A new report commissioned by crypto investment app Circle Invest surveyed a group of 3000 Millenials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers in the United States to understand their crypto investing patterns.

Unsurprisingly, the study found that Millennials are the most active generation in crypto investing - with 71% of Millenials having invested in crypto-assets. Millenials expressed more than ten times the interest than Baby Boomers did in buying crypto in the upcoming year.

The findings in this study also highlight a lack of diversity in the crypto investor profile.

Of the Millenials who are investing, 42% are men.

When surveyed, these Millenial men considered themselves “very aggressive or aggressive” investors. Meanwhile, only 27% of Millenial women responded that they are investing. The ratio of women to men stays low throughout generations: in Gen X, 19% of women invest compared to 34% of men. In the Baby Boomer generation, 9% of women, while 16% of men are in the game. Of the Baby Boomer women, 42% identify as “very conservative or conservative” when it comes to crypto investing.

The Millenials who are dominating the crypto scene are going about investing in a distinct and new way.

While 40% of Baby Boomers have used an investment manager, only 16% of Millenials have done so. And while only 10% of Baby Boomers have invested using an app, 50% of Millenials have chosen to.

Also, the survey showed that Millenials have a characteristic risk tolerance that sets them apart: Only 5% of Baby Boomers want to explore high risk/high reward investing for the next five years, while 35% of Millenials are keen to take their chances.

The numbers speak for themselves: the young, male Millenial is leading the crypto investing charge.

Moving forward, 25% of Millenials expressed interest in buying crypto in the next year – compared with 10% of Gen Xers and 2% of Baby Boomers. Across generations, 17% of these investors were men and 8% were women.