There is something of a virtual arms race going on in the cryptocommunity as scammers are trying increasingly sophisticated tactics to part you from your cryptocurrencies. The ICO market has been particularly targeted by fraudsters and recent research found that 80% of ICOs last year were scams.

Amongst crypto-influencers, Ethereum-founder Vitalik Buterin has even changed his name to Vitalik “Not giving away ETH” Buterin on Twitter after a legion of scammers tried to tempt his followers from their ETH by impersonating his account. He wasn’t the only one – Elon Musk recently called out the “Mad skillz” of those running the Ethereum scambots plaguing his account.

Pushing back against the rising tide of crypto-crime, leading crypto community management firm AmaZix and AI-powered cyber intelligence company BrandShield are joining forces to raise the bar in the fight against the scammers.

The partnership leverages Israeli-based BrandShield’s considerable experience protecting the reputation of everyone from small businesses to large enterprise. The BrandShield service will be deployed to over 130 AmaZix-curated crypto community channels, complementing the existing protections offered by AmaZix.

Commenting on the partnership, Jonas Sevel Karlberg, CEO of AmaZix, said:

The community is nothing without trust, confidence, and the best security measures being put into place. BrandShield’s exceptional technology makes this a reality, not only for us, but for all of the clients that we support and represent.

Yoav Keren, CEO of BrandShield said “The recent collaboration and multilayer partnership with AmaZix is a major step towards creating a secure ecosystem for the blockchain world. Scams are plaguing this industry, slowly stripping away layers of trust with the public. We want to instil a sense of confidence and security back into the space, and start with some of the biggest names in the industry.”