Asset Backed Crypto Summit To Attract World’s Top Crypto Minds to Lisbon

The Asset Backed Crypto (ABC) Summit is set to bring together some of the world’s top cryptocurrency minds for a two-day event in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal on September 28 and 29.

The event is set to have over 1,500 attendees, 500 investors, and 40 companies attend, as it offers them a unique opportunity to deepen their blockchain technology understanding and figure out the “who’s who” of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

At ABC Summit, participants will be able to listen to renowned speakers like Kenny Au, the co-founder of Luxsens and the Luxchain Foundation, Pierre-Jean Hanard, an  Entrepreneurship Expert at the University of Oxford, and bestselling author and ICO advisor Mru Patel.

Topics to be discussed at the event include blockchain’s potential use in digital advertising, tokens and their valuations, social media and the rise of blockchain, and monetary policy in a world of nationless digital money.

Notably, one of the topics to be discussed will be the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in a blockchain. The event will have Sophia the Robot – now a citizen of Saudi Arabia – as its special guest. Its keynote speaker will be EOS architect and Steem founder Dan Larimer.

Furthermore, the conference will showcase a number of ventures that are currently using blockchain technology across various sectors to potentially disrupt a number of industries. Serge Lobréau, the founder of ABC Summit, has been quoted as saying:

“We see ABC Summit as a platform to drive change. Our primary goal is to establish new business partnerships and the continued development of blockchain networks at both the private and public levels. This summit will bring together investors, leaders, influencers and top decisionmakers who are actively looking for business opportunities across all industrial, commercial, financial, social and educational interests.”

The event will be in Portugal, one of the 23 European countries to have signed the European Blockchain Partnership in April of this year. The partnership will see these countries pool their expertise to further develop blockchain tech.

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