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CoinMetro Opens Doors for U.K. Crypto Traders by Adding Support for GBP

CoinMetro, one of Great Britain and the EU’s most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platforms, is pleased to announce that they will now support deposits, withdrawals and trading with the British pound sterling (GBP).

Bexplus Review 2020

Unlike other exchanges that will ask for your sensitive personal details like phone number and physical address, Bexplus does not require you to submit any documents to use its services. Exemption of KYC / AML procedures allow you to create a full-featured account just in 30 seconds, all you need to do is verify an email address.

Shopify Now Allows Cryptocurrency Payments: Will It Help Widen its Market?

The use of cryptocurrency is becoming more popular as more people and industries are starting to embrace it. It took quite a while for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DogeCoin, and many other more to get where it is today. After all, the father of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, has been around since 2008. It was really only a few years ago when it made the spotlight.

BitMax.Io Announced the Listing of BetProtocol ($BEPRO) with a One-Month Pre-Staking Program (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of BetProtocol ($BEPRO) on June 18th at 10:00 a.m. EDT. 

How to Earn Money After Bitcoin Failed to Stay Above $10,000

On Monday, bitcoin’s price surpassed the $10,000 mark again, which is a psychological resistance level, and a point where the price was rejected in February following a 50% rally since the start of the year. The bulls haven’t come yet. A sell-off began on Tuesday and the price sharply declined from $10,182 to $9,416. 

Certified Marketing Thanks To Blockchain: A New Boost For Business

Blockchain, the technology that enabled the creation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, guarantees security and transparency at the highest levels in transactions and processes. What are the new possibilities that open up for marketing?

Could Bitcoin Moon to $20,000 with the Support of Iran's New Mining Plan?

Bitcoin is making another move in the world, and this time its destination is Iran, an oil-rich country suffering from the sanctions of the Trump government. After India lifted the ban on cryptocurrency transactions,  Iran’s president called for launching a cryptocurrency mining strategy. With the prospect of an economic recession looming over the world, the growing popularity of bitcoin is indeed good news.

ANON Summit 2020 Prepared to Welcome 5000+ Attendees

Vienna, Austria, May 12 2020 -- With one week to go until their event on May 19-20, ANON Summit 2020 already has over 5000 registered attendees eager to participate in online panels, workshops, expos, and networking.

How Blockchain Tech Is Shaping up the Online Gambling Industry of Tomorrow

Online gambling is one of the many industries that has been disrupted and is undergoing a sea change because of blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology enables a more competitive, safer and fairer online gambling sector, bringing in more transparency into the domain. This includes opening of accounts within seconds, instant withdrawals and deposits of funds, anonymous gambling and more favorable odds and house edge.

Gambling for a Good Cause – CryptoSlots Donates All Proceeds From New Slot to the Fight Against Coronavirus

CryptoSlots released their newest slot, Micro Monsters, a game filled with bonus extras to beat the reels’ viral critters. The biggest bonus, though, is that every bet made on the slot will be do-nated by the crypto casino to Direct Relief, a charity supporting health workers and patients dur-ing this pandemic.

Could Bitcoin Prove a Safe Haven for Traders in Times of Crisis?

Bitcoin has long been hailed as the flagship cryptocurrency representative of a new generation of value assets that do not play by traditional rules – and one that has paved the way for the wave of altcoins that have emerged in recent years. As the world economy is struggling to understand the long-term repercussion of the coronavirus pandemic, could this dark hour prove one of Bitcoin’s finest moments?

ANON Summit 2020 Is Moving Into a Fully Online Experience

The move to a digital format will make the event accessible to everyone despite COVID-19 and the restrictions it has caused for travel and large in-person gatherings. The event is scheduled to take place on 19-20 May 2020, when many are still expected to be under quarantine.

💥Online Terra Crypto 2020 conference💥

This is an international online conference that plans to bring together representatives of different countries from the CIS and Asia to improve the interactions between the countries. A key feature of the forum is its focus on the market, which allows you to collect a specialized audience that is interested in mining.

Avoid Liquidation - Trade Bitcoin with Leverage in Options

Since 2018, the so-called “crypto winter”, derivatives trading almost became the go-to choice for investors in the cryptocurrency space, because of its leverage and hedging functions. 

Oil Futures Plummeted, Will Bitcoin Suffer the Same Fate?

April 20 was definitely a day to be remembered as the May futures of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude sank below zero, a first in history.

Top Bitcoin Casino Games Gamblers Enjoy the Most

Bitcoin Casinos are the new breed of gambling entertainment. The best websites of this industry are well aware of the characteristics that players are most fond of. Top Casinos are almost always equipped with the best possible echelon of various games. 

Weiss Ratings to Host Free Webinar on Next 'Major Cryptocurrency Bull Run'

Weiss Ratings, the world’s only financial rating agency providing grades on cryptocurrencies, has announced it’s hosting a free webinar for users on the next “major cryptocurrency bull run.”

Cryptoassets Continue to Buck the Trend, Says eToro Analyst

Economic data released last week was worrying to say the least. Midweek figures revealing a drop in exports from big Asian economies, such as Japan and South Korea, hit equity markets globally, resulting in the S&P 500 and the FTSE 100 both dropping considerably.

Interest in Bitcoin Grows Amid Widespread Lockdowns

Last week was marked by a massive collapse of bitcoin price triggered by the fall on traditional markets due to the panic over the coronavirus. The chaos spread far beyond the financial world and as most of the population on Earth is now locked down, panic buying has gone over the top. Apart from extremely high interest in toilet paper and food, there is also an increasing interest in online products now.

Can the Recent Bitcoin Price Drop Delay the Halving?

The recent drop in the price of Bitcoin has hit miners quite hard. As their work is no longer profitable, some of them have had to stop mining BTC, which has impacted the hashrate and the average daily block time. Will it delay the next halving?

AAX Exchange to Bridge Cryptocurrency and Traditional Financial Markets

The cryptocurrency exchange space is crowded: data comparison websites show over 300 cryptocurrency trading platforms are out there, with some standing out due to controversial revenue models.

IE Option Runs a 2-BTC Deposit Bonus Promotion

IE Option, a London-based company that provides a cryptocurrency  options trading service, has officially launched a 2-BTC deposit bonus campaign for all deposits since March 2020.

Why Creating a Cryptocurrency Exchange Account May Be a Security Risk

Its well-known security is paramount in the cryptocurrency space, as once a hacker manages to get a hold of your coins there may be no going back – the funds may soon be laundered and lost forever.

How to Double Your Bitcoin Against Coronavirus Epidemic?

The prices of bitcoin have plunged to below $8,000 and have no evidence to rise too soon to meet the positive expectation of halving opportunity. So, is there any chance for a crypto trader to generate profits even in such a bear market?

A New Breed of Hybrid Exchanges is Coming - Meet

We are months away from the 10th anniversary of the first cryptocurrency exchange, the now-defunct, where the first Bitcoins were traded at $0.003. The landscape has radically changed, as technological breakthroughs and a few stumbles along the way (Mt. Gox exchange) have contributed to the maturing of the crypto industry. 

Equilibrium Will Co-Host DeFi Stage at CryptoCompare’s Summit

Equilibrium, the decentralized finance project responsible for the EOSDT stablecoin, will help host the programming on the DeFi stage for CryptoCompare’s Digital Asset Summit in London on March 10.

5 BTC Welcome Package, Daily Bonuses, and Much More, at mBitcasino!

Founded in 2014, mBitcasino is one of the first licensed Bitcoin casinos out there. It’s not only its longevity that recommends mBitcasino as a top option to play at, but also its large game collection (more than 2,000 bitcoin games), its flexibility (mBitcasino accepts crypto and FIAT), its top-notch services (24/7 Customer Support and dedicated VIP hostesses), and everything in-between. 

How BTCS Aims to Acquire Digital Assets in Disruptive Verticals Based on Thorough Criteria

BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) is one of the first U.S. publicly traded company solely dedicated to the blockchain and digital asset sector. This company plans to expand and diversify its existing portfolio of digital assets to provide investors with indirect ownership of compelling digital assets, which are not qualified as securities. 

Bitcoin's Halving Can Help You Achieve Financial Independence

It’s estimated 2020’s bitcoin halving will happen in early May. Bitcoin traders can hear the opportunity knocking and it will change many people’s lives. In the last 30 days, the bitcoin price has been increasing from $8,138 to over $10,000.

Crypto-Broker Instacoins Receives Operating License in Estonia

Instacoins Estonia OÜ, a cryptocurrency brokerage, is pleased to announce it has received an operating license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The company is now fully regulated under Estonian law to provide services of exchanging virtual currency against fiat. 

AiX Launches World’s First Natural Language AI Broker

AiX aims to transform OTC markets with a revolutionary artificial intelligence-powered broker for institutional markets

An Interview With Mary Spio, CEO & Founder Of CEEK VR

CEEK VR is a revolutionary platform offering blockchain-based streaming for content creators worldwide. Through the use of blockchain technology, this innovative company offers immersive entertainment and educational experiences.

Freewallet Family Launches Update 2.0 for 16 Standalone Wallets

The Freewallet Family has launched version 2.0 for 16 standalone wallets. The company updated 11 single-currency applications on Android and 5 apps on iOS for a total of 11 coins and tokens.  

Four Exchanges Represent 96% of Crypto Derivatives Trading, Report Shows

Four exchange represent 96% of the total crypto derivatives trading volume. According to figures from CryptoCompare’s December 2019 Exchange Report, OKEx is the leading exchange in crypto derivatives trading.

Trans-Fee Mining Exchanges’ Trading Volumes Dropped 30% in December

According to figures from CryptoCompare’s December 2019 Exchange Review, the trading volume of cryptocurrency exchanges using the controversial transactions-fee mining (TFM) revenue model dropped by 30% in December. 

Security Tokens Realised Global Awards 2020

Juliet Summits are delighted to facilitate the 3rd installment of Security Tokens Realised Awards to recognise the companies that are leading the drive towards Securities and Assets Tokenization. 

