A redditor with the username BeanThe5th recently posted an update regarding their previous post claiming their Binance account worth $50,000 had been hacked. After the account was compromised, the user reportedly tried to contact Microsoft support every day for an entire month in an attempt to retrieve their hacked email account. The redditor then states that Microsoft’s support team asked them to submit information which would prove that they were actually the account holder.

According to the user, it took the support team a whole month before they responded by saying, “they fully acknowledge” that the redditor was the account owner. However, the support team said the Hotmail account had been used for “fraudulent activity”, so they had to “indefinitely suspend the account.” This of course meant that the user’s access to the account was locked. Unfortunately, the redditor said, not only had their Binance account become inaccessible, but almost their “entire career” had been lost.

“Literally Impossible” To Access Email Account

The redditor went on to explain that they were not allowed to access their Binance account again unless they sent a support ticket via the email linked to the account. This, the user says is “literally impossible” because their email account is “suspended forever”, which means it’s basically inaccessible. Moreover, the redditor mentions that they have the phone number associated with the account, the google authenticator, and the photos required for 2-step verification.

Also, before being locked out of their account, the user says they were instructed by a Binance representative called Jager to submit a personal photo along with their passport copy. The representative reportedly stated that they required a note from the user as well saying, “Please change my email to Be*****@gmail.com.” The redditor then says they submitted this information to the exchange, however, they are still being required to submit a support ticket from the email linked to their Binance account. As mentioned, Microsoft refuses to let the user access their hotmail email account due to questionable activity.

Phone Provider To Blame For The “Whole Problem”

Due to all this, the redditor has threatened to sue his phone provider Rogers, because they are blaming them for the problem. The frustrated user also recommended not using the hotmail email service while noting that their phone provider had “claimed full responsibility” for the issue.

Notably, many other reddit community members tried to offer helpful suggestions in order to help resolve the matter. Redditor mobuckets1 told the user to contact higher management or the Binance subreddit because they might be able to help more.

Binance Locked Account