On Tuesday (9 October 2018), Amsterdam-headquartered blockchain technology company Bitfury Group, best known for being one of the largest industrial Bitcoin miners outside China, announced the launch of Bitfury Tardis, an enterprise-grade Bitcoin miner that delivers up to 80 TH/s.

Bitfury was co-founded in 2011 by Valery Vavilov (who is also the company’s CEO). It has offices in Washington D.C., San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. The data centers it uses for its Bitcoin mining operations are located in Iceland, the Republic of Georgia, Canada, and Norway.

In addition to selling hardware for Bitcoin mining, Bitfury also offers various blockchain-related software solutions, namely Exonum, Crystal, and Peach

In December 2017, Bitfury released the B8 mining server (also known as “SnowLeopard A1”), which came with six “hashboards” that contained a total of 576 16mm BF16BTC8162 ASIC chips. The B8, which could mine any coin (the two main ones being Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash) that used the SHA-256 hash algorithm, had a maximum hashrate of 49Th/s with a power consumption of 6400W.

The Bitfury Tardis is a significantly improved version of the B8 mining server. It may contain 5–8 heatsinked hashboards, each with 128 of Bitfury’s latest SHA-256 ASIC chip, the “Bitfury Clarke”; these chips “can execute a hashrate of up to 120 gigahashes per second (GH/s)” and have “a power efficiency rate as low as 55 millijoules per gigahash (mJ/GH).” The Tardis’s configurable design means you can “move from maximum power efficiency to best price per TH.” 

According to Bitfury, for regions with expensive electricity, the “most power efficient mode” is achieved with eight hashboards installed, whilst for regions with cheap electricity, the configuration with five hashboards is recommended for achieving the “lowest $ per TH price.”

Tardis Table Screenshot.png

Here are the main features of the Bitfury Tardis:

  • Powered by Clarke, Bitfury’s latest Bitcoin mining ASIC chip
  • Upgradeable design (simply replace hashboards when a new ASIC generation becomes available)
  • “Variable configurations for variable efficiency & performance (from 5 to 8 Bitfury Clarke hashboards)”
  • “Proprietary Bitfury mining software running on Debian Linux Datacenter management software”
  • 0.96* LED screen

Bitfury CEO had this to say about this new product:

“The Bitfury Tardis is another key facet in the evolution of our hardware portfolio, reflecting our efforts to provide more efficient, higher performing mining solutions. Building on the launch of our new Bitfury Clarke ASIC chip, the Bitfury Tardis will make mining solutions work better for our customers — in usability, efficiency and performance.”


All Images Courtesy of the Bitfury Group