In yet another positive development for bitcoin and the entire crypto space, Google has reversed its stance on the ban of crypto ads.

Coinbase, one of the world’s leading exchanges is now appearing once again on Google ads – as redditor “thekcoinz” noticed early this morning:

coinbase ads.jpg


In a significant blow to the industry, Google announced their ban on paid cryptocurrency advertising in March of this year, following a similar announcement from Facebook at the end of January.

With both companies citing the rampant ICO and crypto scams that have plagued the industry as motivation for the ban – other tech giants Twitter and Snapchat soon followed suit.

The new Coinbase Google ads, however, also follow a recent relaxation of the ban for the exchange from Facebook earlier in the week – and now it seems Coinbase ads are also appearing on Instagram (which is owned by Facebook):


coinbase insta.jpg


A More Nuanced Approach

Many within the industry at the time were frustrated by the blanket ban from the tech giants, feeling that such measures failed to account for the huge number of legitimate projects within the space.

With the pace of fraudulent and suspicious ICOs seemingly not showing any signs of letting up however, many will understandably view this reversal from two of the world’s largest companies as indicative of a more nuanced approach to the crypto space – with Coinbase very much leading the way in terms of increasing the industry’s legitimacy in the eyes of the non-crypto world.