Arbismart Review - a Licensed Fintech Company with a Unique Approach That Generates You a Steady Revenue

Due to high volatility and large spreads between exchanges, arbitrage trading found a new and lucrative home in the largely unregulated cryptocurrency market. 

Will the Possible War with Iran Take Bitcoin to $14,000?

Bitcoin is up around 15% so far this year after the news about the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani by U. S. armed forces. The price started growing on January, 3rd shortly after the news from Iran came out, and peaked on Wednesday the 8th, after reports of Iran’s missile attack on US-led forces.

U.S. Controls 66.2% of Bitcoin ATMs Worldwide, Data Shows

Bitcoin ATMs have been around as early as 2013 and have expanded globally over the last few years. According to figures from LearnBonds and CoinATMRadar, there are now 6,484 Bitcoin ATMs in 73 different countries. The growth of Bitcoin ATMs seems to be speeding up as just this last year a total 2,351 new Bitcoin ATMs were installed, equating to 8 Bitcoin ATMs installed daily.

CRIX Exchange: The Future Of Smart Trading

After the development of Bitcoin (BTC) occurred back in 2009, a new form of business surged right after. Cryptocurrency exchanges began emerging as a new business model to enable cryptocurrency trading.

Tether’s USDT Still Dominates Stablecoins’ Trading Volume, Report Finds

A report from CryptoCompare demonstrated that Tether is still the most widely used stablecoin, being used far more than any other. According to the report that analyzed all the figures for November, 79.65% of all the Bitcoins being traded for fiat or stablecoins were traded in the BTC/USDT pair. 

Cointelligence Academy Launches Crypto Trading Course With Mati Greenspan

Cointelligence Academy has launched a cryptocurrency trading course taught by Mati Greenspan, one of the most trusted and respected analysts in the crypto industry. This comprehensive course can take you from a beginner to a confident trader armed with well-researched knowledge of the market.

Pro-BCH Website Leads Search Results for 'Bitcoin' on Google, Co-Owner Reveals, a website registered by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto that was handed over before he disappeared, is now behind a pro-Bitcoin Cash (BCH) website on search results for the term “bitcoin.”

How Blockchain Technology Can Provide a Global Software-as-a-Service Platform

Since the ICO boom in 2017, cryptocurrency projects have been crawling out of the woodwork, offering up answers to problems plaguing the industrial sector. From improving supply chain management to a complete overhaul of the financial system, there is a myriad of blockchain solutions out there, but choosing the right one is imperative.

Bitcoin’s Price Needs to Rise Over $2,600 a Day to Hit John Mcafee’s 2020 Price Prediction

Available data shows bitcoin’s price would need to rise by $2,600 a day hit John McAfee’s $1 million per BTC by the end of 2020 price prediction.

Bex500 Exchange Review, the Most Advanced and Safe Exchanges in the Crypto Market

When traders first select an exchange, they usually focus on the following points: a limited and standard trading toolkit of general crypto trading pairs, long/short orders, fiat gateways, and stablecoins. However, The Bex500 exchange has a different opinion, it’s well integrated with cryptocurrency and traditional finance, gives a different crypto derivatives trading experience with a game-changing approach. 

Digitex’s BTC Futures Trading Platform Is ‘Addictive’, Testers Say

Ahead of its upcoming public testnet launch on November 30, Digitex Futures began closed testing for its Alpha group. The first 100 or so testers are comprised of experienced traders, industry influencers, and some of the company’s most loyal supporters--and loyal, indeed, they have had to be. 

One-Stop Resource Shop, Elitetrading, Aims to Provide Traders With a Market Advantage

There is an art to trading. It requires a certain discipline that not many prospective investors are innately gifted with. In order to be profitable, one must ignore the human propensity to react emotionally to a stressful or unexpected situation. Inside many markets - particularly those inclusive of cryptocurrencies - volatility can strike without a moment's notice.

Coin Launches the Coin Assistant — the World’s First Financial AI-Assistant for Digital Assets

New York City, New York — Coin, a US-based technology startup founded by Microsoft alumni has launched its premier product that will disrupt cryptocurrency exchanges by providing mainstream consumers with the fastest and easiest way to manage their digital assets. 

Global Partner of the Premier League Team Opens 13 Crypto Markets in the USA Market for Its CoinDeal Token

CoinDeal is always thinking about their users first. The popularity of this exchange is growing very fast. The platform gained more than 350,000 users within 2 years. For now, CoinDeal is opening its platform for users from the United States of America and ensures that no one else will provide such high-quality services to the Americans as they do.

Making the Case for Bitcoin as a Tool for Freedom

The rise of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and specifically Bitcoin has been received differently in different parts of the world. The heavily industrialized western nations have taken to Bitcoin quite well. The right infrastructure has been built and set up, with companies slowly beginning to warm up to the new technology. Though there is still a lot to be done as far as merchant adoption and international payments, countries such as the United States are setting trends in this industry.

Switchere — Progressive and Ultra-Safe Exchange Services

Presently, many people all around the world want to buy cryptocurrencies fast and easily, but without getting involved in speculative or complex trades on crypto trading exchanges. Here, the best and most obvious solution is crypto buying with a credit or debit card using online crypto exchange services. One such service provider that simply must not be overlooked is Switchere.

Algo Affiliates Is Making Referral Marketing Easier Than Ever

Algo Affiliates, a world-leading marketing affiliate network specializing in crypto and forex, is looking to onboard partners and publishers for their technology-focused platform.

Equilibrium and EOSDT to Host Crypto DeFiance Event During BlockShow Asia 2019 and Give a $5000 Grant for the Best DeFi Idea

Premier blockchain conference BlockShow Asia, the DeFi developer framework Equilibrium, and the EOS-based decentralized stablecoin EOSDT will host the inaugural edition of its Crypto DeFiance event in Singapore on November 16.

TerraCrypto Kazakhstan Digital Mining and Cryptocurrencies: Trends 2020

The TerraCrypto forum, well-known among the blockchain community, will come to Kazakhstan for the first time. The traditional values that the organizers broadcast in Moscow will be clearly represented in Nur-Sultan

Crypto Entrepreneurs Can Now Benefit From AlgoLead’s Powerful White Label Solutions

AlgoLead, one of the industry leaders in white label solutions, is offering a suite of tools for crypto entrepreneurs to create new products or leverage their existing business. 

Bitcoin Casino Hosts Its First Neon Valley Studios Slot in Aurora Wilds

As one of the fastest-growing internet betting sites around, Bitcoin has a considerable gaming library for its players. Titles from a wealth of different developers – over thirty-five of them – are currently housed at the site. Neon Valley Studios are the most recent software provider to deliver casino games to the site.

A Trading Revolution by Incredible Technology is Changing the Way We Think About Trading.

The world's first and only cryptocurrency exchange with the Any2Any technology has successfully completed beta testing of the third version of the quantum trading core with a built-in liquidity flow that will completely change the notion of exchange trading.

Roger Ver Joins Advisory Board of Nexinter Exchange to Launch Its NIXT Token on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

NextHash, Nexinter exchange and have entered a technical partnership to design and structure the NIXT utility token.

Top 4 Exciting Casinos Games You Can Only Play With Cryptocurrencies

Gambling is fun, and that’s part of the reason why every year people throughout the world poured billions into casinos – not because of expected returns. While some do expect to make money off of casinos, others are in it for the thrill.

Genesis Global Trading: 'Hedge Funds and HNW Individuals' Are Getting Into Crypto

CryptoGlobe has recently caught with the chief executive of Genesis Global Trading Michael Morro, one of the most famous cryptocurrency traders in the space. Genesis Global Trading is a firm providing over-the-counter cryptocurrency trades to institutional investors.

Paris Blockchain Summit's Second Edition Scheduled for October 18

Save the date! All crypto sphere arrived in Paris! Second edition of Paris Blockchain Summit is coming on October 18th! PBS is the leading French event with an international dimension for the Blockchain industry key players.  

Binance Delists Thirty Trading Pairs, Including Some From Its IEOs

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced it delist thirty trading pairs from its platform. One-fifth of these include tokens launched through its initial exchange offerings (IEOs).

OKEx Head of Operations Andy Cheung on Building a Comprehensive Financial System

Andy Cheung is Head of Operations at OKEx, one of the industry’s leading crypto exchanges. With a storied career including stints at tech giants, Andy is now spearheading the exchange to the top of the crypto world just two years after launch.

Landemic Founder Phil Dhingra on the Future of Digital Assets and Decentralized Applications

CryptoGlobe has recently caught up with Phil Dhingra, the founder of Landemic, a product that’s often described as the “CryptoKitties for land.” It allows its users to buy tiles from a map of the Earth via the Ethereum blockchain.

BLOC: Reimagining the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency sector has become an ironic caricature of nearly everything it once opposed. The former lofty dreams of a decentralized utopia, seem to be inching ever further away as centralization creeps into almost every facet of the industry. 

Cryptocurrency Trading: Holdings Novice’s Hands Until They Improve

The cryptocurrency market has been maturing but there are still some obstacles stopping retail investors from jumping into the bandwagon and becoming a part of the financial revolution.  

First Chance to Buy TON's Unlocked Gram Tokens Has Arrived

The ATAIX crypto exchange platform is hostinga Gram sale event, selling unlocked Gram contracts that will instantly be converted into Grams and become tradable following the launch of the TON network. This is the first event of its kind, providing its users with the earliest opportunity get to get their hands on Gram tokens that they will receive as soon as TON launches.

Furiousteam Launches New Tools for BLOC.Money, Prepares to Disrupt the Mobile Industry

FuriousTeam, the organization behind the revolutionary BLOC cryptocurrency, announces the launch of a comprehensive suite of lightweight, easy-to-use mining tools for macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android. The new tools further give users nine distinct ways to mine BLOC from anywhere, using any internet-connected computer or smartphone.

Investing for Dummies: GeliosTrade Connects You With the Expert Investors of Today

GeliosTrade is an Ireland-based independent brokerage firm. The firm focuses on CFD transactions. It is also an investment platform that deals with investments in the trading market. As of now, the firm has more than 1.5 million customers, and this number is increasing with each passing day.  

