Ethereum Name Service (ENS) developer, Nick Johnson, recently announced that .xyz domains are now supported by the Ethereum main net's ENS domain registrar. Users who would like to purchase a domain can do so through any Domain Name Service registrar and use it like any .eth domain. This means it can be attached to user wallets, used in smart contract names, create subdomains and a lot more.

We're rolling out our ENS support initially on .xyz to give it a test-drive, but the best thing about this is that it doesn't require any cooperation or permission from each DNS [top-level domain]. Once we've had a chance to see how it works, we plan to roll it out to all other DNS TLDs that support the necessary features — which is almost all of them.

Nick Johnson

EasyDNS a DNS service has created a user friendly wizard, enabling users to add the domain, but users can also add the .xyz domain manually by setting up a DNSSEC, adding a TXT record then claiming the domain in ENS.

The ENS registrar, is designed to make it easier for users to transfer value, interact with smart contracts and develop DApps on the Ethereum network by enabling them to create "human readable names" instead of protracted alphanumeric codes for smart contracts and wallets.

The .xyz domain is the second top-level domain (TLD) type to be supported by ENS after the .ETH domain earlier this year. Top-level domains are the highest order of domains on both the net and decentralized web.

Johnson was urging users to file a bug report should they encounter any problems:

Because ENS has only had one general purpose TLD until now, we’re expecting to find a few ENS enabled applications that don’t understand ENS names other than .eth.

Nick Johnson