Coin Stats, one of the leading cryptocurrency portfolio apps in the market, has updated its software, announcing a lot of new and exciting features and updates. The release was made on March 3rd, it focuses on improving the user experience and accounting functionality. New features allow users to export transactions to a CSV file, see all the portfolios in one single page, get notifications and much more.
Establishing a consistent investment plan is one of the most important decisions an investor can make. But once that decision is made, the work is only half done. An equally significant task consists of monitoring the portfolio as it evolves to ensure it stays on track, minimizing risk and increasing diversification. 

How should an investor monitor his portfolio and its assets? It obviously depends on the type of assets, diversification of risk as well as the risk appetite for the individual. Coin Stats is the app for those traders that enjoy examining their holdings in a more detailed way and with more efficient tools than others.


Coin Stats is a cryptocurrency portfolio app that helps individuals track their investments. Users can search through the list of more than 1400 cryptocurrencies, visit their social pages and websites to make research-based investment decisions. Users will also be able to add their cryptocurrency trades into Coin Stats, so they can track their net worth and profits and also connect their wallets and exchange accounts for auto-sync.

The main features of the app include:

  • Access detailed up to date market information anytime and anywhere
  • Track Cryptocurrency investments and earnings
  • Multiple portfolio functionality
  • ETH wallet watcher with tokens
  • Sync portfolio from exchanges automatically!
  • Access coins and Altfolio inside iOS notifications center
  • Choose from more than 30 fiat currencies to see prices
  • Set price alerts from more than 20 exchanges
  • Translated to English, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French
  • Access the latest crypto news from more the best sources

The March 3rd update has the following exciting additions:

  • Check all of the portfolios in one page
  • Ability to export the transactions in a CSV file
  • Now the coins will be listed on Coin Stats immediately
  • Improvements on the NEO wallet 
  • Ability to receive notifications for new exchange listings

To learn more about Coin Stats visit their Website or download the App on iTunes.