John McAfee Commits $30k to Declaration of Currency Independence

Avi Rosten
  • John McAfee this afternoon tweeted that he has given $30k to pay for every signature to his Declaration of Currency Independence.
  • He promised to cover all future ETH transaction fees on the Ethereum Blockchain required to sign the document

John McAfee, the eccentric cryptoccurrency advocate and cyber-security pioneer has once again signalled his commitment to the crypto cause by announcing his plans to pay for every signature to the charter known as The Declaration of Currency Independence.

Paying in $30,000 into an escrow account - McAfee announced via a tweet this afternoon his intent to cover the ETH transactions fees required to sign the online charter:

The declaration, a project of McAfee's crypto team, is a rousing call for the world to break free of traditional financial institutions and move on from the “obsolescence” of state-controlled fiat currency.

Describing how state control of the supply of currency has historically been an unavoidable and necessary evil, the charter explains that with the inception of the digital age a:

“viable escape has come in the form of provable and irrefutable math through the expenditure of energy -- Bitcoin and its derivative cryptoassets.”

Declaration of Currency Independence

And - concluding the libertarian manifesto - the declaration enjoins signatories to commit themselves to the cause:

“This Declaration of Currency Independence is a direct response to the continued manipulation and destruction that stems from the deliberate degradation of Value across the whole of humanity. We, the undersigned, will dedicate our lives building networks and systems that restore the Integrity of Value and directly challenge the authority of those who seek to destroy Value.”

Declaration of Currency Independence

Undoubtedly a figure of substantial influence in the crypto community, many within and outside the crypto world have balked at his eccentric behaviour in the space since his huge following has developed. This latest move however, might serve as a reminder that he remains - in his own unique way - a true believer in the cause.