Nearly six decades after player specific ceramic figurines were introduced, the Dodgers will play a lead role in what is hyped as “the first Crypto giveaway in sports”. The digitized bobblehead giveaway will take place during the September 21st LA Dodgers vs San Diego Padres game.

The first 40,000 fans in attendance will have an opportunity to download a digital bobblehead of one of 3 players, pitchers Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Janson and third baseman Justin Turner.

Each of the participating fans will receive a card with an individual code and a set of instructions directing them to a webpage where a randomly selected digital bobblehead token is unlocked and added to the participant’s Ether wallet. The number of related tokens for each player is approximately the same.

Lon Rosen, Dodgers Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer said:

We’re excited for our first-ever Crypto giveaway, and to explore an entirely new marketplace with our fanbase,

Lon Rosen

He further added that:

We hope this piques the interest of Dodger fans, and will help launch a new age of collectables and promotions.

The giveaway by LA Dodgers is not the first crypto event in Baseball, in July, Bitcoinist reported on plans by the MLB and blockchain gaming company Lucid Sight develop MLB Crypto Baseball to sell digital baseball collectables. Though the actual game was launched on August 31, MLB Crypto Baseball initially started selling digital collectables in mid-August, with the first player batches fetching $20 a piece while some really popular players like Mookie Betts and Justin Turner were fetching up $25,000 apiece.

The purpose of the project is giving fans a platform that facilitates the buying and selling of virtual avatars and memorable moments in baseball’s recent history. There are also incentives like potential rewards for participants who assemble a full team roster.