Second Edition of Paris Blockchain Summit Announced for October 18

Save the date! All crypto sphere arrived in Paris! Second edition of Paris Blockchain Summit is coming on October 18th! PBS is the leading French event with an international dimension for the Blockchain industry key players.

PARSIQ to Change Blockchain Monitoring Treating Them as “Live Streams of Actionable Events”

PARSIQ has announced the open public beta of its breakthrough monitoring solution which is the first blockchain monitoring platform to allow users to set up “smart triggers” to react to events on the blockchain in real-time.

Bitcoin’s Tumbling Again: Now’s the Time to Change the Way You Invest

After bitcoin’s price stabilized for two days around the $11.400 mark, bitcoin has started to drop on August 13, a day in which te crypto lost 6.6% of its value. On August 14 it lost another 6.3%, and on August 15 it hit a $9,542 bottom before moving back up. At the time of writing BTC is down a further 7.17% for the day, and 17.92% for the week. 

Nexo Announces Dividend Payment to Token Holders

Nexo is delighted to announce that the Dividend Payment of US$2,409,574.87 to NEXO Token Holders scheduled for August 15, 2019, is now complete.

Leading Blockchain Researchers Launch Ergo Platform to Solve Bitcoin's Most Crucial Problems

Ergo has launched its mainnet for a new platform for blockchain applications, providing a truly decentralised, efficient, secure and easy means to implement dApps, off-chain protocols, and smart contracts.

FunFair Applies for Inaugural Isle of Man Blockchain Licence

Funfair Technologies has made an application to the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission for a Token Based Software Supplier Licence in order to support its ongoing growth and wider business strategy going forwards.

The Rising Popularity of Crypto Derivatives: Why Clear Data is Key

The cryptocurrency derivatives market is one that’s seemingly growing faster than any other. After the CME and CBOE introduced bitcoin futures contracts in late 2017, a growing number of exchanges started adding to the offering.

BetMatch - Making Crypto Betting Fast & Secure

The project’s top priority is fraud protection and bookmaker’s activity transparency (users can always verify the platform’s account balance). You can bet that betting will become more innovative.

Established Multimedia Music Platform ISINA to Be the World's First to Enter Blockchain.

International music company ISINA, a working platform to cultivate & promote artists, announced its integration to blockchain. That makes ISINA the world's first decentralized global online talent search and development platform based on the blockchain technology.

RISE Aims to Take the B2B Blockchain Space by Storm

2019 will be known as the enterprise-to-enterprise boom in blockchain. Business-to-Business (B2B) Blockchain companies will out-perform the market because they provide the tools that other businesses need in order to survive. 

Play Dogecoin Games on and Win Awesome Prizes is your one-stop shop for premium entertainment. The casino prides itself in having the very best and premium games that are accessible from any device as long as it’s connected to the internet. Besides, it offers you the option of playing more than 3000 casino games. You can win in fiat or cryptocurrency and offers you the option of advancing in gaming with freespins, cashbacks and bonuses as rewards.

Ripple to Start Using CryptoCompare's Top Tier Exchanges for Its Volume Benchmark

Ripple, the American tech company behind the Ripple payment protocol, has announced that it will start using CryptoCompare’s Top Tier (CCTT) list of exchanges for its trading volumes reports.  

Two User-Centric Organizations in the Crypto Space Announce a New Collaboration

Since its launch at the start of the year, the Beam cryptocurrency has quickly built support and interest amongst the community, regularly sitting in the CryptoCompare chart of the 200 most popular coins since its January bow. It launched without an ICO, and its progress, in the midst of a turbulent market, has been steady and impressive. 

How One Cryptocurrency Mining Software Application Is Streamlining Revenue for Esports Cafes Across Asia

Esport cafés have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, becoming a top destination for many enthusiastic gamers and keen internet explorers throughout Asian cities. 

OKEx's OKB Token Price Could See Impressive Growth, Blockchain Investment Firm Predicts

Shinobi Capital, a blockchain investment firm that’s invested in several early-stage start-ups, has predicted the price of OKEx’s OKB token could grow by over 1,500% until 2020.  

Sesterce: An Innovative Cloud Mining Platform

Sesterce began with the initiative of two French entrepreneurs from southern France, Anthony Tchakerian and Youssef El Manssouri.

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange and Bitbond, Issuer of Germany’s First Security Token, Plan Cooperation

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and Bitbond are in discussions regarding a future cooperation.

Facebook’s Libra, Stablecoins and Bitcoin: The Road Ahead

Facebook’s Libra project generated an enormous amount of anticipation in the crypto community.

The Bitbond Token Bb1 Receives ISIN Shortly Before the End of the Offer Period

BERLIN, July 4, 2019 - Germany's first Security Token Offering (STO) ​issued in March by the blockchain company Bitbond​ with a securities prospectus approved by BaFin is entering the home straight.

Will Blockchain Analytics Firms Help Cryptocurrencies Achieve Mass Adoption?

A few years ago the cryptocurrency industry was perhaps most well known for its use in crime. Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, first became known to the wider public because of the now-defunct ‘Silk Road’, a marketplace on the darknet that saw users sell illicit goods and drugs online. This led to a distinct association between bitcoin and illegal activities.  

CryptoGlobe Talks to CODEX CEO Serge Attic

We spoke to CODEX CEO Serge Attic about the bear market, the unique features of their exchange, QuadrigaCX and their roadmap for 2019.

ATAIX Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Offers a Month of Free Trading for New Users

The rapidly growing platform is offering an unprecedented opportunity for traders to eliminate the noise and maximize their earnings.

Wirex (WXT) to Launch on OKEx Jumpstart

OKEx, one of the leading cryptoasset exchanges, has announced that Wirex (WXT) is to be the fourth project to launch on its Jumpstart Platform on July 1st.

Ampleforth Seeks to Become the Perfect Digital Asset for Portfolio Managers

A new token is seeking to change up the existing paradigm in the cryptoasset market. Billing itself as “smart commodity money” - a token that has the benefits of commodity-monies like gold and silver, but can respond efficiently to changes in demand - Ampleforth is keen to emphasize that its token represents a new kind of asset in the space.

Bitcoin Bull Market: 5 Reasons for the Recent Rally to $9,000

Last  weekend, Bitcoin surged up to $9,381, soaring over 7% in 24 hours, meaning that bitcoin’s market cap reached $165 billion  - the highest so far in 2019.

Raido Finance Announces New Products

Raido Finance has announced that it has started working on a digital crypto platform specifically for those in European Union countries.

The Rise of Stablecoins: A Key Trend For Crypto in 2019

One undeniably important trend that has continued from 2018 is the proliferation of fiat-pegged stablecoins

Bingcoins: Buy and Sell Bitcoin and Altcoins Easily

Bingcoins is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange platform registered in New Zealand.

CryptoCompare Launches New Benchmark Tool to Rank Exchange Legitimacy

Leading cryptocurrency data and indices provider CryptoCompare has today launched its new Cryptocurrency Exchange Benchmark.

Republic of San Marino Expands Its Advisory Committee in Its Quest to Be a World-class Blockchain Nation

San Marino is a microstate completely surrounded by north-central Italy. The country might be the world’s oldest republic, but its plans with blockchain technology are cutting-edge.

CoinMarketApp Adds “Bitcoin and Friends” and Brings New Features to the App

CoinMarketApp, a popular cryptocurrency news and portfolio tracking app has recently added new features, as well as access to the “Bitcoin and Friends” show on its YouTube section.

Lendingblock's Kelly Pettersen Talks Crypto Lending and the Coming Institutional Influx

As we seem to be on the cusp of greater institutional involvement in crypto, the race is on for crypto companies to fulfil the roles that exist in traditional financial markets.

Top Crypto Trends for 2019

In 2019, some new crypto trends are emerging which observers should monitor closely, as they have the potential to foster enormous growth.

Timeless Luxury Group Switches to Security Token Offering for Its High-End Vacation Business

Security tokens have been proposed for some time now as an alternative to raising money in capital markets via shares or bonds.

Crypto Security and Privacy: Why VPNs Matter

With exchange hacks, crypto thefts and phishing seemingly hitting headlines every week, safely buying and transacting with cryptoassets online has never been more important.

Bitbond CEO Radoslav Albrecht Talks STOs, ICOs and Crypto Mass Adoption

One of the interesting applications of crypto and blockchain technology that is seeing actual use is business lending.

Circle Research Praised for Report on Crypto Industry's Developments

The research arm of U.S.-based fintech firm Circle has published a thorough 80-page report covering the crypto industry’s key developments from the first quarter of 2019.

$1.5 Billion Hedge Fund Ulysses Capital Invests in NULS (Again)

NULS, a blockchain designed to enable customizable modules and cross-chain operability, has secured investment from Ulysses Capital, a Los Angeles-based family office managing roughly $1.5 billion worth of assets.

Japan Hosting Blockchain Tech Summit on 31st May 2019

The JBT opens its doors on the 31st May with a spacious booth area hosting 50 startups, 2 stages and pitches from many interesting participants.

OKEx Bitcoin Derivatives Trading Volume Highest in March

OKEx leads the industry for Bitcoin futures trading. Meanwhile, Bitcoin struggles against the top of its market structure, a period of consolidation could soon be confirmed.

Decibet: Where Football Betting and Crypto Meet

Decibet is a betting platform dedicated to soccer and crypto enthusiasts that are looking for an easy way to bet on the matches they are interested in.

Scaling Smart Contracts: Interview With æternity (AE) Developer Nikita Fuchs

Launched in 2017 via an ICO for its Aeon (AE) token, the project aims to offer a more scalable smart contract platform. Moving smart contracts off-chain, the platform also utilizes “decentralized oracles” which allow for data from outside sources to be used in smart contracts on the platform.

