Rory “Red King” MacDonald, former UFC title contender and now Bellator welterweight champion, showed off his new sponsorship deal with Bitcoin Cash on the main event of Bellator 206.

The promotion took place last Saturday, September 29th with the main event a super-fight between two champions, Rory MacDonald and current Bellator middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi. Rory ended up losing the fight, failing to become the first ever two-weight Bellator champion.

Although the official numbers of the event haven’t yet surfaced, Bellator 206 was probably one of the biggest fighting cards the promotion has ever put together. It is highly likely that Rory MacDonald’s Bitcoin Cash T-shirt and shorts were seen by more than a million fans.

Crypto-Friendly Rory MacDonald

Rory has been a crypto supporter for quite a long time, having bought his first Bitcoin back in 2014. Anyone who follows the Canadian fighter on twitter knows he’s actively involved and excited about the crypto space. Late last year, Rory stated in an interview for MMA Hour:

I think there’s a lot of things that can grow from the bitcoin technology and the blockchain idea. I think there’s just unlimited possibilities with it. It could change the way we live, the way we transact, the way we do business and, in a way, how the government runs. Pretty much every aspect of our lives this technology could, potentially, change it as we know it.

His support for cryptocurrencies didn’t go by unnoticed. In his previous bout for Bellator 192 against Douglas Lima, he entered the ring sporting all Dash apparel. The sponsorship reportedly earned him 330 Dash, worth roughly $350,000 at the time.   

Bitcoin Cash Sponsorship

Rory became welterweight champion at Bellator 192 and, a few months after, he signed a deal with Bitcoin Cash. The partnership apparently started at the end of May, with Rory posting a short video of him training in a Bitcoin Cash T-shirt.

Together with, the partnership evolved and saw Rory release a line of  #BitcoinCashWarrior T-shirts and a mini-documentary, capturing Rory while he was preparing for the super fight at Bellator 206 bout. The partnership between Rory MacDonald and Roger Ver, CEO seems to be strong as Ver has a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu and is also a fan of martial arts.