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Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Jordana has worked as a copywriter, both in an agency environment and freelance, for the past four years. Experienced and expert at what she does, she has written for a vast array of companies, from multinational corporations like eBay and Deliveroo to SMEs and start-ups. Specialising in financial news topics, she enjoys sharing her expert insights into the cryptocurrency markets with our readers.

Articles by Author to Provide a Fully Private Internet Experience Using Blockchain Technology is set to create a truly revolutionary internet experience: one that is ad- and malware-free, safe, secure, and which makes user privacy its ultimate priority.

Coinbase Hosting an Event for Software Engineers

Coinbase will host an event that looks beyond investment potential, to consider how both businesses and the wider world might benefit from increasing consumer interest in crypto.

Mixin Collaborate with City on Instant Messaging Payment System

Mixin Limited announced its collaboration with global payment service provider City. The two enterprises intend to work together to create an instant messaging payment system, which will be used as a means of resolving problems with electronic currency processes in Nepal. Becomes the First Sandbox-Regulated Crypto Exchange in the Middle East have become the first and only cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East and North Africa to be granted a Regulatory Sandbox License.

Crypto Exchange Binance to Offer Fiat-Crypto Trading in 2018

Binance will offer fiat-crypto trading through a Malta-based platform before the end of 2018. Bloomberg reports that it will “soon allow customers to convert digital tokens into fiat currencies.”

Huobi Launches San Francisco-Based Crypto Exchange

New company HBUS will be based in San Francisco, and already has aggressive expansion plans in place to help increase its market share.

SEC Director Underwhelmed by Rate of Crypto Exchanges Self-Reporting

A Securities and Exchange Commission director has shared his surprise at the lack of self-reporting amongst cryptocurrency exchanges. The SEC has been keen to stress that ICOs are securities and must thus be registered with the agency. Despite this emphasis on the importance of proper regulation, SEC Director Brett Redfearn has revealed a distinct lack of self-reporting amongst crypto exchanges.

Industry Lawyer Reveals Universities Are Investing in Crypto Hedge Funds

Universities from around the world are showing an increasing interest in digital currencies and the blockchain technology underpinning them.

Chinas Central Bank Builds Blockchain-Based System to Digitize Paper Checks

China has created a blockchain system that could take the place of paper cheques, rendering the current method entirely redundant.

Finance Industry Labels Googles Crypto Ad Ban Unfair

A number of businesses and investors have criticised Google because of its decision to ban cryptocurrency advertising.

Almost Nobody Should Be Looking at Blockchain, Says Kik CEO Ted Livingston

Kik CEO Ted Livingston has warned that blockchain isn’t for everyone.

Mount Everest Cryptocurrency Publicity Stunt Goes Awry

A publicity stunt by Ukrainian social network ASKfm has indirectly led to the death of a Nepalese Sherpa.

Tutellus Creates Decentralized Educational Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Collaborative education platform Tutellus aims to change the way people teach and learn forever.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Chief Turns Down Roger Vers BCH Gift

BCH evangelist Roger Ver tried to make a gift of bitcoin cash to Hong Kong Stock Exchange chief Ba Shusong, only to find his gesture politely declined.evangelist Roger Ver tried to make a gift of bitcoin cash to Hong Kong Stock Exchange chief Ba Shusong, only to find his gesture politely declined.

South Africa: Three Detained After Kidnappers Demand 15 Bitcoin Ransom to Free Teen

Three men have been taken into custody following the disappearance of a 13-year-old in South Africa. A ransom note, received on Sunday, demanded 15 bitcoins in exchange for Katlego Marite’s safe return.

Twitter Crypto Scammers Spoof Bloomberg Reporters Accounts to Get Ethereum

Twitter has once again allowed fraudsters to impersonate high-profile figures as part of the latest on-site cryptocurrency scam.

Walmart Patents Another Blockchain Application

Retail giant Walmart has filed another patent in the hopes of augmenting its digital offerings for retail product resales.

Study Shows Volatility Influences the Availability of Jobs in the Crypto Sphere

Research conducted by Textio has shown that crypto jobs rise and fall in line with the value of bitcoin.

Facebook Execs Attempt to Kill UK Financial Gurus Crypto Ads Lawsuit out of Court

Facebook executives joined an early hours meeting to try and kill an embarrassing lawsuit brought forth by Martin Lewis over fake cryptocurrency ads using his image on the platform.

