is an enterprise set on reinventing the hours we spend on our computers, smartphones, and tablets. Giving user privacy priority over all else, it has created a platform that provides a malware- and ad-free experience, and a safe, secure, and untraceable online space.

The internet may be the most marvellous of inventions, but that doesn’t negate its many flaws, foremost amongst them the people and organisations who manipulate it to their advantage. It’s a scenario we’re all familiar with – familiar with, and tired of. Constant bombardment from ads, annoying pop-ups, and flashing banners predominate our daily internet browsing, whilst the threat of being tracked, observed, and intruded upon is ever present.   

Not only does fix the issues so many of us are forced to endure, but it takes our views into account too, by running a one-of-a-kind voting system. Giving users the chance to have their say by putting the power to rate websites in our hands, it’s hoped that the transparency of its feedback system will incentivise more websites to improve the way they treat those who visit. 

The website works in three key ways. Firstly, it allows visitors to bypass annoying ads, so their online experience is vastly improved. Not only is this more enjoyable for us, but it also means webpages load faster as there’s no unnecessary clutter to take up bandwidth.

Secondly, actively screens out malicious software and adware, so any files downloaded are guaranteed to be safe and secure for the system’s users.

Thirdly and finally, the platform offers enhanced protection from online tracking. This makes it much more private than its rivals, and prevents Big Brother and Big Data organisations from observing its users and collecting their information.

Revolutionary it may be, but is built on the most advanced and well-proven blockchain technology. Long touted by experts across the globe as a potentially useful means of improving cyber defence, this theorising has now been put into practice to create a platform that could change the user experience forever.

Its ‘engine’, too, is unique. With an economy and system powered by its ethereum token, the OIO, is about to show the whole world just how powerful blockchain can be when used for the common good.

Tokens will be on public sale from 10th July 2018, with the enterprise’s one-time-only Token Generation Event ending on the 31st of the month.