Former Google Manager Says Company Should Focus on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

  • A former Google manager, who asked to remain anonymous, argued the company should focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, not AI.
  • Other large tech companies like Facebook and Amazon have already started dipping their toes into the space, while Google seemingly hasn't.

A former Google manager has recently revealed he believes the company shouldn’t be focusing so much on artificial intelligence and virtual reality, but on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as some other large tech companies are moving into the space.

According to Business Insider the former Googler, who asked to remain anonymous, said Google, Facebook, and Amazon should’ve “seized the opportunity to gather expertise and invest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies long ago.”

He added:

"These big, old tech companies are stuck in the past. All they talk about is machine learning. The only thing I care about, the only thing that anyone should care about right now, is crypto assets."

Anonymous former Google manager

As covered, Facebook and Amazon have indeed been exploring the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Various reports recently revealed the social media giant is “very serious” about launching its own cryptocurrency, and even put former PayPal president David Marcus in charge of a team that’s set to “explore how to best leverage blockchain across Facebook.”

Amazon, on the other hand, recently saw its cloud-computing unit Amazon Web Services launch free Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric blockchain templates, which will allow its customers to easily create and deploy secure blockchains.

While some cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe the e-commerce giant may one day accept cryptocurrencies, that remains to be seen. Last year, the company bought three crypto-related domain names, a move that could just be protecting its brand name.

Per the former Googler, cryptocurrencies are going to change the financial industry, and as such Google should start focusing on them. He added:

"This is what's going to change money and the financial industry as we know it. Google could use it for Adsense, for everything they do. The company should be a frictionless paywall... You're going to see them all eventually come after this."

Anonymous former Google manager

While some unnamed sources have claimed Google is experimenting with blockchain technology, its most well-known involvement with cryptocurrencies as banning industry-related ads from its platform. The move even saw a Russian entrepreneur sue the tech giant.

Nearly Half of Justin Sun's Recent Followers May Be 'Bots,' Research Finds

  • Many of Tron founder, Justin Sun's recent followers on Twitter may be 'fake" accounts. 
  • This, according to recent research conducted by Twitter user Geoff Golberg.

A recent analysis conducted by Geoff Golberg, an online researcher, has revealed that a large percentage of TRON Foundation founder Justin Sun’s Twitter followers might be fake and/or bot accounts. According to Golberg’s investigation, many of Sun’s mostly new followers on Twitter are accounts that appear to be only a few days old.

As first reported by TrustNodes, there are around 50,000 new Twitter accounts that recently started following Sun, a former Ripple Labs employee. Significantly, Golberg’s research analysis found that approximately 20,000 of Sun’s new followers had accounts which were created in the past 24 hours. These “zero day" accounts mostly had no or very few followers and many of them had never even tweeted any messages.

Twitter Accounts Following Sun Created This Month

Golberg, whose research efforts are mainly focused on detecting manipulative or exploitative activities by Twitter bots, confirmed via the microblogging platform that approximately 20,000 of Justin Sun’s “most recent 50,000 Twitter followers are accounts which were created this month.”

Examining the accounts a bit more carefully revealed many of them have a string of eight digits after their display name. This, Golberg argued, may suggest such accounts were quickly created by some type of automated software. Notably, the researcher mapped the suspicious accounts by the date they were created and found that the majority of them are most likely fake.

On several occasions, the Tron founder has bragged about surpassing Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in terms of followers on Twitter. However, a detailed investigation reportedly conducted by an auditing website has found that about 90% of accounts following Sun had various “URL issues” and that nearly 70% of such accounts had “suspiciously small number of followers.”

Research Methodology May Not Reveal 100% Accurate Results

Additionally, roughly half, or 50%, of the Twitter accounts created were only an average of 3 months old, the auditor noted. These same suspicious accounts also appear to have very low levels of engagement on the social media network as the majority, 60%, are following very few other Twitter accounts.

According to TrustNodes, the research methodology used involved obtaining a sample of 2,000 of Sun’s 1.01 million followers. As acknowledged by the researchers, there is potentially some level or percentage error in their estimates - given the relatively small sample size.