Following a similar incident barely 4 days ago, a user on EOSBet has been paid more than $600,000 in winnings over a 36-hour period in what is either a record-breaking hot streak or a smart contract breach on the EOS-based decentralized betting platform.

The unidentified individual who took part in an EOSBet dice game somehow managed to consistently double their money in a series of consecutive bets, leading to total winnings of 126,000 EOS in less than two days. Remarkably, the individual also managed to be the sole winner over the dozens of transactions in that time, at odds of such low probability as to possibly indicate that a security breach took place.

nextweb.pngSource: Thenextweb

In a statement sent to TheNextWeb however, EOSBet denied that this was the case, stating that the platform did not suffer a hack and that all payouts to the user were legitimate and simply good luck.

Emerging Pattern

Of late, EOS platforms appear to be struggling to withstand security threats and maintain their integrity. It recently emerged that EOS-based content creation platform Trybe was able to gain unauthorised access to user accounts.

On September 10th, it also emerged that DEOSGames, another EOS-based betting platform was hit with a smart contract attack, leading to a series of strange payouts including 24 jackpot payments in less than one hour. By exploiting a vulnerability in DEOSGames’ smart contract framework, the attacker was able to walk away with more than $26,000.

If it turns out that there is a common backdoor for EOS DApps, this could be a major problem for the platform once dubbed the “Ethereum killer

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