Cryptocurrency Finds A New Home on British Soap Opera ‘Coronation Street’

Mentions of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have made their way into songs like Eminem’s Not Alike, and a number of TV shows. Now discussion about a fictional cryptocurrency has become a plot point of a British soap opera that is watched by millions.

The cryptocurrency market has endured a rough 2018 so far. Despite the price downturns, some cryptocurrencies look to be getting pretty entrenched in the world of popular culture.

Eminem’s latest album, Kamikaze, pays homage to the well-known Bitcoin when American rapper Royce Da 5’9” says in Not Alike

"Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin."


References to Bitcoin have also appeared on a number of TV shows, like “Family Guy” and the Emmy Award winning “The Big Bang Theory.”  However, cryptocurrencies have jumped across the popular culture pond, as it has now made an appearance on a well-known UK soap opera.

General Awareness of Cryptocurrency Looks To Be Growing

Cryptocurrency is now a plot point on a UK soap opera called “Coronation Street.” The show, airing since 1960, is currently the UK’s “longest-running television soap.” Each episode is watched by about 8 million people.

The plot focuses on the lives and activities on a variety of working-class characters in Manchester

One of the latest episodes makes a reference to a fictitious virtual currency called “whipcoin.” Ryan Connor reveals how he invested £50 in the cryptocurrency a long time ago, and is now stunned to find out its value has seemingly increased to £250 million after doing some research.  

However, he is at a loss when it comes to remembering his password, so a search ensues for a book where he wrote it down.  

Connor then remembers the password, but quickly realizes his research was wrong, as his investment is actually now almost worthless. Nonetheless, it’s pretty obvious Whipcoin clearly appears to be a reference to Bitcoin.

More and More Mentions Everywhere

Even though popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin got a lot of attention as their prices surged, popular culture has also embraced cryptocurrencies long before they were on the radar of many of today’s traders.  

Back in 2014, Toby Granger released a song called “Welcome to the Blockchain” that featured opening lyrics referring to the “precipice of a global revolution.”

Now later in 2018, cryptocurrency is expected to make an entrance on the silver screen through an upcoming film aptly named “Crypto.” Starring Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls fame, the movie is expected to touch on topics related to virtual currency, hacking, and online security.