Energi Mine Launches Phase Two of Its EnergiTokens Rewards Platform

  • UK-based blockchain energy company Energi Mine has today launched phase two of its EnergiTokens rewards platform
  • The platform provides financial incentives for energy-saving behaviour in the form of cryptocurrency.

UK-based blockchain energy company Energi Mine has today launched phase two of its EnergiTokens rewards platform, providing a financial incentive for energy-saving behaviour in the form of cryptocurrency.

Following the successful launch of the platform in May of this year, this second phase introduces a management dashboard for approved vendors, allowing them to manage clients and distribute tokens. Consumers using these vendors will be given the power to interact with them directly as they continue to earn ETK and trade it in for rewards.

Currently, users of the EnergiToken rewards platform can use their ETK to pay their energy bills, charge electric vehicles, or exchange it for fiat currency. Actions that earn ETK include taking public transport, reducing energy waste in the workplace, and purchasing energy-efficient appliances.

It launches in English today, with Japanese and Korean language versions launching on 6th August, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions following soon after on the 13th.

Cultivating a culture of energy efficiency is seen as key to reducing a number of environmental issues, such as pollution. The Energi Mine release comes as three Chinese cities appeared in the latest list of the world’s ten most polluted cities, including its capital city Beijing. In a speech at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, President Xi Jinping praised blockchain technology as a potential solution to environmental issues within the country.

Meanwhile, Energi Mine is continuing to establish partnerships with major organisations. Earlier this year, it partnered with Manchester-based FuseX to launch an e-card debit card. This will allow customers more freedom in how they spend their ETK, allowing them to effectively spend it anywhere.

More recently, Energi Mine announced a relationship with the Energy Managers Association to conduct a three month trial of the ETK rewards platform with Network Rail, the UK’s railway infrastructure operator. The initiative, which rewards Network Rail employees for saving energy in the workplace, is part of Energi Mine’s strategy to disrupt the $2 trillion global electricity market and ensure mass adoption of ETK.

Omar Rahim, CEO of Energi Mine said:

We are extremely happy with the progress to date. This latest update will expand the possibilities open to those using the Energi Mine rewards platform. Whether it is through allowing consumers and vendors to interact more freely or in giving vendors more control over transactions – Energi Mine is taking another important step towards creating a fully functioning ecosystem to incentivise energy efficient behaviour.

Omar Rahim

Two User-Centric Organizations in the Crypto Space Announce a New Collaboration

Since its launch at the start of the year, the Beam cryptocurrency has quickly built support and interest amongst the community, regularly sitting in the CryptoCompare chart of the 200 most popular coins since its January bow. It launched without an ICO, and its progress, in the midst of a turbulent market, has been steady and impressive.

An upcoming hard fork in the middle of August is set to bring with it further improvements, that in turn should bolster its position further. As should the news we now learn, that it’s the latest addition to the popular Cudo Miner crypto software suite of supported coins.

This feels like something that suits both sides. A software package that’s continually attracted more and more people to the world crypto mining, with a coin that’s been gaining momentum of its own. The union of the two promises to make both bigger. Ultimately, too, to give users more choice.

Cudo Miner itself has earned itself a lot of support, a piece of software that’s knocked down barriers to entry for cryptocurrency miners. It’s installable on any computer, and can be up and mining coins within minutes, automatically tailoring itself to the optimum return. All of this irrespective of a user’s technical expertise.

Crucially, its community is an active one, and in this instance made the decision as to which coin to add to the software’s list of those supported. A poll was organised, and it was Beam that emerged as the top choice. As a direct consequence of that decision, Beam has now been added to the Cudo Miner package, effective right now. Cudo Miner users can now directly mine and hold Beam Coin, both before and after its upcoming hard fork.

The appeal of Beam – and the fuel behind its growth - is that it’s based on the Mimblewimble protocol (itself a technology that’s growing fast in the crypto space), and from day one it’s billed itself as based on a scalable, confidential blockchain. Users have latched onto that hence its popularity in the Cudo Miner community vote. Beam’s full roadmap, and details on the project, can be found here.

Representatives from both sides have understandably welcomed the news. Cudo Miner’s CEO Matt Hawkins said that:

Beam is a project with a huge amount of potential. Its strong community following, combined with mining profitability, means it’s the perfect coin to add to our mining platform. By working directly with the Beam Team, we’re ensuring our mining software will be as profitable as possible for mining Beam.

For Beam’s part, its CMO – Beni Issembert – added that “mining is a crucial part of securing the Beam network and ensuring Beam's miners are our first circle of partners. We’re pleased to work closely with Cudo Miner in order to share our project with its established mining community”.

The collaboration is now live, and users can download the Cudo Miner software – with Beam support – by heading to http://bit.ly/CudoMinerBeam.