Massive Blockchain Conference Takes Place on the Mediterranean from June 9-13

The 2019 CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise will set sail from June 9-13. CoinsBank is a blockchain solutions provider that includes products like a digital wallet and services like an exchange and merchant tools for cryptocurrencies.

Qintar: The First Sharia-Compliant Token Launched In April 2019

Qintar Capital Switzerland and ISL-Blockchain Sàrl, two Swiss companies specializing in Islamic Finance, announce the upcoming launch of Qintar – the world’s first Sharia-compliant token. This token is based on Islamic Blockchain (ISL). Qintar will be officially launched on April 12, 2019.  

An Interview with the Man Behind the MyCryptoHeroes Blockchain Game

Japan’s leading crypto media outlet CoinPost interviewed the CEO, Mr. Ueno, of domestic blockchain game MyCryptoHeroes - a game that utilizes ether (ETH)

Can Bitcoin Maintain the Momentum?

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency has been slowly making it back into the headlines recently. This came after general interest in the crypto currency waned after price settled in a steep decline since January last year.

Timeless Luxury Group to Offer a Security Token Offering for High-end Vacation Properties

Swiss-based Timeless Luxury Group, which specializes in luxury holiday villas, resorts and lifestyle products, has partnered up with AmaZix, a blockchain advisory firm to offer a “digital security offering” (DSO).

Bitcoin Price Ranging at $5,250 After Demand for IEOs and Potential Chinese Mining Ban

Bitcoin seems to have mostly suspended its new powerful uptrend in favor of a ranging sideways action, near $5,200.

Choosing a Crypto Hardware Wallet: A Review of the BC Vault

In a market where crypto theft and hacks are all too common, securely storing your cryptoassets is a high priority. In this review, we take a look at the BC Vault, a new crypto hardware wallet.

Making it Easy to Send and Receive Crypto: Interview With FIO Protocol Founder David Gold

We spoke with FIO Protocol founder David Gold about the project, the current problems with transacting cryptoassets, and what industry trends excite him.  

Simplified Cryptocurrency Exchange Offers Mass Market Take-Up

The XCOEX mission is to deliver the simplest, fully equipped, functional and technically advanced platform to our users.

How Does Bitcoin Stack Up Against VISA, MasterCard and Paypal?

As the bitcoin bull run of 2017 and 2018 saw the vast majority of those engaging with the cryptocurrency focusing on the price, other statistics about the Bitcoin network’s popularity and usage became less studied.

Why Playing Dice With Bitcoin is the Best Casino Game

Since the world first saw the potential to play casino games online using Bitcoin, it was clear that dice would be the most interesting among the extensive variety of casino games.

Push Start and Get Free Games with FreeLoadr

Gamers will be able to cash in on their computer power with an exciting new app called FreeLoadr. Created by Online Blockchain, FreeLoadr enables PC gamers to ‘push start’ and earn free stuff, starting with video games.

Tone Vays: “Privacy Should be a Default Feature of Bitcoin”

Tone Vays is one of the best known names in the crypto industry. Getting involved in the space in early 2013, he has taken an active role in promoting cryptoassets as a means to achieving economic freedom.

Rig Miners to Benefit From Smart Crypto Mining Capabilities with CudoOS

Crypto mining software provider Cudo Miner has announced the release of its new operating system (OS), aptly named CudoOS.

Paybase CEO Anna Tsyupko on Crypto, Regulation and How They are Changing Payments

We spoke with Paybase CEO Anna Tsyupko about how Paybase is changing the landscape of payments processing, regulation and the challenges of crypto payments.

YPTOSPACE Becomes a Reality – Phase One of the ICO Begins!

As the leading multi-use personal platform for the crypto community, YPTOspace is continuing to make waves across the sector with its innovative solutions and the lowest fees in the business.

How to File Your Cryptocurrency Taxes

The filing deadline to submit tax returns for 2018 is April 15. Unfortunately, the process for filing taxes for cryptoassets is far from straightforward.

Two New LyCI Added to Lykke – Making Blockchain Investments Easier

21 March 2019, Zug (Switzerland) - Lykke has extended its list of products designed to make the crypto market more accessible by unveiling the addition of two new Crypto indexes: Smart LyCI, Pay LyCI, and their accompanying service tokens.

Bitcoin Has Already Begun to Dominate Crypto Markets Again in 2019

According to the recently published A.T. Kearney report, Bitcoin is expected to take hold of almost two thirds of the cryptocurrency market by the end of 2019 because cryptocurrency investors are becoming more and more risk averse towards altcoins.

World Leading Crypto Exchange Bibox Adds EOS to Its Perpetual Contract Trading, Litecoin Coming Soon

Bibox, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, has announced that the EOS perpetual contract trading will be available on March 20, 2019,  and that LTC (Litecoin) is coming soon.

Auctionity Changes the Face of the Global Auction Industry

Back in 2018, the DomRaider team set out to revolutionize the world of auctions through the use of the latest blockchain technologies. To date, the Auctionity project is the only platform of its kind to offer the possibility to bid at English (ascending) auctions that are not only fully decentralized but also reliable thanks to smart contracts.

Invest & Trade Smarter With Renovato – the Next Generation Crypto Exchange

The Renovato platform aims to shape the industry by bridging the gap between the traditional exchanges and the growing number of cryptocurrency traders allowing users to trade FX and crypto.

Bitcoin Investment & Trading Strategies By Bexplus

For the last 4 years, every January saw a price decline with a similar pattern. According to the Bitcoin Price Index, BTC’s market value fell 32%, 14.6%, 0.1% and 26% respectively in the first month of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Delta Releases Their 2.0 Update, Smartly Connecting the Entire Crypto Space

Delta, one of the leading cryptocurrency portfolio applications, announces the release of their 2.0 update today. This significant release pushes Delta into a new space in the industry as they embark on creating a high quality cryptocurrency platform, connecting everybody in the space into a smartly crafted network.

Digitex Futures Launches Beta Version of Its Commission-Free Bitcoin Futures Exchange

Digitex Futures, a non-custodial commission-free futures trading exchange, has begun onboarding traders to the Beta version of its platform. The Beta of the Digitex Futures exchange is a closed version that will eventually be available to a group of 5,000 traders.

1xBit Adds Ripple (XRP) to Its Gambling Platform

Ripple (XRP) became the 20th digital asset supported by well-known cryptocurrency betting website - The third most dominant cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum, XRP gained popularity among the cryptocurrency community due to low transaction fees and fast transaction speeds, making it a perfect payment solution for crypto-gamblers. Earlier this year 1xBit has already added Verge, Qtum and Stratis.

The Future of BTC: A Guide to Trading BTC Futures with Bexplus

In recent weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) performed relatively well - defending the $3,800 level and stabilzing around $3,850. It also broke through $4,000, which initiated a strong short-term rally. Some cryptocurrency analysts noted that this might be the “earlier end to the bear market." Is the cryptocurrency market undergoing the final phase of the year-long bearish market, and about to initiate a gradual recovery in 2019?

Fast and Secure Crypto Trading Capabilities in Sight, as Amazix Joins Forces with LXDX

While the crypto trading economy experienced unprecedented growth last year, issues such as fragmented markets and unclear compliance have always been apparent. These issues have been restricting access and affecting factors such as market liquidity, both of which have been emphasised and impacted by the current market.

Senior Bitcoin Investor Shares: How to Earn Money in Bexplus During Bear Market

Declining from $20,000, in the second half of 2018 and most recently, Bitcoin has dropped to $3800 at the press time. Bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency speculators are wondering if 2019 the year for the bull. However, in my opinion the bull market may not come soon. Whenever Bitcoin breaks out to $6,000, will the crypto market go up. So is it possible to earn money during the cryptocurrency bear market? The answer is absolutely YES.

How Strong Communities Make for Successful Blockchain Projects

Almost by definition, decentralization depends on communities. Whereas centralized systems hinge upon the actions and decisions of a select few people, decentralized systems delegate power across a far more dispersed group. to offer World’s First Blockchain-Based Investment Bank in Partnership with Archipelago Group and IBH Capital

This cooperation marks the creation of the world’s first physical blockchain bank located in Labuan, Malaysia. The expertise-rich synergy of the successful industry players aims at establishing a blockchain-based investment bank with a dedicated division for handling crypto, the blockchain, and other digital banking-related operations.

New Esports Platform Release Increases the Adoption of MobileGO (MGO) Tokens

The MobileGo team. which describes itself as a ‘by gamers for gamers’ projectm has released its own gaming platform to bring a new experience to gamers around the globe. The Beta of the platform is already live and available for anyone who wants to try it.

Everything You Need to Know About Crypto-Backed and Algorithmic Stablecoins

In Part 2 of our guide to stablecoins, we take a look at all other stablecoin models, including crypto-backed stablecoins and algorithmic stablecoins. These projects generally rely on more complex stability mechanisms compared to traditional fiat-backed coins. They also come with a handful of advantages, particularly for users concerned with transparency and decentralization.   

Prominent Bitcoin Cash Supporter Calvin Ayre Discusses the BCH Fork

Calvin Ayre, an influential billionaire supporter of Bitcoin Cash, says he is supporting the Bitcoin Cash SV chain after the fork. The fork sees Bitcoin Cash split into two chains, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi’s Vision). Bitcoin Cash ABC is supported by the likes of Roger Ver and while Bitcoin Cash SV is backed by Ayre and Bitcoin developer Craig Wright.

The CoinGeek Week Conference is in London this November

On 27th-30th November, CoinGeek Week London will be giving attendees the opportunity to build knowledge, meet peers, investors and future business partners. Topped off with a Calvin Ayre style after party on the 30th, this is a conference not to be missed. Tickets are available here.

Bitcoin Live Gambling: The New Trend in Online Gambling

Ever since cryptocurrencies made their presence online, they have become a force to reckon with in the online gambling space. This article is an in-depth exploration of how bitcoin live casinos work, games you can play on bitcoin live casinos, bitcoin live tips, and the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin live casino games.

Should Charges Against EtherDelta Founder Concern Crypto Developers?

Will recent rulings by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission set a precedent for legal penalties against developers of cryptocurrency exchanges?

