John McAfee Pulls Out of Blockchain World Conference Due to “Death Threats”

John Medley

The seemingly never-ending drama surrounding John McAfee’s personal safety continued today as the eccentric crypto advocate announced that he has cancelled his appearance at the Blockchain World Conference due to “credible death threats.”

Tweeting to his 845,000 followers today, McAfee explained that he will instead be streaming his appearance from an unnamed location:

The conference, taking place today in Atlantic City, New Jersey, bills itself as the world’s first “truly global event,” and had booked McAfee as the keynote speaker.

With the unspecified threats reportedly endangering him and his audience, this latest security controversy has not been the first for McAfee in recent weeks.

Last month, the famous personality tweeted a picture of himself in a hospital bed claiming that an attempt on his life had been made – following an announcement earlier in the week that he would no longer be promoting ICOs due to “SEC threats.”

With many in the crypto-sphere and beyond paying close attention to McAfee’s crypto sentiments – some within the industry will hope that the ongoing drama surrounding the enigmatic figure does not tarnish the reputation of the space – particularly at a time when the industry pushes for mainstream acceptance.


Featured Image Credit: "John McAfee" by "Gage Skidmore" via Flickr; licensed under: "CC BY 2.0"