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Travel Giant CWT Pays $4.5 Million in Bitcoin to Ransomware Hackers

CWT, a U.S. travel management firm that posted revenues of $1.5 billion last year and claims to represent over a third of companies in the S&P 500, paid $4.5 million in bitcoin to hackers who extorted them after infecting them with ransomware. According to Reuters, the attackers used a ransomware strain called Ragnar Locker, which […]

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Suffers Block Reorganization Because of a Single Miner

it suffered in January 2019. The recent reorganization was caused by a single miner. The blockchain reorganization was confirmed by the Twitter account of ETC and of the founder of Ethereum Classic Labs James Wo. It occurred at block 10,904,146 and was not labeled as an attack, as the miner behind the reorganization was seemingly […]

Alleged 17-Year-Old Twitter Hacker Owns Over $3 Million in Bitcoin

The 17-year-old accused of hacking Twitter on July 15 to promote a fake bitcoin giveaway, Graham Ivan Clark, reportedly owns over $3 million worth of bitcoin, according to his attorney David Weisbrod. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Weisbrod revealed Clark has over 300 BTC, worth over $3.3 million, on Saturday in a court hearing, […]

MoneyGram Received $15.1 Million in XRP Incentives From Ripple in Q2 2020

MoneyGram has received $15.1 million from Ripple in the second quarter of this year for providing liquidity to the company’s XRP cross-border settlement network, the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) platform. According to MoneyGram’s second-quarter results, the Texas-based remittances firm received the funds in what it called “market development fees,” which were offset by transaction expenses of […]

Bitcoin Price Could Keep Moving up, HODL Wave Chart Suggests

A HODL Wave chart suggests that the price of bitcoin could keep moving up, as the number of unmoved BTC in the last 12 months recently hit a new all-time high. The HODL Wave chart was created by Unchained Capital, a financial services firm, and it looks at the number of bitcoin addresses with funds […]

Japanese Brave Browser Users Will Soon Start Receiving BAT Tokens

Japanese users of the cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser will soon start receiving BAT tokens for seeing privacy-respecting ads while browsing the web, if they opt-in to the Brave Ads program. According to an announcement published by Brave, the result of a partnership between the browser’s creator and Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer, a new wallet called “Integrated […]

Bitcoin’s Surge Past $10,000 Increases Number of Millionaires Addresses to 18,000

Bitcoin’s recent price increase above the $10,000 mark has helped the number of bitcoin millionaire addresses – those with at least $1 million worth of BTC in them – rise to over 18,000. According to analytics firm Glassnode, the number of millionaire addresses rose to 18,000 thanks to a 38% surge supported by the cryptocurrency’s […]

Chinese Authorities Reportedly Rarest 27 Key PlusToken Executives

Chinese authorities have reportedly arrested all 27 key executives allegedly running the massive PlusToken cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, in an operation led by the country’s top police agency, the Ministry of Public Security. According to Chinese financial news outlet CLS, the investigation led to the arrest of another 82 core members of the Ponzi scheme, which […]

Bitcoin transaction fees surge 500% as BTC’s price remains above $10,000

The average transaction fee paid per transfer on the Bitcoin network has surged over 580% after the flagship cryptocurrency broke out of its range between the $9,000 and $10,000 marks. According to data from, the average transaction fee earlier this month was between $0.8 and $1.2, while the cryptocurrency traded close to the $9,000 […]

Coinbase to Start Paying DAI Holders 2% Interest a Year

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has started rewarding users who hold MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin in their accounts with a 2% yield per year, with the rate being subject to change.  According to an announcement the cryptocurrency exchange published, the program applies to customers in the U.S., U.K., France, Australia, Spain, and the Netherlands. Coinbase was […]

Bitcoin Is ‘Reversing Its Downtrend’ Says Oppenheimer’s Head of Technical Analysis

Ari Wald, head of technical analysis at Oppenheimer, has revealed bitcoin’s long-term trendline suggests it is “reversing its downtrend” and implies it has plenty of room to move up. Wald’s comments came after the flagship cryptocurrency broke a two-month long range between $8,000 and $10,000 over the weekend, and quickly moved up to the $11,000 […]

Bitcoin Will Move to $28,000 Before Correcting, Max Keiser Predicts

Max Keiser, host of the “Keiser Report” on RT news, has predicted that the price of bitcoin will move towards the $28,000 mark before enduring a pullback, after which it will move into six-figure territory. According to the bitcoin bull, the $28,000 mark is in play thanks to the flagship cryptocurrency’s breach of the $10,000 […]

