Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors believe blockchain technology will help change banking forever.  Considering blockchain can allow payments to be processed more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional banking, many in the financial sector champion it can aid in a complete revamp of the finance world.

The cryptocurrency community also therefore sees it as a symbolic confirmation that blockchain is the future when Wall Street execs end up leaving their financial firms to join cryptocurrency-related companies. Recently, it was revealed that Chris Dodds, who serves on Charles Schwab’s board of directors, has joined the Coinbase’s board of directors in early October.

Through a statement, the company said:

Dodds’ addition to the Coinbase board is part of our effort to expand our financial services capabilities as we head into this next chapter for the company and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Experience From Charles Schwab

 The Charles Schwab Corporation is not only one of the largest banks in the world, but also the third-largest asset manager in the world. Specifically, the San Francisco-based company has over $3 trillion in management.

Dodds has worked in various roles for Charles Schwab and has held positions relevant to financial planning and analysis, corporate development, and more. Dodds, known as one of the best in technology talent acquisition, has helped grow the company for decades, as he originally joined it in 1986. Aside from the fact that the company is a major player in global finance, it has also been consistently recognized as a great place to work at as well.

Coinbase Keeps Expanding

 The move shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to some, considering Coinbase, America’s largest cryptocurrency platform, is open about its plans to expand aggressively. In fact, it recently revealed it wants to multiply its manpower seven-fold, and launched new products like Coinbase Bundle.

Christine Sandler, the co-head of institutional sales, is open about Coinbase’s strategy, stating plainly that “we want to partner with appropriate institutions to help the whole ecosystem grow”. Its strategy has seemingly been working, as Coinbase may soon be among the “highest-valued” startups in the US.

This is further emphasized through recent Coinbase hires, as well. J.P. Morgan executive director Oputa Ezediaro left the Big Four bank for Coinbase in January of this year. Eric Scro, the former head of finance at the New York Stock Exchange, joined Coinbase shortly afterwards, in March.