CINDX is a new blockchain-powered crypto asset management platform being built by a team in Tallinn, Estonia. The main idea is “copy trading” (or “mirror trading”) of cryptocurrencies. An inexperienced amateur “Investor” can ask CINDX to synchronize his/her trading account with that of a successful trader (“Manager”).

The CINDX team has already built a minimum viable product (MVP).

On the Marketplace page, CINDX users can view each Manager’s trading history. There is a “Connect” next to the profile of each Manager; this allows an Investor to sync his/her wallet with the trades done by that Manager. This copying or mirroring of trades is achieved via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

CINDX figure 1.png

Managers make money by getting a percentage of the trading commissions paid by Investors that have “connected” to them.

Recently, at the Consensus: Singapore 2018 conference, CryptoGlobe got the chance to speak with Yuriy Avdeev, the CEO of CINDX. Here are a few highlights from that interview:

CG: Can you tell us a little about your project?

YA: We create a cryptocurrency platform which allows amateur crypto investors to find the best traders and consistently earn returns without possessing any specialized knowledge or skills. Most amateur investors lose their money in both traditional and crypto markets due to a lack of market expertise. CINDX will solve this problem. CINDX allows absolutely anybody to choose an expert trader to follow based on objective trading statistics recorded on the blockchain. The statistics include the trader’s overall performance, trading history, risk profile, type of cryptocurrency being dealt in, investment time-frames, and much more. Investors follow the trading strategies of the traders, securely trading cryptocurrencies for a reasonable success fee.

CG: How many crypto exchanges have you integrated with?

YA: CINDX completed test integrations with 21 exchanges, to date and by the end of this year, we are planning to have 30 exchanges total integrated with our platform.

CG: Are you a cryptocurrency trader yourself?

YA: You know, I’m not a professional trader myself, I am a businessman. But I know the pains of all market participants and I know how to build effective trading systems… Also, CINDX tokens are security tokens which are non-depository securities and we took great pains to ensure that our STO and platform are as compliant as possible with international regulations. CINDX is incorporated in the Republic of Estonia and has been granted a number of operational licenses that allow CINDX to legally operate as a non-bank financial institution, to provide virtual currency wallet services, and to provide fiat-to-crypto exchange services, which basically means that we have our own crypto gate.

CG: Where do you see CINDX in three years time?

YA: CINDX will be one of the most popular trading platforms… And after five years, we will file for an IPO.  

Featured Image Courtesy of CINDX