Major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has experienced several outages as it seems to have suffered from an attack today.

According to the site’s incident page , the exchange was down this morning as their trading engine suffered problems. The site briefly came back online as the exchange identified the “cause of the issues..with our infrastructure provider.”

Shortly afterwards however, the platform was down again after it was hit by a DDoS - Denial of Service Attack - with a statement on the page saying:

“The platform is under extreme load. We are investigating. Seems a DDoS attack was launched soon after we relaunched the platform.”


At the time of writing, the site incident page now says that normal operation has resumed, with Bitfinex also confirming the status via twitter:

Frequent Attacks

With Bitfinex and many other exchanges suffering repeated outages and attacks during the frantic crypto bull run of 2017, recently cryptocurrencies themselves seem to have been suffering as well.

Last month, hackers for a second time exploited a flaw in the Verge mining protocol to steal $1.7m of XVG , while last week it appears the beleaguered coin suffered yet another mining attack .

Although the verge community seems to have been very unwilling to acknowledge the latest problems, critics argue that the coin's reputation has suffered greatly in recent months.