As Environmental Costs of Mining Crypto Become Known, Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

According to newly published research, the energy needed to “mine” one US dollar’s worth of the four top cryptocurrencies is more than twice the amount required to mine one dollar’s worth of copper, gold, or platinum. The study, “Quantification of energy and carbon costs for mining cryptocurrencies”, was carried out by researchers at the Oak Ridge Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio and published in the journal Nature Sustainability.

Registration Now Open for ChainPoint International Blockchain Conference

The blockchain conference - ChainPoint, will take place on November 14-15 in Yerevan, Armenia, the innovation powerhouse of the region. The goal of ChainPoint is to showcase business opportunities of the regional tech ecosystem by bringing together global blockchain professionals and creating a platform for for productive dialogue and sharing the best practices.

OmiseGO (OMG) Launches First dApp: Plasma Dog, a 2-D Platformer Video Game

OmiseGO, a second layer scaling solution for Ethereum, has launched their first live dApp. Called Plasma Dog, the dApp is a side-scrolling video game that allows true owneship of in-game collectibles.

Kik’s Native Cryptocurrency, KIN, Is Now Usable on 12 Mobile Apps

KIN, the native cryptocurrency of the messaging app Kik, has been expanding the its reach, as more KIN apps launch everyday. These apps include everything from dating, business networking, productivity, and mental health.

For the First Time in a Year, Bitcoin Is Less Volatile Than the Stock Market

As the stock market takes a wild tumble, volatility measures show that Bitcoin’s price has had less volatility than the S&P 500 index. Bitcoin’s price has held in the six thousand range, telling some that the bear market might be over.

Vitalik Buterin Claims He Isn't Leaving Ethereum, Rejecting Reports

Earlier this week, a controversial article made the rounds claiming that Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, said he will be backing off his involvement in Ethereum. Buterin responded via Twitter, confirming: “I am not leaving.”

Cryptocurrency Ticker App Found To Be Filled With Viruses

Anti-virus app MalwareBytes recently found a new virus aimed at cryptocurrency users. CoinTicker, a price ticker app, was discovered to have been putting backdoors in users’ computers.

New Zealand Issues Warning About Three Cryptocurrency-Related Scams

New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority has added three “suspected scams” to their Warnings & Alerts list. Cryptogain, Russ Horn, and Zend Trade are the companies in question that the government wants citizens to stay away from.

Former Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, Receives the Gift of Bitcoin

After an inflammatory anti-Bitcoin speech earlier this week, Janet Yellen was airdropped some Bitcoin via email. Raz Suprovici, creator of Bitcoin gifting site Biterica, found Yellen’s email and sent her some Bitcoin.

Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange Wins Back Bank Accounts In Court Case

The Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin Max has regained access to their bank accounts at Santander and Banco de Brasil. After the court threatened the banks with fines for “abusive conduct,” the banks gave in and allowed Bitcoin Max to bank again.

New Zealand Government Helps Fund Cryptocurrency Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange Vimba has been awarded a $330,000 grant from New Zealand’s innovation institute. These funds will be used to add new cryptocurrency listings and add multi-signature wallets to Vimba’s exchange.

CGCX Targets 1.5m South East Asian Insurance Users with Archipelago Partnership

On the 5th of October, 2018, entered into a structured long-term partnership with South East Asian insurance powerhouse, the Archipelago Group. The partnership will kickstart a new vertical, namely merchant solutions, that will jumpstart the cryptocurrency business for Archipelago, and at the same time expand the utility of the token.

Creator Of The Ethereum Token Standard Proposes “Reversible ICOs”

Fabian Vogelstellar, founder of the Ethereum ERC-20 token contract standard, presented a talk on “reversible ICOs” yesterday at the Devcon4 developer conference. This token model would allow investors to reclaim their initial investment at any point during the ICO’s lifespan.

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Debuts New Interoperability Spec

The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance recently announced a new software standard that aims to improve interoperability on the network. Named the Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification V2, this specification should make it easier for applications to communicate with each other.

The Top 20 Cryptocurrencies Ranked by Giacomo Zucco

In a recent interview, vocal Bitcoin supporter Giacomo Zucco took a deep dive into crypto and explained what he thinks are the best crypto assets out there. Using a 10-point scale, Zucco ranks which cryptocurrencies are worthwhile. The rankings may surprise you.

CryptoCompare Launches Mobile App for Digital Currencies

CryptoCompare, the global cryptocurrency market data provider, today announces the launch of its mobile application, in response to demand from its crypto trading community.

SME Funding Platform Investx Plans ‘Ethical’ ICO

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were all the rage in late 2017, allowing start-ups to access capital which would typically have been out of reach. By early 2018, their credibility as an investment tool was already faltering. Projects started failing. Scams and bad actors became prevalent. A new financial “Wild West” had emerged.

Thailand SEC Releases Warning Statement On ICOs

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand recently released a report about the legality of certain initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other cryptocurrencies. In it, they warn that some of them have not met regulatory standards and may put investors at risk.

Crypto Exchange OKEx to Remove 58 Trading Pairs at the End of October

OKEx recently announced that they will be removing 42 cryptocurrencies and 58 trading pairs from their exchange due to “weak liquidity and trading volume.” Officials at OKEx call it “housekeeping,” and this shows how exchanges are continually removing weak pairs.

Binance, Bittrex Slash Monero Withdrawal Fees Thanks To Bulletproofs

Last week, Monero upgraded their network to include “Bulletproofs.” This update slashes transaction fees by 90%, which allows the exchanges to also cut withdrawal fees.

Ripple Q3 2018 Markets Report Reveals 122% Sales Increase

Ripple recently published their Q3 2018 markets report. In the report Ripple disclose their increase in sales this quarter, as well as their overall outlook on the cryptocurrency market.

Ten Months After Launch, Bitcoin Futures Fail To Liftoff

In December of 2017, the CME and CBOE launched their long-awaited Bitcoin futures products. Although traders expected this to make the price of Bitcoin explode, Bitcoin is down 70% since, and the futures are not seeing much activity.

Coinbase’s New Stablecoin (USDC) Could Freeze Funds and Censor Accounts

Coinbase and Circle announced their CENTRE Consortium and that they would both be supporting Circles new stablecoin: USDC. In their user agreement, it’s been revealed that Circle reserves the right to freeze accounts and even report accounts to the authorities.

Report Finds Which Banks House The World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The Block has found which banks are used by popular cryptocurrency exchanges. This provides clarity after a week of rumors that Bitfinex was having trouble finding banking relationships.

Bitfinex Reports $45M of Volume on a Tether Market That Doesn't Exist

It was recently found that Bitfinex has a USDT/USD market publishing data to CoinMarketCap. There is no USDT/USD market on, leading some users questioning what was really going on.

Johnny Depp Partners With TaTaTu to Put Film on the Blockchain

Award winning actor Johnny Depp is building a partnership with TaTaTu, a company that calls themselves “Social Entertainment On The Blockchain." TaTatu allows users to receive tokens for watching video content on their platform.

Bear Market Blues: Monero (XMR) Price Unfazed By Decreased Transaction Costs

Last week Monero released an upgrade that cut transaction costs by 80%. Despite this much-needed fix, the market has not reacted, and the price of Monero (XMR) has barely moved. Exchange Hacked for $7.5M Worth of Tokens

Cryptocurrency exchange lost $7.5M worth of their native Trade (TIO) token over the weekend, after it was found that a hacker was draining funds from their cold storage wallets. No users were affected as the funds taken were held by

Boats on the Blockchain: Rotterdam and Samsung Team Up for Shipping Partnership

In a press release announced today, the Port of Rotterdam (Amsterdam) and Samsung disclose the official launch of a pilot program to test a blockchain based shipping system. Officials from both groups hope to use this to decrease transaction friction and facilitate smoother logistics.

Revolutionaries in Ukraine Find “Stateless Currency” in Crypto

The politically unstable region of Ukraine has become an unlikely hotbed for cryptocurrency startups and miners.

Bitfinex Launches “Algorithm Order Library,” Bringing in Complex Order Types

Bitfinex expands its exchange functionality by launching an “Algorithm Order Library.” These open source order programs allow traders to use complex order types like Iceberg, TWAP, and Accumulate/Distribute.

Crypto Lender SALT Adds Support for Dogecoin as Collateral Option

SALT Lending, the issuer of “Blockchain-backed Loans,” has added Dogecoin support to its platform. This means users can now obtain loans from SALT using Dogecoin as collateral.

Only 13% of ICO’s Have A Running Product, Ernst & Young Report Shows

Accounting firm Ernst & Young recently published their second report about ICO’s. In the report, they found that the majority do not have a functioning product, and that most ICO tokens are trading below their initial offering price.

HODL No More: Man Creates Big Red Button That Dumps Cryptocurrencies On Binance

As cryptocurrencies continue to experience a devastating bear market, one trader has built a “big red sell button” to use on Binance. This button sells all his positions with the push of a... button.

Bitcoin Price Isn’t Correlated To Futures Expiration, Research Shows

Cindicator research group recently did a study to determine the correlation between bitcoin’s price and the close of CBOE & CME futures contracts. This study found that as of today, there is no clear relationship between the two.

Famous Trader Tone Vays’ Bitcoin Position Is Now Underwater

Popular Trader & YouTuber Tone Vays recently opened his first BTC trade this year. Hours after, the price of Bitcoin flew to the upside, putting his trade at a loss.

Cryptocurrency Pioneer Predicts “New Bitcoin Bubble” Could Top $100k

Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic token, recently spoke at an event hosted by the Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club of South Africa. During his talk, he reminded the audience why he’s bullish on cryptocurrency, and why he thinks new all-time highs are coming.

Coinschedule and Trecento Blockchain Capital to Launch a Joint Fund to Invest in the Most Promising and Credible Token Offerings and Equity-Based Blockchain Projects

Coinschedule, the British blockchain portal, and Trecento Blockchain Capital, an asset management company, have announced today the launch of a joint investment fund called “Coinschedule Trecento BC Fund”, which will invest in early stage blockchain companies including token offerings and equity-based deals.