Hackers Steal One Million Customer Emails From Crypto Hardware Wallet Maker Ledger

Hackers have managed to breach the e-commerce database of popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet maker Ledger, and stole one million emails from it. The emails are, at least yet, not for sale on the darknet. According to a notice Ledger published, on June 14 a researcher participating in its bounty program unveiled a potential security breach […]

Open Interest in Ether Futures Hits $1 Billion All-Time High

The total value of contracts that have not yet been settled on Ethereum futures has now surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time. According to data from market analytics firm Skew, first reported on by Decrypt, the aggregated open interest on ETH futures surpassed the $750 million mark earlier this year ahead of […]

$27 Million Worth of Bitcoin From the 2016 Bitfinex Hack Were Mysteriously Moved

Around 2,550 bitcoins from the 2016 hack on the popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex have mysteriously started moving again, with the hackers making a series of transfers to other wallets. In total, the hackers moved bitcoin worth around $27.59 million. The transactions were quickly spotted by Twitter-based crypto transaction tracker Whale Alert, and blockchain sleuths quickly […]

Bakkt Reports Record Single-Day Volume for its Bitcoin Futures Market

The Intercontinental Exchange’s (ICE) cryptocurrency venture Bakkt has recorded a new all-time high in single-day trading volumes for its physically-settled monthly bitcoin futures contract. According to data from Bakkt, the firm traded a total of 11,509 BTC, worth nearly $124 million at press time, in July 2017, the same day the price of bitcoin moved […]

MakerDAO Surpasses $1 Billion in Total Value Locked as DeFi Space Keeps Growing

MakerDAO, the non-custodial lending protocol used to create DAI stablecoins, has become the first in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space to surpass $1 billion in total value locked in it. The milestone comes as users keep on locking cryptoassets in the DeFi space, so much so it has grown from over $660 million in total […]

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Reveals It Has 35 Million Customers

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has revealed in a new report its client base has grown to 35 million retail and institutional clients, up from 30 million at the beginning of the year. According to the cryptocurrency exchange’s mid-year review, first reported on by The Block, Coinbase has seen additional participation among retail traders, while […]

Live-streaming platform Twitch offers Subscribers Discounts For Paying with Crypto

Twitch, a major live-streaming platform with 15 million daily active users is offering subscribers a 10% discount if they pay using cryptocurrencies.

Canadian Regulator Warns Against Crypto Site ‘Set up in Order to Steal Money’

The Manitoba Securities Commission has warned against a cryptocurrency website it says was “set up in order to steal money,” advising investors against depositing in it.

10,000 Bitcoin Mining Machines ‘Illegally Moved’ From Bitmain Mining Farm

The ongoing power struggle between the co-founders of cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain, Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu,  has allegedly seen 10,000 Bitcoin mining rigs be “illegally moved” from a company-owned facility in Mongolia.

ESPN to Launch Gaming Platform With Cryptocurrency Payments

ESPN Global has announced the launch of a recently developed online gaming platform built with the use of blockchain technology, that will allow users to deposit and withdraw using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Opera Expands Crypto Wallet Top-Ups to UK After Reaching 170,000 Monthly Active Users

Popular web browser Opera has expanded its cryptocurrency wallet top-ups to the United Kingdom via a partnership with crypto on-ramp Ramp, which leverages new European Open Banking APIs to allow for low-fee crypto top-ups using a bank account or Revolut.

Bank of Lithuania Launches Blockchain-Based Collectors Token

The central bank of Lithuania, the Bank of Lithuania, has launched a blockchain-based digital collector’s token called LBCOIN. The token is the first digital coin issued by a central bank, according to the financial organization.

First Crypto Hedge Fund Licensed in U.K. Shuts Down Over Insufficient Institutional Demand

The first cryptocurrency hedge fund to receive a stamp of approval from the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is shutting down over “insufficient” demand from institutional investors.

Hackers Who Hijacked Twitter Accounts to Promote a Bitcoin Scam Saw DMs from 36 Accounts

The hackers who last week compromised Twitter in a breach that saw the hijack high-profile accounts to promote a bitcoin scam have accessed the direct messages of 36 accounts.

Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Sues YouTube over Bitcoin Giveaway Scams

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is suing the Google-owned video-sharing platform YouTube for allowing scammers to use his name and image in bitcoin giveaway scams similar to those that were promoted after Twitter was hacked.

U.S. Banks Can Now Offer Crypto Custody Services, Says Federal Regulator

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is letting nationally chartered banks in the U.S. provide custody services for cryptocurrencies, according to a public letter from Senior Deputy Comptroller and Senior Counsel Jonathan Gould.

OKEx Expands Derivatives Offering With DOTUSDT and FILUSDT Perpetual Swaps

Popular cryptocurrency exchange OKEx is expanding its derivatives offering to its users with new DOTUSDT and FILUSDT perpetual swaps, shortly after it added DOGE margin trading and savings accounts.

Tether’s Market Cap Surpasses $10 Billion, Cementing Its Position as Third-Largest Crypto

The market cap of Tether’s USDt stablecoin has surpassed the $10 billion mark, cementing the stablecoin’s position as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Silver Is the New Bitcoin’, Says Peter Schiff as Precious Metal Hits Six-Year High

Gold bug and bitcoin bear Peter Schiff has provoked the cryptocurrency community on social media, arguing that silver is now the new bitcoin, after the precious metal’s price hit a six-year high.

Twitter’s Hackers Tried to Launder Collected BTC Via Gambling and P2P Platforms

The hackers that attacked Twitter and managed to access its internal systems to hijack dozens of high-profile accounts have started to move their funds to peer-to-peer platforms and gambling websites to launder the collected BTC.

Is the Decentralized Finance Space in a Bubble? What to Consider

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space has been trending in the cryptocurrency industry so far this year thanks to various developments and trends seen in it, including the introduction of governance tokens and yield farming.

Decentralized Finance Projects Are Riskier Than Ponzi Schemes Says Crypto Whale

Cryptocurrency whale Joe007 has argued on social media that decentralized finance (DeFi) projects are riskier “than Ponzi schemes,” as their founders could exit scam, or the project could be hacked. Joe007’s comments came replying to a user who asked why he would never buy into any decentralized finance project. In his tweets, Joe007 argued that […]

Coinbase Reportedly Prevented Users From Sending $300,000 of BTC to the Twitter Hackers

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has reportedly stopped 1,100 of its users from sending at least $300,000 to the hackers that hijacked dozens of high-profile Twitter accounts.

Argentinas Largest Telecom Hit With $7.5 Million Monero Ransomware Attack

Argentina’s largest telecommunications firm, Telecom, has been hit with a ransomware attack in which the attackers are demanding a ransom of 109,345.35 XMR, worth over $7.5 million at press time.

PayPal Reportedly Partnered with Paxos to Launch its Crypto Service

Fintech giant PayPal has reportedly partnered with Paxos Crypto Brokerage to launch its upcoming crypto services.

Twitter Hack Was Net Positive for Crypto, Binance CEO Says

The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance has addressed the recent Twitter hack that saw attack hijack dozens of high-profile accounts to promote a fake bitcoin giveaway, claiming it was “net positive” for crypto.

Institutional Interest in DeFi Could Soon Grow Thanks to Compoud’s Custodian Integration

Institutional interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) could soon grow thanks to Compound’s integration of crypto custodian Curv, which according to CoinDesk is primarily focused on institutional clients.

Malaysian Regulator Adds Binance to List of Unauthorized Firms

Malaysia’s Securities Commission (SC) has added popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance to its list of unauthorized companies, saying the platform is “operating a recognized market without authorization.”

The FBI Is Investigating the Twitter Attack That Hijacked Accounts to Promote a BTC Scam

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched an investigation into the Twitter attack that saw hackers hijack dozens of high-profile accounts to promote a bitcoin scam.

21-Year Old SIM Swapper Could Be Behind BTC Scam Enabled by Attack on Twitter

The Twitter hack that saw attackers use dozens of high-profile accounts to promote a fake bitcoin giveaway could have been orchestrated by a notorious 21-year old SIM Swapper.

Twitters Bitcoin Hackers Used BTC Wallet That Interacted with Coinbase and BitPay

The hackers that breached Twitter’s security and promote a fake bitcoin giveaway using the accounts of high-profile figures and organizations have moved the funds to an address that has previously interacted with Coinbase and BitPay.