Fed Governor Claims Theres No Compelling Need for a Federal Reserve Crypto

Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard has dismissed any possibility of the organisation entering the crypto market.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware Manufacturer Canaan Confirms $1 Billion IPO Filing

The world’s second biggest maker of bitcoin mining hardware has submitted an application for an initial public offering that could raise around $1 billion.

Founders of Centra Techs Floyd Mayweather-Endorsed ICO Indicted for Securities Fraud

The founders of an ICO endorsed by Floyd Mayweather have been indicted following accusations of fraud.

BCH Proponent Roger Ver Predicts Ethereum Will Surpass Bitcoin This Year

The ‘bitcoin Jesus’ says that ethereum will be the most valuable crypto, with bitcoin cash also surging against bitcoin.

Start-up Raises $3 Million to Build Proof-of-Space-Time Blockchains

An Israel-based cryptocurrency start-up has raised $3,000,000 to help develop a new blockchain consensus protocol that could replace the current proof-of-work and proof-of-stake processes.

Bank of America CTO Says Bitcoin Is “Troubling”

A Bank of America tech officer has labelled the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment system ‘troubling’.

Japans Financial Watchdog Sets Out New Requirements for Crypto Exchanges

Japan has fleshed out its crypto market rules in the hopes of preventing a Coincheck 2.0.

SEC Claim Crypto Fraud Protection Is Their Number One Priority

SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson has denounced ICOs in an interview with CNBC, classifying the protection of traders from crypto fraud as their number one priority.

Colorado Investigating Two Companies Over Illegal ICO Promotion

Two companies are being investigated for promoting illegal initial coin offerings to Colorado residents.  

Over 2,500 Cryptocurrencies Airdropped in the Past 12 Months, Report Claims

Crypto start-ups are turning to airdrops as ICOs face increasing regulatory scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

IOTA Foundation Joins Blockchain Research Group for Automotive Industry

The IOTA Foundation has joined a number of leading organisations as the latest member of a consortium aiming to develop distributed ledger technology for a new mobility ecosystem.

Overstock CEO Says ICOs to Be Renamed STOs

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne is amongst those working towards creating a safer way to raise money through crypto, a proposal he refers to as ‘security token offerings’.

Thai Regulators Maintain Harsh Crypto Taxes in Spite of Protests

Despite opposition to a proposed 15 percent withholding tax on digital assets, Thailand’s government looks set to continue in its attempts to increase industry regulation.

Swiss Crypto User Offers $40,000 Reward For Lost Hardware Wallets With $815,000 Portfolio

A Swiss crypto trader is offering a 40,000-franc ($40,500) reward following the loss of two hardware wallets with his portfolio, reportedly worth 800,000 ($815,000). 

Chinese City of Shenzhen Backs $78 Million Blockchain Investment Fund

Another Chinese city has backed a big blockchain investment fund. The enterprise will aim to invest $80 million in start-ups in Shenzhen. 

Goldman Sachs Hire Crypto Trader

With Goldman Sachs reputedly looking to adopt a more active role in the virtual currency sector, could the appointment of crypto trader Justin Schmidt be an indication of intent?

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payments Becoming More Popular in the Baltic States

Cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly popular payment method in the Baltic states, where they continue to be largely unregulated. Used by companies across multiple sectors, from hospitality to healthcare to online retail and real estate.

Twitter Scammers Keep Swapping The Identities Of Their Hijacked Verified Accounts

Twitter is causing outrage over its inability to rein in over rampant cryptocurrency scams in its platform. The phenomenon is seemingly out of control, as one specific account recently changed its handle over 6 times to trick users.   

Dow Jones Partners With Brave Browser To Trial Basic Attention Token

In a thus far revolutionary move, the Dow Jones Media Group, a subsidiary of Dow Jones and publisher of Barron’s, has signed a deal with the ad-blocking Brave browser. The deal is set to see Dow Jones’ publications become verified publishers, potentially allowing users to pay for premium content with its Basic Attention Token (BAT).

New York Attorney General Launches Probe Into 13 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

New York’s attorney general has demanded an examination into 13 cryptocurrency exchanges, amongst them the Winklevoss twins’ Gemini exchange and Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in America. 

Hong Kong Securities Watchdog Delivers a Stark Warning on ICOs

In a speech given on Friday, Hong Kong’s securities regulator made it clear that they had adopted a sceptical view of initial coin offerings (ICOs). Acknowledging that blockchain and its ilk had the potential to increase efficiency and promote financial inclusion, she nonetheless cautioned that this did not entitle individuals to carry out ICOs that violated securities law. 

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