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) China Partners With Blockchain Project Qtum

The China division of Amazon Web Services' (AWS) will be utilizing the Qtum blockchain for smart contracts

CFTC Commissioner Warns Smart Contract Developers Of Upcoming Regulation

U.S. CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz recently gave a talk about how blockchains, smart contracts, and prediction markets will be regulated. The discussion hints at possible issues for Augur, the decentralized prediction market built on Ethereum.

Chilean Study Shows Only 39% Have Heard Of Cryptocurrency

A recent study performed by researchers in Chile shows that of their subjects, only 39% have heard of cryptocurrency. The study also found that younger people are more likely to know about cryptocurrency, as well as men and those with greater resources.

The Top 10 Worst Cryptocurrency Investments of 2018

With the bear market continuing to drag on, some cryptocurrencies are posting 99% losses from their previous all-time highs. Find out which cryptocurrencies made the “Biggest Loser” list.

Battle Of The DEX: One EOS Decentralized Exchange Records More Volume Than All ETH Exchanges

Data shows that one EOS decentralized exchange is trading more volume than every ETH decentralized exchange combined. Decentralized exchanges are exchanges built on a smart contract that don’t hold custody of the assets being traded.

TokenInsight Announces Multi-Million Dollar Investment from Matrix Partners

TokenInsight, Inc announced today that it has secured a multi-million-dollar investment in Series A financing. Led by Matrix Partners, the round of funding includes Draper Dragon, Fenbushi Capital, and existing seed investor Susquehanna International Group Capital (SIG).

As Soccer Embraces Cryptocurrencies, Regulatory Attention Looms

Recent months have seen a series of partnership deals involving soccer, the world’s most popular sport, and various organisations in the cryptocurrency industry. A number of top clubs clubs, including Arsenal, Tottenham and Paris Saint-Germain, have agreed sponsorship deals with cryptocurrency companies or announced plans to launch ‘fan tokens’ in order to raise money and improve their fan engagement and participation experience.

NEM Foundation Sets Up Blockchain Hub in Melbourne

Having enjoyed strong support in Australia, the NEM Foundation has its sights on expanding Australia’s blooming blockchain ecosystem by starting a new blockchain hub in Melbourne, where dedicated NEM representatives will be present to engage with members of the public and the community, to help them understand the NEM Foundation's vision of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This comes after period of sustained partnership success with Australian firms such as TravelByBit.

Music on the Blockchain? Sony Develops Rights Management Solution Using Blockchain Tech

A new blockchain-based digital rights management system will expand on previous Sony patent for authenticating, sharing, and managing rights to educational data.

Kim Dotcom (Again) Advises Followers To Hedge With Crypto and Gold

Famous entrepreneur Kim Dotcom recently took to Twitter once again to warn followers about economic uncertainty inside the United States. He said people should buy cryptocurrency and gold to hedge against financial ruin once once-booming markets collapse.

Decred’s New Governance System Allows Users to Control $20M Treasury

Launched today, Decred’s new Politeia governance system allows users to propose, comment, and vote on Decred developments. For the first time since launch, users can now vote on how Decred spends its $20M treasury fund.

Ethereum Foundation Awards Startups And Developers Nearly $3 Million in Ongoing Grant Program

The Ethereum Foundation has awarded 20 different blockchain startups and developers nearly $3 million in its ongoing grant program round. In a post on its official blog on Monday, the Ethereum Foundation Grants Team released its fourth wave of grants. A total of $2.86 million was awarded to 20 different developers or startups for work on client diversity, scalability, usability, security, and simply for building tools.

Mike Novogratz Explains Why the Beginning of 2019 Will Be Big for Bitcoin

Mike Novogratz, founder & CEO of cryptocurrency fund Galaxy Digital, recently went on Bloomberg Television to discuss developments in the cryptocurrency space. Specifically, Mike sees Fidelity’s newest custody solution as very bullish for bitcoin.

3,200,000 IdealCoin Tokens ($1,952,000 USD) Released as Rewards

Following the successful Private Sale, IdealCoin offers users the exclusive opportunity to earn 3,200,000 tokens and join the innovative marketing content creation platform in the next couple of months.

Kraken Announces Tezos Listing

Crypto exchange Kraken has announced that Tezos (XTZ) will be listed on its platform and trading in Tezos will begin today - Tuesday, October 16 2018.  The inclusion of Tezos (XTZ) is a development which underlines the growing influence of Tezos which once held the record for most money raised in an ICO before suffering a difficult period punctuated by infighting earlier this year.

Binance Uganda Launch 80% Ready As Users Can Now Sign Up: Deposits & Trading Coming Soon

Binance Uganda has announced that users can come one step closer to carrying out trades on the platform by completing their account registration process on the platform ahead of the start of trading in two days time. This comes a few days after the company announced the official launch of its fiat-crypto exchange platform.

“Bitcoin Must Die” Says Irish Blog Slugger O’Toole

Popular Irish blog Slugger O’Toole has delivered a stinging criticism of bitcoin, describing its mining protocol as an “obscenely wasteful” process that is contributing in no small way to an impending global climate catastrophe. In a scathing article published on October 12, the blog calls for the “death” of bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Unocoin Finds Loophole to Indian Cryptocurrency Ban

After the Reserve Bank of India banned bank accounts from sending and receiving money from cryptocurrency exchanges, Unocoin found a way to continue accepting fiat. Their new plan is to launch cryptocurrency ATM’s throughout India to allow users to deposit rupees directly.

BitMEX Research: SegWit More Popular Than Bitcoin Cash

BitMEX Research has released an update to their research on Bitcoin’s SegWit soft fork, comparing its use to Bitcoin Cash. The research shows that SegWit is used more than Bitcoin Cash.

Cardano Roadmap Update: Hardware Wallets, Testnet Upgrades, and Marketing Team

Cardano (ADA) has released a video updating their users on the previous month’s development progress. Updates include launch of a light browser wallet, growth of their marketing department, and upcoming support for hardware wallets.

TRON-Baidu Disappointment: No Blockchain Collaboration For Now, Only Rented Server Space

TRON’s hyped partnership confirmed: the crypto company will rent cloud server capacity from Baidu - with no further collaboration at this time but possibly in the future.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Officially Joins Blockchain Company EQUI Capital

Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, has finally announced his role as co-founder in the new blockchain venture capital firm, EQUI Capital. EQUI is a tokenized venture capital fund, who are launching an ERC20 token exchangeable for shares in their company.

OKEx To List Four New Stablecoins In Coming Days

OKEx will begin trading bitcoin against PAX, USDC, TUSD, GUSD stablecoins in the next two days, amid extreme Tether (USDT) volatility.

OKEx Follows Binance In Delisting Bytecoin

All Bytecoin (BCN) trading pairs have been delisted on another large crypto-asset exchange - Malta-based OKEx - following delisting on Binance only a few days ago. Bytecoin tokens must be removed from the exchange by 1 November.

Thai Authorities Arrest Top Suspect in Multi-Million Dollar Bitcoin Scam

The top suspect in a Bitcoin scheme that allegedly stole millions of dollars from a Finnish investor was arrested by police after arriving in Thailand from the United States. The suspect returned to Thailand after his passport was revoked by authorities, potentially opening him up to more charges.

Ethereum Classic Incubator Program Receives 120 Start-Up Applications

Elizabeth Kukka, Program Director for ETC Labs, recently sat down to give an interview and update the community about ETC Labs’ launch. During this talk, she explained how ETC Labs’ waitlist is already 120 start-ups long.

Bank of Zambia Warns Cryptocurrencies Are “Not Legal Tender” in the Country

The Bank of Zambia has issued a statement reminding citizens that cryptocurrency is not legal tender in Zambia, and advising caution when investing.

Bitcoin’s Volatility Shows Its Maturing, Study Finds

Polish researchers recently studied whether bitcoin (BTC) resembles legacy markets or not. Using highly advanced mathematical modeling, they found that over the past two years, BTC has matured into an asset that trades similarly to existing markets.

BTC Developer Jimmy Song on How Bitcoin’s Game Theory Prevents Hacks

Jimmy Song recently appeared on the WhatBitcoinDid podcast. Alongside host Peter McCormack, Jimmy discussed Bitcoin’s game theory and explained how hacking Bitcoin isn’t very profitable.

Canada: Court Rules Bitcoin ATM Not Responsible for Fraud Victim’s Loss

A Canadian woman recently sued a Bitcoin ATM company after purchasing $62,500 worth of BTC and sending it to fraudsters posing as the Canada Revenue Agency. The Canadian Court has ruled that Instacoin is not responsible for her losses.

Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Claims to “Regret Adopting the Term Smart Contracts.”

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin admits: “I quite regret adopting the term ‘smart contracts.’” This shocked many, considering Ethereum has long been referred to as a smart contract platform.

Coinbase Users Facing Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Delays up to a Week

Coinbase customers in contact with CryptoGlobe are reporting unexplained delays when trying to withdraw their purchased digital assets from the platform. 

Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs Are Among China’s Wealthiest Citizens

A few notable figures in the cryptocurrency world have made the list of China’s richest individuals. The new ‘rich list’ from the Hurun Research Institute features people like Micree Zhan Ketuan, co-founder of Bitmain, and Zhao Changpeng, founder of Binance.

U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Bashes Iran For Using Crypto To Bypass Sanctions

The U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network released a report detailing some of the various ways Iranian officials are evading sanctions. The regulator says the regime was using cryptocurrency to facilitate illicit transactions and asked exchange operators to be diligent while monitoring operations.

Institutional Investment Will Bring Crypto Maturity, Says CFTC Chief Giancarlo

Christopher Giancarlo cited the right of the CFTC to regulate cryptoassets, tying them en masse to Bitcoin futures.

Fraudulent Website Uses New Zealand Pm’s Image to Promote Bitcoin Scam

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern has become the latest target of cybercriminals fraudulently using her image to endorse a scam crypto investment scheme. It resembles the near-ubiquitous ‘crypto giveaway’ scam on Twitter, which uses cloned accounts of famous people to defraud people of their crypto holdings.

