everyone the better. With so many questionable players in the space, real conversations between coin owners should make for a more transparent investor environment.

Coinstats cryptocurrency app

They are also announcing that their users now own over $5 Billion in cryptocurrency.

The update is available today by downloading the latest version of the free CoinStats app either for iPhone or Android here.

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About CoinStats

CoinStats is the top cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app for cryptocurrency owners and enthusiasts used by over 500,000 active users managing over $5 Billion in cryptocurrency.

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