June saw EOS trending very strongly on Google with the launch of the EOS mainnet on the 14th of June, after narrowly surpassing the critical 15% voting threshold required. NEO also saw strong interest – only dipping below the world’s second largest crypto – Ethereum – at one point in the month, presumably attributable at least in part to the platform’s enormous popularity in China.

Another standout this month was Tron, with searches for the platform also consintently ranking above Ethereum, after Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun completed his purchase of peer-to-peer company BitTorrent this month – causing the TRX token to surge over 18%. Ripple also continued its consistent search popularity despite its XRP token dropping substantially in price during June.

google trends altcoins june 18.pngGoogle Trends for Altcoins in June

Bitcoin vs. Beyoncé

Used as a kind of informal benchmark of bitcoin’s broader popularity, June saw bitcoin continue its steady edge for large parts of the month – despite searches for the popstar spiking hugely after her album release on June 17th.

google trends bitcoin beyonce June 18.pngGoogle Trends Bitcoin vs. Beyonce June


Cryptocurrency exchanges generally had low search interest this month, continuing the trend of the last few months following the bull run of December 2017 – with searches for top exchanges such as Binance almost reaching a year-low. Coinbase enjoyed a particular spike in searches on June 12th following the launch of its Index Fund.

google trends exchanges june 18.pngGoogle Trends for Exchanges June

Some see the decline since the highs of last year as indicative of a market-wide lack of retail interest, with Twitter user Paul Everton tweeting: