Launches Its Community-Led Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange

  • has launched its community-led crypto-to-crypto exchange, with support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and's TIO token.
  • The platform is initially available for 1,000 pre-selected users.

Swiss blockchain company has opened the doors on a new crypto-to-crypto exchange, adding one thousand pre-selected users to the service.

The exchange will initially support trading for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and’s own token - TIO (TradeToken). Other asset classes such as forex and commodities are set to follow, along with other crypto tokens, with the aim being to make the exchange a ‘one-stop-shop’ for traders of various experience levels. raised $31 million in its ICO earlier this year and recently sponsored a Bloomberg event where it described its vision for the exchange’s CEO Jim Preissler said:

The Exchange gives power back to customers by democratising and disrupting the financial industry. We are recapturing revenue and distributing it back to customers. With the help of our team of experts in the FinTech and blockchain sectors, we have created the future of crypto exchange here today.

Jim Preissler bills the new exchange as a community led project, built with significant input from the community of TIO holders during the exchange’s June beta launch. In addition to stress testing the exchange, the community has actively contributed towards the development of the platform, leading to the creation of a fully customisable user interface.

A key differentiator for the exchange is the elimination of downtime during system updates which attributes to its modular, widget-based architecture. In addition, its use of a liquidity pool as a revenue distribution mechanism will reportedly allow holders of TIO tokens to profit from the success of the platform.

However, those looking to get involved in this system will have to wait. The platform is currently limited to the initial 1,000 pre-selected users, with more to be added from the waiting list in stages via a registration process.