What’s on Next Week in Crypto? Key Events, Hard Forks, ICOs and Airdrops

John Medley
  • 9 Jul 2018

Want to get more involved in the crypto space and be completely aware of what’s going on? Here’s a small list of upcoming events you can attend or monitor.

  • Airdrops: BTCONE-CAPP-AION
  • ICOs Starting: TIP.

Blockchain-related events including: Rise Hong Kong, Cryptofest Montreal, the Blockchain World Conference, Digital Currency Con.

Hard Forks

Ethereum Emerald (ETE):

Ethereum Emerald (ETE)

Expected to fork from Ethereum Classic (ETC) on the 13th of July 2018 at block 6100000. The project team claim to offer a zero-tax fee system with instant payments. Approach with caution as there is limited information on the project’s main page, and as such, reason to believe it may lack legitimacy.


BitCoin ONE (BTCONE) Holders – BTCONE Airdrop – Snapshot Date on 9th July BitCoin ONE aims to be a decentralised cryptocurrency; the team are currently working on creating wallets and a payment system in order to support their crypto marketplace app. Holders that hold 1000 units of the BTCONE token, will receive an additional 1000 units after the snapshot date.

Cappasity (CAPP) Holders – CAPP Bonus Airdrop – Snapshot Date up to 7th July 2018

Cappasity is a platform for creating, embedding and selling 3D digital assets. The project team are offering bonus tokens to everyone who holds at least 1,000 CAPP tokens in their wallet between June 8th and July 7th. Throughout this period, a bonus of 0.13% of total individual CAPP token holdings/day has been recorded. This cumulated amount will then be deposited via a single monthly airdrop to token holder accounts that have held at least 1000 CAPP within their accounts for every day of that month. An additional token bonus event will occur between July 8th -  August 7th, offering 0.10% of total holdings as a bonus per day to be deposited at the end of the snapshot period.

Token Release

AION Holders – Token Release – 12th July 2018

The Aion Network aims to provide a multi-tier blockchain system to improve the scalability, privacy, and interoperability of the blockchain. The AION token is the “fuel” used to create new blockchains and to monetize inter-chain bridges. As part of the monthly token release, the project team will release 6.25% of token holdings to contributors.


ICOs Ending:

Elysian (ELY)

Start price: $ 0.06000, Funds raised: $ 19.00 M, Funding target: 19,000,000 USD, Funding cap: 19,000,000 USD, Coins offered: 230.00 M (23.00%). Elysian is a decentralized platform that enables the building of Ecommerce websites on the blockchain.

Verasity (VRA)

Start price: $ 0.01001, Funds raised: $ 25.54 M, Funding target: 400,000,000 VRA, Funding cap: 6,245,750,000 VRA, Coins offered: 6.25 B (50.00%). Verasity is a decentralized platform built around shared video content, viewership and engagement. Within the Verasity ecosystem, video content creators, viewers, advertisers and brands interact directly with one another, using the VRA token as a primary means of exchange.

ZIX Token (ZIX)

Start price: $ 0.08980, Funds raised: -, Funding target: 14,000,000 USD, Funding cap: 50,000,000 USD, Coins offered: -. Zeex is an online platform allows users to buy vouchers for specific vendors or online stores and makes them readily available to spend. Users can buy and sell their corporate currency (vouchers) and subsequently spend their cryptocurrency directly online. Zeex has relationships with 350+ global brands through its sister company and can offer a seamless exchange of crypto to virtual gift cards for shops like Amazon, Foot Locker, Ticketmaster, XBOX, and more.

MOS Coin (MOS)     

Start price: $ 0.1000, Funds raised: $ 3.13 M, Funding target: 10,000,000 USD, Funding cap: 100,000,000 USD, Coins offered: 5.50 B (55.00%). Mos is a blockchain prediction platform where players around the world can participate in various prediction games, ranging from the outcome of sporting events to the weather. Correct players are rewarded in the form of MOS tokens, or other attractive prizes.

Ubcoin (UBC)

Start price: $ 0.02405, Funds raised: $ 4.00 M, Funding target: -, Funding cap: 21,500 ETH, Coins offered: 1.80 B (45.00%). Ubcoin is an Ebay-like peer-to-peer marketplace, with the UBS token used as the primary means of exchange. It is an ERC-20 compliant token to be based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Tutellus (TUT)

Start Price: $ 0.05000, Funds raised: $ 650.00 k, Funding Target: 40000000 USD , Funding Cap: 40000000 USD, Coins Offered: 900.00 M (60.00%). Tutellus is an online educational collaborative platform for the Spanish-speaking world with a community of 1 million users from 160 countries, and over 130,000 video courses.

ICOs Starting:

Tip Blockchain (TIP)

Start Price: $ 0.04494, Funding Target: --, Funding Cap: 46,450 ETH, Coins Offered: 600.00 M (60.00%). Tip Blockchain is an indexed, searchable database, that can store arbitrary information, alongside addresses and transactions. Usernames, a search engine, instant messaging, and point-of-sale application, are all decentralized apps intended to be built on this platform.


Rise Hong Kong

Rise Hong Kong

When: July 9-12, 2018

Where: Hong Kong

Expected to bring together an audience of 15,000 as well as more than 350 speakers, Rise is one of the largest tech conferences in Asia. Key influencers from some of the largest tech companies globally will be presenting, and include the likes of Brad Smith (President, Microsoft), Bob Zhang (Co-founder & CTO, Didi Chuxing), and Werner Vogels (CTO, Amazon).  Speakers will also include Sophia The Robot (Hansen Robotics) and Joseph Lubin (Co-founder, Ethereum). For a full schedule please click here.

Cryptofest Montreal

Cryptofest Montreal

When: July 10, 2018

Where: Montreal, Canada

CryptoFest will bring together a variety of industry players operating in the crypto space, with talks from Saifedean Ammous (Author, The Bitcoin Standard), Leila Najim (General Manager, Satoshi Portal and Bylls) and Jillian Friedman (Blockchain Lead, National Bank of Canada) to name a few. A sample of some of the speaker topics during the day-long event include how to raise money as a crypto startup, a look into crypto compliance, risk & regulation, and an overview of smart contracts and their application.

Blockchain World Conference

Blockchain World Conference

When: July 11 – 13, 2018

Where: Atlantic City

The Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City is expected to bring in more than 8,000 attendees. The conference will showcase a selection of 120+ exhibitors, 200+ speakers and 180+ ICOs, and will be packed with presentations, panel discussions, educational seminars, industry addresses, networking events, dance parties, golf outings, and VIP suite parties. Available for attendees only, there will also be the 1st ever live all-crypto poker tournament on the 14th following the conference. Over the course of the three-day event, notable speakers include Mathew Herrick (CEO, Deedcoin), Alex Mashinsky (CEO and Founder, Celsius Network), and Shiv Madan (CEO, Blockparty). To top off the conference, the closing keynote speech will be delivered by the controversial John McAfee. For a complete agenda, please click here.

Digital Currency Con

Digital Currency Con

When: July 13 – 14

Where: Park City, Utah

Digital Currency Con in Park City, Utah will involve a VIP dinner and networking reception held on the 13th. This is followed by the main event on the 14th, which will feature multiple blockchain influencers with keynote presentations, four panel discussions with each panel having four blockchain industry experts, and five ICO/STO presentations. The keynote speaker is Jared Tate (Founder, Digibyte); other speakers include the likes of Jen Greyson (CEO, Powered by Neureal), Justin Wu (Head of Growth, CoinCircle) and Nash Foster (CEO, Pyrofex)