Coinsquare, a Canada-based crypto exchange and DLTa 21 Blockchain Corp. a global blockchain investment bank, have announced a strategic partnership to launch a centralized cryptocurrency trading platform for customers in Japan.

The new partnership will combine Coinsquare’s digital currency trading platform technology with DLTa21’s experts in trading, compliance, and blockchain / distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

The venture will take the DLTa21X brand name after receiving the required regulatory approvals in Japan.

B. Matthew Hornor, Executive Chairman of DLTa21, said:

We are delighted to collaborate with Coinsquare as our strategic digital currency trading platform partner in Japan. Japan reportedly accounts for the majority of global Bitcoin trading. DLTa21 is committed to offering Japan’s 3.5 million plus cryptocurrency exchange traders truly world-class solutions and security.

Cole Diamond, Chief Executive Officer, Coinsquare, commented:

I’m excited for this monumental step in Coinsquare’s history. Japan is a thrilling next step in Coinsquare’s mission. Japan is a unique market and we’re looking forward to offering our platform’s capabilities to the Japanese market.

Japan will be the initial focus of the DLTa21X crypto exchange, however, the company expressed ambitions to expand into other Asian markets as well.

In addition to the announcement about the Crypto exchange Coinsquare also released a statement regarding the launch of Coinsquare Licensing. The platform enables domestic and international companies to offer digital currency trading.

In Canada, Coinsquare Licensing has partnered with businesses to offer an API solution that will allow for easy integration into new or existing applications and internationally, Coinsquare Licensing has partnered with global businesses to launch white-labelled platforms tailored to individual markets and the needs of their clients.