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HitBTC is Facing Legal Action From Karma Group in Hong Kong

Karma group has filed legal action through a court in Hong Kong and a financial regulator against the cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC.

Kraken Exchange Successfully Raises Over $3m for Coincenter

Kraken, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has successfully raised more than $3 million in donations to provide for Coincenter, a non-profit organisation established to fight legal actions on behalf of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Bull Dan Morehead Says Investors Should Buy Bitcoin While Its Still Cheap

Dan Morehead, founder of cryptocurrency hedge fund Pantera Capital Management, has recently stated that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have reached their lowest point this year, and that now is a good time to buy.

Emerging Cashless Society May Lead to Government-Backed Cryptos, Argues Allianz Executive

According to Allianz Chief Economic Advisor Mohamed El-Erian, countries are fast moving away from conventional cash, and in the future governments will issue their own ‘officially sanctioned’ cryptocurrencies.

Boston College Research Suggests Average ICO Investor Rakes in 82% Profit

New research titled “Digital Tulips? Returns to Investors in Initial Coin Offerings,” has shown that those who have invested in an initial coin offering (ICO) made, on average, returns of at least 82%. The study also showed that buy-and-hold investments yielded an ‘abnormal’ return of 48% within the first 30 days of a token sale.

Crypto Trading App Taylor Has Funds Stolen in Large-Scale Attack

Taylor, a startup cryptocurrency trading app has been subjected to a large-scale attack resulting in the loss of a large number of cryptocurrencies.  

UK Cryptocurrency ‘Addicts’ Offered Treatment and Rehabilitation

A Scottish hospital has started offering residential treatment to ‘Crypto Addicts’ – people that are addicted to the buying, selling and trading of cryptocurrencies.  

Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb Bans Accounts From 11 Countries

As part of its new anti-money laundering policy, the global cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb will be banning users from eleven countries effective on May 28th.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Operator Deutsche Boerse ‘Deep at Work’ on Bitcoin

Frankfurt Stock Exchange operator Deutsche Boerse has announced that it is ‘deep at work’ on understanding the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin to potentially add it to the stock market. The inclusion could see assets like cryptocurrency futures and related products to widen investment exposure.

John McAfee Boldly Predicts Bitcoin Will Surpass $15,000 Next Month

According to a statement made on Twitter, John McAfee has made strong predictions that Bitcoin will excel beyond the $15,000 range by June. While these are short-term predictions, McAfee remains a strong source on cryptocurrency valuations and their performance.

Dubai to Use Blockchain Technology for 50% of Its Transactions by 2021

It’s expected that Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates will see half of all its banking transactions be made using blockchain technology by 2021. This according to the UAE’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Monero Unveils Tari, a Second-Layer Protocol Set to Compete With Ethereum

Monero (XMR) has introduced a brand new second-layer protocol called “Tari.” As a cryptocurrency, it will allow users to create and trade digital assets on top of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency’s network.

Iran, Russia May Use Cryptocurrencies to Dodge International Sanctions

With the aftermath of a breakdown in talks over a US-Iranian nuclear agreement, Iran may see the return of US sanctions. An Iranian MP has reportedly proposed a joint venture for Iran and Russia to use cryptocurrencies as a workaround to any potential economic sanctions.

IBM, Veridium Labs Join Forces to Turn Carbon Credits Into Blockchain-Based Tokens

It’s been announced this week that International Business Machines (IBM) partnered with Veridim Labs, a startup creating environment-related cryptos, to help the environment by turning carbon credits into blockchain-based tokens. Carbon credits – tradeable instruments created to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions – will be tradeable for the okens via exchanges. 

Bitcoin Is Only Good for ‘Speculation’ and Money Laundering, Says ‘Big Short’ Investor

Steven Eisman, known for his tenure as an investor for Neuberger Berman, has expressed serious doubt over what he refers to as the “social utility of cryptocurrency,” while speaking to CNBC.

Ripple Launches Xpring Initiative to Help Create an Ecosystem Around XRP

Ripple, the company behind the XRP token, has announced it will be launching a new initiative, called ‘Xpring’, in a bid to create a unique ecosystem amongst XRP-focused startups which it sees potentially benefitting from Ripple’s support and expertise, to create an ecosystem around the token.

Smartphone Maker HTC Announces Exodus, a Blockchain-Powered Phone

Appearing at the Consensus conference this week in New York, HTC has unveiled its planning to launch an Android smartphone fully powered by blockchain technology named ‘Exodus’.

Weiss Ratings Gives Glowing Report To NEO, Cardano EOS: Flushes Out Scams

The company Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings has given a glowing review of ‘High-rated’ coins this week. It also highlights the current risks investors face from imitation coins currently on the market.

