Launched In June 2016, Waves Platform Now Celebrates One Million Wallets

Waves recently thanked their community for helping make the platform popular, as they recently celebrated the creation of wallet number one million. The Waves team has noted a sharp uptick in recent growth due to the increasing popularity of the platform. 

In a September 20th blog post, the Waves team said they can now celebrate “a very impressive one million wallets created.” The team wrote how they have enjoyed steady growth since their June 2016 launch.

However, they noted growth has been accelerating recently due to the increased popularity of Waves, as more businesses and users are “starting to appreciate the real-world functionality that Waves platform has to offer.”

Trending Upwards to the Top

In the post, the Waves team wrote how there are few blockchain platforms that have “much real use.” They pointed out how Waves, which sits around 8th place for daily transaction activity, is just at 0.45% capacity, meaning substantial growth is still possible.

Overall, the Waves team thanked their community for the “impressive growth,” and noted how businesses who have used Waves to build applications are “driving adoption and adding value every day.”

The announcement came just about a week after the Waves token price jumped over 20% in a 24-hour period.

CryptoGlobe reported the surge occurred after Russian manufacturing giant Rostec said they would use the Waves platform to manage data, while announcing a partnership with VOSTOK, a commissioned version of the Waves platform.

Following Up On Development Updates

The announcement from the Waves team comes about a month after they released an August development update.

In the post, Waves said work on a 2FA prototype was underway and estimated the feature would be available “within a few months.”

They also announced work on the Waves Keeper browser extension, which would let users store private keys and keep them safe from being disclosed while signing transactions and interacting with outside websites.

Additionally, the team said they were hard at work on updates related to the Waves Mobile Applications, and mentioned a couple of projects designed to help developers use Waves. These included the creation of new APIs and further work on Waves’ online IDE for Ride smart contracts.

Issues With Fraudulent Transfers

Despite the updates from the Waves team, CryptoGlobe reported in August about how those with an active Waves wallet would probably come in contact with fraudulent “mass incoming transfers.”

Clicking on these transactions redirected users to a phishing website that asked for a person’s SEED. Funds then were able to be stolen once a private SEED was entered on these types of websites.