EQUI is a venture capital project that aims to democratize the world of venture capital and accredited investment and enable anyone to invest in real estate, new technology, and luxury assets that are typically available to wealthy accredited investors only. While the cryptocurrency market has fewer entry barriers, market volatility can make it difficult to make stable investments – the EQUI team of accredited investors plan to bridge the cryptocurrency market and the traditionally more stable VC funding market by making investments and tokenizing them so EQUI investors can purchase a token amount of each investment.

The ICO will fund the EQUI platform where investment opportunities will be showcased, and funds will also be used to conduct due diligence of initial projects. EQUI Token holders will have the option to transfer their tokens to the EQUI platform to gain access to rewards, educational materials and utility features. Holders can also become accredited within the EQUI ecosystem where they can exchange EQUI tokens for EQUIVest, a stable token pegged to the value of fiat currency. This token can be used to invest directly in projects and will be used to pay out investors – 3% of profits go to charity, and 80% of the remaining profits of each project go to investors with the remainder for the stakeholders. Non-investors can also receive rewards for holding tokens.

At the moment the platform has not been developed, and the project is in the early stages of funding. So far the EQUI platform concept and token acquisition process has been audited by an independent expert, according to the litepaper on the website.


Why does EQUI Need a Blockchain?

The EQUI Platform will operate on the Ethereum blockchain and EQUIVest tokens are exchanged for smart contracts that guarantee 80% of the profits generated from an investment if it is successful. Investment projects that fail to meet targets will be closed and the EQUIVest tokens will be returned. The blockchain platform provides an immutable record of transactions, and the Ethereum platform specifically offers smart contract capabilities that allow investment processes to be handled automatically.

Tokenomics and ICO Sale

Equi Capital will launch two tokens, EQUI and EQUIVest. Users investing in the ICO will receive EQUI tokens, an ERC20 compliant token. EQUI can be bought with ETH, and 1 ETH token = 333 EQUI tokens.

EQUI tokens are not used for investment on the platform – they will raise capital for the project and can be used to gain access to the platform and receive accreditation. They can also be held for loyalty rewards or exchanged for EQUIVest tokens. EQUIVest tokens will be used for investment and will be 1 – 1 pegged to the value of a fiat currency – the litepaper does not clarify which currency at this time.

In the event of a project failing to meet the outlined investment targets, it will be closed and all invested EQUIVest Tokens will be returned to the relevant investors’ EQUI Wallets. There are no fees for buying EQUI on the platform or for investing in projects. Citizens of the United States of America, South Korea, China, Canada and Singapore are unable to invest in this ICO.

The public pre-sale started on 15 May and will close on 31 May with discounts of 40% initially and then 35%. 16,250,000 tokens will be available during the pre-sale.

The main token sale will be from 1 June – 30 June 2018, with 90,100,00 tokens for sale. Discounts begin at 20%, and then 15% and 5% for later stages.

Total supply: 250,000,000
Ticker: EQUI 
Soft cap: $20,000,000
Hard cap: $37,337,500

Token Allocation:

Use of ICO proceeds:


Core Team

Doug Barrowman – Lead Founder

EQUI was founded by Doug Barrowman, a businessman and both founder and chairman of the Knox Group of Companies. Knox employs over 350 staff across a number of international locations with funds under management and administration approaching $4 billion, and companies in the group deal in private equity, property and wealth management. Barrowman also founded a private investment vehicle Aston Ventures which has made 13 acquisitions of old economy businesses with a total turnover in excess of £400 million in ten years. He has a degree in business studies from Glasgow University and is a qualified chartered accountant.

Baroness Michelle Mone of Mayfair, OBE – Co – founder

Lady Mone is a businesswoman who was appointed Start-Up Business Tsar in 2015 to the UK Government. She founded and managed Ultimo Brands International, an international lingerie company, which she sold to MAS Holdings in 2014. Lady Mone was awarded the title of World Young Business Achiever at the Epcot Centre in Florida in 2000 and also in the same year she also scooped the Business Woman of the Year Award at the Corporate Elite Awards in London. In 2010, Michelle received an OBE from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for her outstanding contribution to business, and received a Life Peerage to the House of Lords by the UK’s Prime Minister in 2015.

Tim Eve – Investment Director

Tim Eve qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1996. His early career focused on advising owner managed businesses, and he successfully led a number of high profile acquisitions and disposals. In 2001, Tim joined the venture capital company Aston Ventures as a Partner.

Paul Ruocco – Investment Director

Paul is a graduate and fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He was a founding partner of Aston Ventures and has over 30 years’ experience in corporate finance and private equity. As well as having made multiple acquisitions with Aston Ventures, Paul advises and mentors several businesses across a range of areas from strategic planning to change management. Paul continues to work closely with the wider Knox Group.


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