Huobi to Launch Billion-Dollar Blockchain Incubator for Chinese Startups

Huobi is set to launch introduced a $1 billion fund for Chinese blockchain companies. It’s set to provide startups technical and strategical support, and access to software so they can test their products and/or systems.

Robinhood Expands Commission-Free Crypto Trading App to Wisconsin and New Mexico

Popular mobile stock trading app Robinhood has recently announced that its commission-free Bitcoin and Ethereum trading service is now available in the US states of Wisconsin and New Mexico.

Mastercard Blames Cryptocurrencies for Slip in First Quarter Growth

Mastercard’s recent slip in growth over the first quarter of 2018 has been blamed on a decline on the number of cryptocurrency purchases the company has been processing.

Entrepreneur Puts $8 Million Home for Sale in Bitcoin, Cites Belief in Cryptocurrency Adoption

Alan Ezeir, a serial tech entrepreneur who just put his $8 million home for sale in Bitcoin, has recently revealed he sees cryptocurrencies become widely adopted in the future. Per his words, trendsetters need to show people cryptocurrencies can be used like credit cards.

Ethereum Surges Nearly 13% After Breaking Through the $700 Mark

Ethereum has undergone bull run today, as prices surged by nearly 10 percent in the last 24-hour period. The cryptocurrency has risen from $661.9 to about $765.3 at press time as trading continues, according to data from CryptoCompare.

Credit Unions Will Expand on Its Payments List With Distributed Ledger Technologies

Developed from a blockchain consortium, CULedger seeks to expand its payments range and business. It’s since announced a partnership with Hedera, a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) startup company that offers a distributed consensus system. The two companies will be collaborating to create a more extensive payments network, improving the speed of cross-border payments.

Security Researcher Highlights Danger Of Malicious Crypto Copycat Apps

Google has a serious problem with cryptocurrency malware infecting many of the apps on its marketplace, according to security researcher Lukas Stefanko. Stefanko posted a screenshot of one such app that tries to lure victim’s private keys on Twitter, the app was a MyEtherWallet copycat.

Malta Proposes Test To Identify When ICOs Are Securities

Malta has recently proposed the creation of tests to determine whether a token launched through an initial coin offering (ICO) can be defined as a form of security.

Not Gone: Savedroid ICO Comes Back, Plans ICO Advisory Service

In a YouTube video published by SaveDroid AG the company’s founder, Yassin Hankir has recently revealed that the company hasn’t pulled an exit scam, and unveiled it plans to launch an ICO advisory service to help with regulatory efforts.

Venezuela’s Petro wins the ‘Satoshi Nakamoto Prize’

For its ‘outstanding contribution to the development of the blockchain industry’, the Satoshi Nakamoto Prize went to Venezuela’s sovereign oil-backed cryptocurrency, The Petro. The prize was awarded in Russia, and hosted by its regulatory organisation: The Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB).

Lafayette to Consider Cryptocurrency to Diversify Economy

Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux, in a speech on Thursday, proposed the creation of a state-based cryptocurrency. Robideaux’s annual address cited the need to improve public services for the citizens of Lafayette. With the introduction of cryptocurrency intended to increase the level of funding possible for public services and development projects.

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Under Scrutiny, Nine Suspended Operations

Nine separate cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan have officially suspended operations. Two are currently facing regulatory sanctions from the government and a further five are withdrawing their applications.

18 Million XVG Moved From Verges Crowdfund Wallet As Ledger Needs To Be Paid

About 18.6 million XVG ($1.6 million) have been moved from the cryptocurrency’s “partnership crowdfund’ wallet. While some claim the funds were sent to cryptocurrency exchange Binance, others claim they were sent to a future partner’s wallet

Russian Authorities Shut Down Massive Illegal Mining Operation

Russian authorities entered the abandoned rubber factory and found over 6,000 pieces of mining equipment inside and arrested two of the factories former employees. Both employees had been using the facility covertly for their operations.

UK National Cyber Security Centre Lists Cryptojacking As Significant Threat

According to a report published by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) this week, cryptojacking will be categorised as a form of cybercrime in the UK, as it is now seen as a “significant” cybersecurity concern. Per the organization, it’s likely going to “become a regular source of income for website owners.”

Rockefellers Enter Cryptocurrency Space Looking To Invest In Blockchain Startups

Cryptocurrency investment group CoinFund recently announced a partnership with Venrocy, the Rockefellers’ venture capital arm. Reportedly, the powerful investors’ goal is to invest in blockchain startups.

War on ASIC Miners? Ethereum Founder calls for calm

Monero’s recent hard-fork stands as a counter to the unveiling of new mining hardware that would see a massive rise in hash rates and efficiency. But is a fast hard-fork the answer? Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin urges calm.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb Sees Profits Surge 171x in 2017

South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency to fiat currency exchange has increased both in popularity and annual revenue this year, Finance Magnates reports. Bithumb has seen its revenues rise by over 171-fold, showcasing the feverish demand for cryptocurrency that sweeps South Korea.

