Ledger, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency hardware companies, has announced a new software application to manage crypto assets.

Ledger Live is a new companion application designed for Windows, Mac or Linux – as the company announced today on Twitter:

Explaining that it “brings together device management and individual crypto assets in one place, replacing the old system of multiple Chrome-based applications,” the new software according to the company has several new features designed to streamline crypto-ownership and management.

With the new app eliminating the need to switch between different apps for different cryptocurrencies, real time balances and secure transactions, the software promises to help crypto-investors keep abreast of their assets in a more efficient way.

Founded in 2014 following the enormous loss of funds after the Mt. Gox hack, Ledger has seen its sales rocket enormously, selling over a million hardware wallets in 2017, and in January raising an impressive $75 million in Series B round funding.

With its Nano S Ledger a very popular option for clued-up users wanting to secure their crypto holdings, many will hope that this new app will help spread the word about secure crypto use.

With exchanges hacked on what seems to be an almost weekly basis – and users losing millions of dollars’ worth of funds – a simple and usable interface will no doubt be instrumental in encouraging owners of cryptocurrencies to store their holdings securely away from exchanges.