Opera Teams up With Ledger Capital to Explore Blockchain Use Cases

Leading internet browser provider Opera has announced a partnership with Ledger Capital, a well-known blockchain advisory and financial services firm, to explore further use cases for blockchain technology.

According to a September 28 press release from the Opera team, both companies will be investigating use-cases for blockchain, along with ways the technology could be further integrated into Opera products.

Opera Interested In Cutting-Edge Tech

Opera, already a leading player of AI-driven content discovery, has taken a keen interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain. In July, they were the first big mobile browser to integrate a cryptocurrency wallet. The press release notes one of the company’s goals is to “facilitate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

Ding’an Fei of Ledger Capital said they were “excited to work with an innovator and industry leader like Opera,” explaining how it has emerged as a leader among major browsers thanks to investment from companies like Bitmain, and due to “the integration of the innovative crypto wallet.”

Ledger Capital offers a variety of advisory services to companies in the blockchain space, along with other multinational entities and government-backed projects.

Catering To Cryptocurrency Users

Opera is arguably best known for being a major player in the internet browser world, but their July 2018 cryptocurrency wallet integration also brought them a lot of notoriety. 

In August, the company revealed it was going to expand the built-in wallet to its desktop browser after there was an “overwhelmingly positive response” from those who were using it on the Opera for Android browser.

According to Charles Hamel of Opera, the addition of a cryptocurrency wallet into the browser “brings the cash experience to the world of online payments.”

He says this capability only opens up possibilities for content creators and merchants.

In early September, the company said they had upgraded the wallet to support ERC-71 digital collectibles and tokens. CryptoGlobe reported how this would allow users to also send CryptoKitties and MLB collectibles in addition to ether and ERC-20 tokens.