Crypto Portfolio Tracking App Blockfolio Raises $11.5M in Funding Round

In their recently announced Series A financing round, cryptocurrency app Blockfolio has officially secured $11.5M in investment funding. Investors include BitMEX, Huobi, Pantera Capital, and more.

Top Mining Pool ViaBTC Raises $30 Million in Little Over 2 Hours Through ICO

Recently, one of the biggest cryptocurrency mining pools in China, ViaBTC finished its first high-value initial coin offering (ICO), using the Wormhole protocol and the bitcoin cash (BCH) blockchain. 

Crypto Exchange and Former Employee Fight Over Platform Ownership

A new management platform at the 10th-biggest global cryptocurrency exchange is battling with its former employer over ownership of the potentially profitable venture in a blooming industry, according to Bloomberg.

Crypto Senate Hearing: “Is Bitcoin Perfect? No, but Neither Was Email in 1972”

The Crypto community had a strong advocate at this week’s Senate hearing, and he raised a very interesting point.

Keysheet: "Monero’s The Best Privacy Coin, Stay Away From Verge”, a collection of curated expert opinions on cryptocurrencies, compiled a breakdown of different privacy coins with some insights as to their usefulness and functionality. It said Monero was the best privacy coin, urged buyers to be wary of Dash, and to stay away from Verge.

AARP Defines Bitcoin as "Bunch of Computer code" Criminals Use

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has inadvertently reignited the clash of generations over the subject of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a casually dismissive definition of bitcoin and blockchain technology,in an article published on its official website.

'The Decentralized D’s:' DigiByte's Founder on Why Top Decentralized Projects Aren’t on Binance

Jared Tate, founder of DigiByte, has recently revealed the projects he believes are the most decentralized. Besides BTC, ETH, and LTC, the only three that met his qualifications were DOGE, DCR, and DGB.

Gemini Launches Litecoin Trading Pairs, Postpones Bitcoin Cash Listing

Hot on the heels of its Gemini Dollar launch, Gemini begins support for Litecoin and delays support of Bitcoin Cash citing November forking uncertainties.

Task Force Nabs SIM-Swapping Cryptocurrency Thief Who Allegedly Stole $14 Million

A suspect has been nabbed by the Authorities in Oklahoma for allegedly stealing $14 million in cryptocurrency.  According to sources, he is a renowned “SIM swapper,” who steals victims’ cryptocurrencies through social engineering. 

Cryptocurrency Regulations in UK Could Take up to Two Years, Expert Says

UK professional services firm RPC has stated that regulations for the cryptocurrency market in the UK would take about two years to introduce based on the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) remit. RPC Legal Director James Kaufmann stated the process of initiating the required regulations needs consultations which normally take time.

Cryptocurrencies Have Been Used to Launder $2.35 Billion: Report

Data security company CipherTrace has published a report revealing that $2.5 billion worth of bitcoin has been laundered through cryptocurrency exchanges, with a huge chunk of it ending up in countries with weak anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations. 

Former Coinbase VP Adam White to Join Bakkt As Chief Operating Officer

Adam White, previously VP at Coinbase, is moving to Bakkt, the upcoming physically-settled bitcoin platform with ICE and NYSE connections. Jonathan Kellner, fintech veteran, set to replace him at Coinbase.

Coinbase to Axe High Net Worth Index Fund, Launch Small Retail ‘Bundle’

Coinbase will discontinue its high-asset index fund service citing lack of interest, and pivot to much smaller retail-investor basket product Responds to Genesis Vision’s Restriction of US Users

Genesis Vision announced that it will stop US users from accessing its asset management platform when it launches on Oct. 30, in a pre-emptive move to  protect itself from any potential action by the U.S. Charlie Shrem’s Crypto.IQ has reacted to the decision, describing it as “smart” while berating the SEC.

Cryptoassets to be Scrutinized on a Case by Case Basis by EU Regulators

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has indicated that it will start to examine every initial coin offering (ICO) to see whether it should be regulated. The move is part of a wider goal to put an end to regulatory ambiguity caused by a one-size-fits-all approach to cryptocurrency regulation.

‘World’s First Blockchain Phone Call’, Custom Decentralized Phone, New Blockchain Announced By PundiX

Pundi X release few details of a blockchain-powered smartphone running on a custom internet protocol and a Pundi-built blockchain.

25,000 German Online Stores in Germany to Begin Accepting Crypto in 2019

A Swiss startup company aims to make the use of cryptocurrencies for online transactions simple and safe just as it is with PayPal.The company’s main accusation against crypto is that it is “a currency that is hard to spend.”

Despite Increased Regulation, India Is Considering a National Cryptocurrency

Rumors from the Indian government suggest that India is seriously considering launching their own national cryptocurrency. Although there’s no confirmation yet, after Venezuela launched the first national cryptocurrency earlier this month, India could be next.

Hacked Exchange Zaif Announces Reimbursement Plan for Monacoin Victims, but Not Bitcoin Holders

In a recent press release, the cryptocurrency exchange Zaif announced their plan to reimburse users after their exchange was hacked for $60M. Although a clear outline was presented for monacoin holders, there is currently no plan for bitcoin and bitcoin cash victims.

Top U.S. Universities Delve Into Crypto Investment

Endowment funds owned by some of the most renowned universities in the U.S. are increasingly choosing to include cryptocurrency investment in their portfolios as they go after alternative investments. The move toward crypto investment is being led by Yale University, which recently revealed that it plans to expand its alternative investment holdings to 60 percent of its portfolio by 2019.

Jack Ma: Bitcoin and Blockchain Could be Key Contributors to a Cashless Society

The chairman of Alibaba and one of China’s biggest financial conglomerates Ant Financial, Jack Ma has said that he has a special interest in Bitcoin and blockchain technology because of its potential for establishing a cashless society. According to Ma, the world is navigating toward becoming a society without physical cash movement.

Brazilian Court Says Bank Can Close Crypto Exchange’s Account

Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice has affirmed that banks may close crypto-related accounts without any justification. The case in question was between the Mercado Bitcoin exchange and Itau Bank. Some think the decision could set a precedent for the future.

BCN Community Angered Over Binance, Devs Working On Re-Listing

On October 9, 2018, Binance announced that they would be delisting ByteCoin (BCN) from their exchange. In a recent Reddit post, the developers share that they are working with Binance to keep their cryptocurrency on the exchange.

Coinbase Welcomes Japan Crypto Clampdown

As it awaits its operating license from Japanese regulators, U.S. crypto exchange giant Coinbase has reacted positively toward the country’s toughened stance on crypto exchange platforms. The company believes that this stance adopted by Japanese regulators gives it an advantage over any present competition, and it is willing to prove that the firm can be successful in a market rocked by hacking scandals.

Cryptocurrency Theft Hits Nearly $1 billion In First Nine Months of 2018: Report

Cryptocurrency theft is on the rise. The current figure stands at a staggering $927 million in the first nine months of the year, an increase of about 250 percent from the preceding year. This is one of many insights contained in a new research report compiled by U.S.-based cybersecurity firm, CipherTrace which was released on Wednesday October 10.

Stablecoin Guide: Why are Stablecoins So Important to Crypto Markets?

One of the biggest problems facing cryptocurrencies today is their extreme volatility. By the end of this guide, you will have a solid understanding of how fiat-backed stablecoins work to minimize volatility, the specific mechanisms used by some of the most popular fiat-backed stablecoins, as well as some the larger implications that fiat-backed stablecoins may have for the crypto industry.

Former JP Morgan Exec Says Blockchain Is Coming to Commodity Markets

During a speech at the London Metal Exchange annual dinner this Tuesday Night, former JP Morgan executive Blythe Masters spoke to an audience about the future of blockchain technology. Masters told guests that commodity market supply chains could become more efficient and dependable if they utilized blockchain. Masters explained:

Canadian Bank Freezes $28M Belonging to Cryptocurrency Exchange

Since January, QuadrigaCX, a leading Canadian cryptocurrency exchange based in Vancouver has been embroiled in a conflict with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Quadriga has had to defend itself in court over CIBC’s decision to freeze $28 million worth of funds in five accounts connected to Quadriga’s payment processor, Costodian Inc., and its owner, Jose Reyes.

Gemini Hires Former Wall Street Exec to Head Operations

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has scored a big hire from the conventional finance world with the announcement of Jeanine Hightower-Selitto as the company’s new managing director of operations as it continues its efforts to expand its market share following a recent series of important decisions and hires.  

CoinMarketBook Offers An Alternative To Market Cap

The newly launched site, CoinMarketBook, offers users new measurements for analyzing cryptocurrencies adding up all of an asset’s buy orders to give “buy support,” then calculates “buy support per market cap.” However, some analysts have critiqued the site and its lack of methodology.

Which Crypto Phrases Will Become Extinct? Industry Experts Weigh In

A variety of cryptocurrency innovators and thought leaders have expressed their opinion on what phrases and terms are here to stay, and which ones might eventually become extinct in the future. Some see the issue as a flippant one, while others take the issue of terminology very seriously.

Declining Volume Across Coinbase & BitStamp Suggests Investor Interest Is Low

In a recent report published by Diar, it was found that volume across cryptocurrency exchanges is declining rapidly. Specifically Coinbase, the flagship fiat exchange, had its worst quarter since Q3 2017.

TRON Releases Updated Toolkit For Developers

The TRON team has released a variety of tools for developers to help them integrate DApps into the wider TRON ecosystem. Tools include TronWeb, TronBox, TronStudio, and TronGrid. The toolkit release comes right after the project released a new mainnet version.

Adult Blockchain Site Spankchain Gets Hacked

A few days ago, the adult streaming platform SpankChain had their Ethereum smart contract hacked. Using a similar exploit used in The DAO, the hacker was able to steal ~$38,000 in ETH and ~$4,000 in BOOTY tokens.

