TRON (TRX) Mainnet Launch and Token Migration: Everything You Need to Know

Siamak Masnavi

On May 31st, TRON (TRX) will launch its own blockchain (or "Mainnet") and begin its "Odyssey" (v 2.0) phase of development. The countdown clock is currently on display on the TRON Foundation website. In this article, we try to answer the most important questions about TRON's blockchain upgrade and the migration of its tokens to this new blockchain from the current Ethereum blockchain.

What Is Happening on May 31st?

Currently, Tron does not use its own blockchain; instead, it runs on the Ethereum blockchain and its TRX tokens are based on the ERC20 standard. The "Exodus" in Tron's development roadmap started on March 31st, when a test version of Tron's native blockchain ("Testnet") was launched. And on May 31st, it will be time to launch the production version of Tron's native blockchain ("Mainnet").

What Will Happen After the Mainnet Launches?

Starting on June 1st, the Mainnet will undergo intensive testing for the next three weeks. One thing users will be encouraged to help with during this period is testing of the voting functionality. Another is testing of the Tron network wallet. 

What Is Going to Happen to My TRX Tokens?

If your TRX tokens are currently held on a wallet at a crypto exchange such as Bitfinex or Binance, you don't need to do anything; the exchange will take care of migrating your ERC20-based TRX tokens to native TRX tokens (or coins) on June 25th, and these will be available to you on June 26th.

The following exchanges have already promised support for Tron's blockchain upgrade and token migration: 

  • Cayman Islands:
  • China: BixinIM
  • Dubai: RightBTC
  • Estonia: Bibox
  • Hong Kong: Bitfinex (with operations center in Taiwan)
  • India: Zebpay 
  • Malta: Binance
  • New Zealand: Cryptopia
  • Singapore: DragonEx (with operations center in Thailand)
  • South Korea: Bithumb; Coinnest; Coinrail; Upbit
  • Taiwan: Bitfinex
  • Ukraine: Liqui Exchange

If, however, your TRX tokens are stored on any other wallet -- for example, a mobile wallet such as Trust, a web-based wallet such as MyEtherWallet, or a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S -- you MUST move your TRX tokens to one of the many crypto exchanges that are supporting Tron's blockchain upgrade and token migration.

According to a blog post titled "Guidance for users after TRON mainnet launch" on 23 May 2018 by the Tron Labs, this must be done before 24 June 2018. However, this advice may be incorrect since there are exchanges that have an earlier deadline.

For example, according to another blog post by Tron Labs titled "DragonEx will support TRON blockchain upgrade and token migration", for the DragonEx exchange, users need to "deposit TRX’s ERC-20 tokens to DragonEx before June 20, 2018 23:59 (UTC+8)."

So, please try to play it really safe and transfer your tokens to one of the crypto exchanges that has promised support for the token migration BEFORE 20 June 2018 00:00 (UTC).

Between 21 June 2018 and 24 June 2018, TRX withdrawals will be suspended on all exchanges.

On 25 June 2018, there will be no TRX deposits/withdrawals allowed on any exchanges.

And finally, on 26 June 2018, since exchanges will have completed token migration by now, there will only be native TRX coins on the Mainnet. TRX deposits and withdrawals will resume. Users will need to withdraw TRX to a wallet if they want to vote. 

Crypto Education Initiative Binance Research Division Announced

Alan Wass

Exchange giant Binance have announced a new research division with the aim of bringing greater transparency to the industry.

The new division continues Binance's plan to have exchanges and crypto-related businesses across five of the world’s continents. Binance Research will be the third educational initiative to be launched by the exchange.

Launching the Binance Research Analyst Division

The announcement that Binance is creating their own analyst division was revealed yesterday (Nov 8), with the goal of performing “institutional grade” research reports.

The Binance Research group has already been active, releasing two reports looking at  the Loom Network,a project that is examining solutions to Ethereum scalability. The second report is in regards to a scalable decentralized crypto called Gochain. Another report is currently in the works pertaining to the Pundi hardware and software platform that facilitates seamless crypto payments.

Binance Global Exposure

Binance Research is another phase in the crypto exchange’s plans to diversify their business operations across the globe. In September, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao revealed that Binance would be expanding their operations by launching five to ten exchanges across five continents.

In August, Binance also announced a collaboration with the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange to launch a new fiat-to-crypto exchange in the country. Less than a month later, Binance announced it would be moving into Africa by setting up Binance Uganda, seeing an impressive 40,000 sign-ups in the first week.