ICO Race for $1m: New Event in Switzerland on June 7th

Avi Rosten
  • 20 teams will pitch their token sales to an exclusive panel of judges to compete for 3 prizes worth $1 million
  • As well as a series of presentations on the Blockchain industry, the event willl see the launch of a new Pokemon Go style crypto game

Lugano, Switzerland will host a new ICO competition this year on June 7th.

ICO Race will see twenty aspiring token sales compete to win a prize pool of $1 million and a listing on one of the three largest exchanges in the world.

The twenty competing tokens will each have the opportunity for a ten-minute pitch to a panel of judges who will carefully evaluate their tokens to choose the winners.

The exclusive jury will consist of seven judges:

  • Lars Schlichting - partner at Kallerhals-Carrard
  • CEO of Eidoo and founder of Oraclize,
  • Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino,
  • Federico Tosato - founder of ADM Ventures,
  • Anna Palmina - managing director of Palmina Invest,
  • Marc P. Bernegger, member Advisory Board of Cryptofinance Group and,
  • CEO of d10e and Advisor for TaaS, Mike Costache

As well as judging the competition, members of the panel will be giving speeches on a variety of blockchain topics ranging from the “Global State of ICOs,” “Crypto Bubble vs. Debt Bubble” to “From Homeland of Banking to Homeland of Crypto?.”

New App Launch

The event will also see the presentation of a brand new crypto app - Wallem.

Similar to the wildly successful Pokemon Go, Wallem is a game where players can collect tokens as they walk around a city as well as challenge other users to win tokens. With the first map starting in Lugano, the game adds a new dimension to the expanding crypto-game genre.


The first prize will be $600,000 in addition to the possibility of being listed on one of the three largest exchanges in the world.

The second prize will be a $300,000 as well as a $100,000 discount on the services offered by ICO Engine.

The third runner-up will receive $100,000 and a $100,000 discount on the ICO Engine services.

How to enter as an ICO

One of the entry requirements is that the ICO has to be launched by the end of 2018.

A team of experts will select startups according to the following criteria: Solution to the Problem”, “Business and Token Sale Model”, “Token Sale Terms”, and “Team.”

Tickets will also be available for spectators - and tickets are available here.


The main Sponsor of the event is ICO Engine, the Eidoo platform for launching new Initial Coin Offering projects.

Other sponsors include Cryptocompare, Cryptolab - a crypto-world advisory firm for hedge funds and institutions, and the online magazine The Cryptonomist.