Zcash (ZEC) Helps Venezuelans Survive During Venezuelas Petro Venture

While Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro (PTR) is being launched via an initial coin offering (ICO), its residents are not enamored with it as a viable cryptocurrency. ZCash (ZEC), on the other hand, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

Pakistan’s Central Bank Tells Banks to Cut Ties to Cryptocurrencies

This month has seen the Reserve Bank of India turn its bank on cryptocurrency-related accounts. In a new development,  the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the country’s central bank, advised Pakistani citizens not to transact in cryptocurrencies, while telling banks and financial intitutions not to facilitate crypto-related business.

SEC Chief: ICOs Are “Absolutely Not” All Fraudulent

SEC chairman Jay Clayton has recently stated that not all Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are fraudulent, and argued that oversight will strengthen the cryptocurrency industry.

Monero Mitosis: Hard Fork Leads To Four New Cryptocurrencies

Monero’s recent hard fork in the wake of new ASIC technologies has been met with opposition from users. creating a four-way split of the cryptocurrency’s pre-fork variation.

UK Financial Watchdog Issues Statement on Crypto Derivatives Providers

The UKs Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced new regulations to improve its approach towards cryptocurrency derivatives. We break down their statement from yesterday

Coinbase Launches Venture Fund To Support Cryptocurrency Startups

Cryptocurrency wallet and exchange provider Coinbase recently published a blog post in which it reveals it’s highly interested in providing capital to new startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase in Talks to Become SEC-Licensed Brokerage

Coinbase has reportedly approached the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other US regulators in order to obtain registration as a brokerage firm. While the company has declined to comment at this time, being a broker is set to offer Coinbase a commanding position.

Ethereum Still Sub-$400 as ASIC Controversy and Disputes Settle in

Ethereum, along with other cryptocurrencies, has fallen as regulations and ongoing trade disputes play havoc on the market. Ethereum is undergoing its worst performance since November 2017

Japan Proposes New Rules to Legalize ICOs

Japan has seemingly started loosening its attitude towards initial coin offerings (ICOs) as a working group backed by the country’s government recently proposed new guidelines that are set to legalize and regulate token sales.

AngelList’s ICO “Spin-off” CoinList Raises $9.2 Million In Series A Funding Round

Emerging from Angellist’s incubator, CoinList has triumphed in its Series A funding round. raking in $9.2 million while proposing a solution to the ICO witch-hunt

Ripple Donates $29 Million To Fund All 35,000 DonorsChoose Classroom Projects

Ripple donated $29 million to DonorsChoose in order to fund all of its 35,000 classroom projects. This is the largest gift a non-profit organization has ever received.

Bitcoin Falls Below $7,000, Cryptos Retreat Amid Global Trade War Fears

Most currencies are in the red in the last 24-hour period, with Bitcoin falling below the $7,000 mark amid fears of a global trade war.

Australia Introduces Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations

Australia’s new regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges intend to battle money laundering and terrorism financing, and will require the exchanges to register and report to AUSTRAC.

Ethereum: Despite Rally, Ether is ‘Succeeding to Death’

Despite Ethereum having the best performance of its rivals in the Cryptocurrency world. Its links to ICOs mean its flexibility may be its undoing

The Mysterious Case Of Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright

Craight Wright, who claims to be bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, has been embroiled in controversy lately, and a recent lawsuit may be about to uncover the truth. In this piece we go into the controversies surroinding him.

Research From ETH Zurich Suggests Bitcoin Is Overvalued

New research from ETH Zurich found a way to measure peaks and troughs in bitcoin value. According to the report Bitcoin may fall by over $41 Billion by end of 2018.

Telegram Open Network ICO: Not An ‘Everyman’ Investment

As more established tech companies such as Telegram enter the Initial Coin Offering arena it is important to not let their impressive user base cloud what appears to be a risky investment. The analysis of the Telegram ICO presents a refreshing challenge compared to scams and Ponzi schemes of yesteryear. For those unsure of what an […]

Venezuela’s Oil-Backed Petro Whats The Risk?

Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro (PTR), comes after the country ravaged its fiat currency the bolivar. What are its risks? How’s the world taking it?

Coins For Your Loyalty? Airlines Racing To Launch Crypto Loyalty Programs

It’s been reported that AirAsia has taken another step in its digitalization process. To accelerate its loyalty program and provide revenue for its foray into fintech and remittance projects the company’s founder, Tony Fernandes, has announced that its new cryptocurrency, called ‘BigCoin’ will be rolled out this year.

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