TRON (TRX) has recently reached Indonesia, as the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Indodax, recently announced that it’s going to add the cryptocurrency. Notably, TRON’s TRX token is going to be traded against Indonesia’s fiat currency, the Rupiah.

According to an announcement Indodax published, TRX is going to be added partly because it is a top cryptocurrency. Users will be able to deposit tokens on the exchange on June 4, and will be able to trade them for Rupiah on June 5.

The announcement adds that TRON is a top 50 cryptocurrency, which means it doesn’t need to go through a community voting process. This, the exchange noted, “is consistent with our mission to always add quality digital assets to”

TRON founder Justin Sun confirmed the news on Twitter, by sharing that the exchange is adding a TRX/IDR trading pair.

Notably, TRON has recently launched its own blockchain, which is set to go undergo intensive testing for the next few weeks, a period in which users are encouraged to help by testing the voting functionality and the network’s wallet.

The project’s developers have made tall claims, stating that it will be able to process transactions “hundreds of times” faster than the Ethereum network. They further claim the network is going to be highly stable, and more “developer friendly.”

At press time, TRON’s TRX token is trading at $0.062 as it is up by 3.4 percent in the last 24-hour period. The cryptocurrency has been falling from a 14-day $0.08 high, despite leveraging a barrage of bullish news that included its mainnet’s launch, seeing major exchanges support said launch, and being added to Apple’s Stocks app.

Recently it was reported that Sun made a bid to acquire peer-to-peer pioneer service BitTorrent, known for its file sharing platform uTorrent, which reportedly has over 100 million users.