US-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has reportedly partnered with a blockchain startup to launch a digital asset trading platform called Cryptofacil in Latin America. According to a September 5th press release, Cryptofacil will support the trading of over 200 crypto assets.

In addition to providing cryptocurrency trading services to Latin American countries, the new exchange aims to extend its operations to the Caribbean. Bittrex will reportedly assist the newly launched Cryptofacil exchange in reviewing and selecting coins to be listed on its platform.

Guidance From Bittrex

The Latin American exchange will also receive guidance from Bittrex in matters related to “compliance, customer support, marketing, sales, and customized development”, the announcement noted. At present, people can register to use the beta release of the Cryptofacil exchange.

The new crypto platform’s website notes that approximately 300 trading pairs and more than 200 digital currencies will be accessible to its users. Moreover, crypto traders will be able to buy digital assets using their Mastercard or Visa credit cards (through the exchange’s website).

Support For Over 270 Digital Tokens 

Commenting on the startup exchange’s partnership with Bittrex, Cryptofacil co-founder Andres Szafran said:

“This partnership with Bittrex positions Cryptofacil as a leader in the Latin America and Caribbean digital asset markets, with an offering of more than 270 token pairings. With a unique user interface, our platform will allow our customers to manage trades in a simple way, with premium services and competitive market fees.”

Andres Szafran

Szafran added that Cryptofacil was designed in manner which would make it easier and safer for people to buy, sell, and invest in cryptocurrencies. The Cryptofacil website mentions that users will have access to 24/7 multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese) customer support services.

While explaining the long-term goals of Cryptofacil, Szafran said the crypto firm intends to be ”the crypto exchange of record and the most reputable platform in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Facilitating Global Cyptocurrency Adoption

Meanwhile, Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara remarked that his company’s partnership with Cryptofacil will focus on increasing the “worldwide adoption” of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Both parties aim to work cooperatively to provide users with a “reliable, fast, and secure” digital currency trading platform.

Shihara also noted that both Bittrex and Cryptofacil are planning to “incubate innovative [blockchain] projects” in the foreseeable future. The press release further explained that Cryptfacil was being developed by experienced industry professionals based in the South American country of Uruguay.

Moreover, the new Latin American exchange will cater to those investors who want to “have access to a wider selection of digital assets.” Cryptofacil’s trading services will reportedly be offered “under a license from Bittrex.”