A controversial Twitter account using the handle @bitcoin has recently been suspended by Twitter, and subsequently seemingly deleted, as it is apparently under a new owner’s control. The Twitter handle was recently embroiled in controversy because of bitcoin’s scaling debate.

Over the past few months, the Twitter account promoted Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the real Bitcoin (BTC) while engaging in the scaling debate, heavily promoting pro-BCH content. This likely saw the account get heavily reported, which likely resulted in its suspension.

Twitter users can report accounts for various reasons. Two levied against @bitcoin were tweeting spam and pretending to be someone else.


While some believe the account had been hijacked or bought because of the different type of content it was pushing out, who really owned the account wasn’t clear. This was, however, not the first time the account was punished on Twitter, as it had been restricted before.

This time, the social media website seemingly decided to go one step further and deleted the account, as at press time the account has roughly 3,400 followers and only three tweets. So far, two of the tweets reveal this are the account’s first tweets, and wish whoever follows it a good afternoon.

The third one shows the new account’s owner might be Turkish as the tweet stated “Turkey is so cool”

Most users believe that the person who got the account as merely lucky enough to register it right after Twitter deleted it. Prominent Bitcoin Cash supporter and Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver, who claims to know the person who was behind the controversial seemingly taken over account, commented the situation.

Via a tweet, Ver claimed this is “how free speech dies.” On Reddit, he revealed the person in charge of the account is a bitcoiner since 2009, and might’ve not seen what happened just yet. Ver said:

“He is a Bitcoiner since 2009. I sent him a message, but he is on the other side of the earth, so I likely won't hear back until the morning my time.”

Roger Ver