A crypto news outlet has recently published an article on alleged “uncomfortable conversation” between the Verge (XVG) team and their partner MindGeek over the cryptocurrency network’s recent security issues.

The Verge (XVG) platform has suffered from a series of 51 percent attacks over the past couple of months. Due to the damaging effects of these attacks, which led to $1.7 million worth of XVG being stolen, MindGeek is now reportedly reevaluating its long-term plan to support and accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

This, according to an exclusive report published by ICO Journal. The cryptocurrency news outlet wrote that a MindGeek representative revealed some “uncomfortable conversations” took place between the porn giant and Verge’s management team.

Soon after ICO Journal’s piece went live, Pornhub’s Twitter account denied that said conversation even took place, and asked the outlet to remove the article claiming it was hurting its brand.

In addition to claiming Pornhub’s database would not be vulnerable to problems affecting Verge, the porn site’s official Twitter handle stated the crypto news outlet was spreading “misinformation”. The ICO Journal refused to take down its article. A number of Twitter users joined the conversation and some suggested that Pornhub should file a lawsuit against it.

CryptoGlobe cannot verify the accuracy of the information contained in the ICO Journal’s report – although when asked for comment, the news site responded: 

“We stand by our reporting and story regarding MindGeek and their concerns with the ongoing hacks and instability connected to the Verge network and currency. Three sources inside MindGeek reached out to us to voice their concerns and conversations between the two parties. The two organizations have discussed the hacks at length.”

ICO Journal

Per the information in the report, a representative from MindGeek – an organization that owns Pornhub, YouPorn, and more – stated that they were “cautious” of Verge.

The partnership came to be, partly, because of Verge’s privacy-oriented nature, but the 51 percent attacks surprised the company, the spokesperson said. Moreover, the report claims Verge’s management team made “all sorts of promises” and claimed the attacks were a “one-time phenomenon.” The pornography provider’s concerns were mostly about its brand, according to the spokesperson.