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Integrates Crypto Exchange Gemini

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has announced it partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini to let users buy, sell, store, and earn crypto while browsing the web.

Crypto Asset Manager Grayscale Adds $905 Million in Record Quarter

Multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency asset manager Grayscale Investment has reported its largest quarterly inflows to date, as in Q2 2020 it brought in $905.8 million, nearly doubling its previous record high of $503.7 million in the first quarter of the year.

Twitter Bitcoin Hack Could Be Covering ‘Other Malicious Activity’ Experts Warn

Hackers have managed to access Twitter’s “internal systems and tools,” and used their access to compromise some of the most popular accounts on the social network and promote a bitcoin scam. Some experts warn that scam may, however, have been a cover for something worst.

Active Ethereum Addresses Grew OVer 170% so Far This Year

The number of active addresses on the Ethereum network has been growing exponentially this year, and is already up by over 170%. ETH’s growth is beating that of Bitcoin, as BTC’s active addresses are up by about 70% YTD.

Bitcoin Is Being Used for Everyday Transactions in This Village in El Salvador

While to many Bitcoin’s real use case is for it to be a store of value, in the village of El Zonte, in El Salvador, the flagship cryptocurrency is being used as money for everyday transactions.

Hackers Try to Sell Data of 142 Million MGM Hotel Guests for Bitcoin or Monero

Hackers are trying to sell the data of 142 million MGM hotel guests on the dark web for about $2,900 worth of cryptocurrency, payable in either bitcoin or monero (XMR).

Bitcoin’s Price Stability Is a Good Thing, Co-Owner Argues

Cobra Bitcoin, co-owner of the website originally registered by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, has argued that Bitcoin’s price stability is a “good thing.”

Bank of England Reportedly Weighing Creating a Digital Currency

The Bank of England is weighing whether it should create a central bank-backed digital currency, according to its governor Andrew Baily

Bitcoin HODLers Show Gold Bug Peter Schiff They’re Happy With BTC Below $10,000

Gold bug and Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff has learned bitcoin HODLers are happy with the cryptocurrency trading below the $10,000 mark, as responses to a Twitter poll he created showed they will keep hodling.

Binance Rolls out Crypto Debit Card in Europe

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the official rollout of its cryptocurrency debit card, the Binance Card, in Europe and the United Kingdom (UK).

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits New All-Time High as Price Remains Range-Bound

Data from Bitcoin mining pool shows that Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has increased by nearly 10% over the last two weeks to hit a new all-time high of 17.35 trillion (T).

$3.1 million: Crypto Exchange Cashaa Hacked for 336 BTC

London-based cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa revealed it lost 336 bitcoin, at press time worth $3.1 million, to hackers who managed to access one of its cryptocurrency wallets.

38% of Crypto Exchanges Interact With High-Risk Entities in 25% or More of Their Transactions

Leading cryptoasset data provider CryptoCompare has published an updated version of its cryptocurrency Exchange Benchmark. The report details that 38% of crypto exchanges interact with high-risk entities in 25% or more of their transactions.

Top-Tier Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Gaining Market Share: CryptoCompare Report

CryptoCompare’ has published an updated version of its Exchange Benchmark, which was established in 2019 to help crypto users assess cryptocurrency exchange risks, and the findings show Top-Tier trading platforms are gaining market share.

Gold Is the Real Bitcoin’ Says Long-Time BTC Bear After Precious Metal Hits Nine-Year High

Boris Schlossberg, the managing director of FX Strategy at BK Asset Management and a long-time bitcoin bear, has joked gold is the “real bitcoin” when commenting on the precious metal’s rise to a near nine-year high.

Bitcoin’s 38th Richest Address Moves Entire $184 Million BTC Fortune Into Multiple Addresses

The 38th richest bitcoin wallet, with over 0.1% of bitcoin’s circulating supply in it, has moved its entire 19,630.80 BTC stash, worth over $184 million at press time, to multiple other addresses. The move was first spotted by cryptocurrency transaction monitoring bot Whale Alert, which pointed out the transaction occurred on Twitter. The fee paid […]

XRP-Related Tweets Hit New All-Time High After 11% Rally

The number of tweets being published by users on the microblogging platform related to XRP, the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has skyrocketed to a new all-time high. According to data from BitInfoCharts, a total of 29,143 tweets related to XRP were published on July 9. The surge saw XRP-related tweets, for the first time ever, […]