Japan’s Internet Giant GMO has launched a new upgraded 7nm Bitcoin Miner. The upgraded model, which it is calling B3, is equipped with 7nm ASIC mining chips. The previous model was sold out.

The new model can achieve a higher hash rate and has a hash power optimization function. It is for sale at the same price as the previous model. While the B2 had a maximum hash power of 24TH/s, B3 has a hash power of 33TH/s. This means GMO has increased its hashing power 37.5 percent.

GMO Miner

The new model supports cryptocurrency mining of SHA256 and can execute mining of bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

The B2 model consumes 1,950w per unit or 81W per TH/s. While the B3 model can also operate at this level, its maximum output of 33TH/s will consume 3,417w per unit or 103W per TH/s, GMO noted.

In Monday’s announcement, GMO also revealed that the B3 model contains a newly implemented “function to set the optimal hash power and power consumption depending on the environment,” elaborating:

While we were selling GMO miner B2, several customers have requested a function to adjust the hash power. Therefore, we accelerated the planned development of ‘hash power optimization function,’ which can set the optimal hash power and power consumption, and implemented it in GMO miner B3.

The industry has been demanding a new hardware producer to challenge the position of dominant supplier in the market China’s Bitmain Technologies, and GMO has stepped up to the plate, with this new kit.