New IMF Report Argues Rise In Crypto Assets Could Lead To Financial Vulnerabilities

The International Monetary Fund lists further developments in the cryptocurrency world as a potential risk factor for the global financial system. The Fund’s World Economic Outlook notes how the growth of crypto assets might lead to new vulnerabilities in the worldwide financial system.

Crypto Industry on ‘Brink of an Implosion,’ Researcher Says

Massive declines in daily transaction volumes are a sign of an impending perfect storm of circumstances that could lead to a general crypto market meltdown. This is the warning from economic research firm Juniper Research quoted by Bloomberg on Tuesday (October 9th). According to the study, a number of metrics within the crypto space point to a coming market implosion. 

Switzerland Embraces Crypto With Fund License for Startup Firm

Long recognised as an attractive domicile for businesses because of its friendly regulatory environment and transparency, Switzerland is cultivating the conditions for blockchain and cryptocurrency startups to thrive. One of these startups is Crypto Finance AG. Founded in June 2017, the financial technology holding company has obtained the same license as professional fund managers from Switzerland’s financial regulator, as the country pushes to maintain its financial industry leadership as cryptocurrencies gain more importance.

Alibabacoin Foundation to Be Listed on 9 Major Exchanges at the Same Time

Alibabacoin (ABBC), a recently funded ICO will be listed on 9 different exchanges at the same time this week. Alibabacoin Foundation is promising to offer a platform that will use blockchain technology to connect facial recognition with online shopping and payment options. The company says that it is an industry-first for a coin to be listed on so many exchanges simultaneously. 

Casa Service ‘The Most Secure Way To Store Money, Ever’, Says The Bitcoin Podcast

Alena Vranova, Head of Strategy and Business Development at the Casa cryptocurrency custodial service, and previously co-founder of Satoshi Labs and Trezor, discussed both the Casa custodial service, and the just-released Casa Node in a recent interview with The Bitcoin Podcast.

Old BitcoinTalk Threads Remind Cryptocurrency Analysts of Bitcoin’s Early Days

Yassine Elmandjra, crypto-asset analyst, dug through old forum threads to find classic Satoshi Nakamoto posts. These quotes help illuminate what Bitcoin was like in the early days, when the price was less than $1.00 and it only cost $0.02 to mine a Bitcoin.

Using Sentiment Analysis, Trader Makes 29% ROI Trading Bitcoin

Analyst Marc Howard developed a trading algorithm that employs Google Trends to measure market sentiment. Using his algorithm, he produced a 29% ROI trading Bitcoin over the past 90 days.

54% of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Have Security Issues Exploitable by Hackers

New research by ICORating has delivered a series of insights into the security frameworks of high volume crypto exchanges. The research shows that while exchanges by and large pay a lot of attention to security, a number of serious loopholes still exist, potentially jeopardising the safety of funds stored on these platforms.

Government Blockchain Association’ Will Issue ERC-223 Token, Aims To Be A Government-Private Forum For All Things Blockchain

The ‘Government Blockchain Association’ aims to unite private-sector experts with public-sector civil servants, provide a forum to foster public-private business opportunities and relationships. Proprietary ERC-223 token in the works.

Bitcoin Miner to Build 300MW Solar Farm for Sustainable Crypto Mining

Cryptosolartech, Spain’s largest Bitcoin miner, is leading the charge for sustainable crypto mining, with the construction of a 300 MW solar farm.

Crypto Hedge Fund Pantera Capital Loses 73% Year-to-Date

A leaked screenshot hints that Pantera Capital, one of the largest cryptocurrency hedge funds in the world, is down 73% on their investments in 2018. This performance is worse than strictly holding Bitcoin.

TRON CEO Claims That New Update Will Make It ‘200x Faster’ Than Ethereum

TRON Foundation CEO Justin Sun has claimed that a new network update will result in the blockchain surpassing Ethereum and EOS in terms of speed and transaction costs. Speaking on Monday October 8, Sun promised that TRON will deliver speeds up to 200 times faster than Ethereum at prices up to 100 times cheaper than EOS. Following his pronouncement, markets responded favourably, resulting in an 8 percent price surge for the TRX token.

Digibyte (DGB) Founder Jared Tate Hits Out At Binance’s Listing Fees

In a Twitter thread posted yesterday, Digitbyte’s founder unveils some of the questionable listing practices allegedly undertaken by Binance. Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, is known for charging huge listing fees to new cryptocurrencies.

United Arab Emirates To Permit ICOs To Help Domestic Companies Raise Cash

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates said on October 8th how they will let ICOs operate next year so companies will be able to raise money. Financial officials are currently working to draft regulations that should come into force during the first half of 2019.

Ripple Co-Founder First Crypto Billionaire on Forbes 400 List

Last week, Forbes published their annual “Forbes 400” list, which ranks the wealthiest Americans by net worth. Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen was one of the new names on the list this year, coming in at 383rd with a net worth of roughly $2.1 billion. Forbes noted in their introduction that Larsen is, “the first member of the 400 to make a fortune from crypto-currency.”

Brave Browser Hits 4.6 Million Monthly Active Users

Brave Browser, a free and open-source web browser, originally created by two Mozilla engineers is experiencing an exponential rise in its user base. It has seen its monthly active user base rise from 1.4 million active user (MAU) in February 2018 to 4.6 million active users (MAU) this October 2018.

XRP Is Down Nearly 20% In a Week

Following a strong September performance, XRP price and volume has fallen drastically over the past week before seeing a slight recovery.

Spy Mining: How Miners Make Millions of Dollars by Hashing Empty Blocks

According to Decrypt Media, a number of mining pools have found an apparently legitimate, albeit morally sketchy means of amassing mining fees without confirming transactions. The practise, called ‘Spy Mining’ operates on the premise that mining is fundamentally centred on hashing blocks - whether or not said blocks contain any transaction data whatsoever.  

Ethereum Developer Vlad Zamfir Publishes Blockchain Governance Vision

Ethereum developer Vlad Zamfir has published a Medium article titled My Intentions for Blockchain Governance, in which provides lucid details about his vision of what Blockchain's governance should be about, including its modus operandi and expected outcomes. 

At Blockchain Week San Francisco, the Cryptocurrency Space Grows Out of Lambos & Gucci’s

This week, cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world will storm into San Francisco for Blockchain Week 2018. As cryptocurrency prices continue to dwindle, the conference’s focus shifts from rooftop parties to hackathons and coding.

Bitcoin (BTC) Is Not Truly Decentralized, Noted Economist Nouriel Roubini Says

Economist Nouriel Roubini has expressed doubt about the bitcoin blockchain’s true level of decentralization, reiterating fears that its mining mechanism concentrates nodes in the hands of only a few players.

Volatility Vanishes: Is The Bear Market Coming To An End?

Recent technical analysis shows that Bitcoin’s volatility is declining daily, hinting that there could be a move up coming soon. As Bitcoin rests at $6,550, many traders are confident that the bear market is over.

Leading Bitcoin Exchange Coinfloor Cutting Majority of Staff Amid Crypto Lull

Coinfloor, the UK’s oldest bitcoin exchange, sheds most of its employees, as crypto-asset market goes quiet.

Binance Pushes Blockchain Charity Foundation at DELTA Blockchain Conference, Sets Sights On Africa, UN

Crypto giants descend upon “Blockchain Island” for crypto industry conference, Binance and TRON big contributors to Binance-headed Blockchain Charity Foundation.

Ripple Supporters Push to Make XRP the Official Crypto of the Olympics

A petition to make XRP the official cryptocurrency of the Olympics has reached 9,000 signatures

International Real Estate Company Colliers to Put Properties on the Stellar Blockchain

One of the largest real estate companies in the world will be working to tokenize real estate on the Stellar (XLM) blockchain.

Decentralized Exchanges, Not ETFs, Will Drive Institutional Investor Adoption

The flow of institutional money into the nascent crypto industry has long been anticipated by holders of cryptocurrency. At first it was the futures and now the focus is on the Bitcoin ETF, however, decentralized exchanges will drive the real institutional investor adoption.

Venezuela Introduces Petro-Based Passport Payment System, Migration Police

The government of Venezuela announced that all passport issuance and renewal fees now require payment using their native cryptocurrency, the Petro. Combined with the launch of a new migration police, this measure seems to be an effort to keep Venezuelans from fleeing the country.

Bittrex to Delist Bitshares, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Private

Bittrex announced the removal of Bitshares, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Private wallets from its exchange. None of these coins currently have markets on Bittrex, so users should remove their funds ASAP.

Recent Bitcoin Developments Hint the Bear Market Could Soon Be Over

Between the price of Bitcoin making higher lows and the countless fundamental improvements to Bitcoin, some believe the bear market could be over. The $6,000 price floor has held up, but it’s yet to be determined if Bitcoin is heading to the moon again.

Hong Kong Launches “Faster Payment System” With 450,000 Instant Signups

Authorities in Hong Kong have announced the launch of the Faster Payment System, which is a fintech framework aimed at upgrading the system of retail payments in the country.

Hackers Infect 30,000 Routers in India With Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Unknown attackers have compromised up to 30,000 vulnerable Indian routers, say security researchers. Indian ISPs slow to patch the exploit.

Circle to Acquire Equity Crowdfunding Company SeedInvest

SeedInvest, a company registered with the SEC and FINRA as a broker-dealer, and ranked by Inc. Magazine as the fourth fastest-growing financial services company in the United States, has entered an agreement to be acquired by Circle Internet Financial Ltd, one of the foremost cryptocurrency firms in the U.S. According to Circle, the acquisition will help startups improve their ability to raise cash with cryptocurrency.

Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee: “on-Chain Bitcoin and Litecoin Payments Are Not Peer-to-Peer”

In a recent tweetstorm, litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee explained why he believes standard bitcoin (BTC) and LTC payments are not truly peer-to-peer. This discussion started after a debate with bitcoin cash supporter, Roger Ver. to Use Its 100 Million EOS to Fight ‘Voting Cartels’

Following recent allegations of collusion among block producers on the EOS network,, the company behind the record-breaking EOS ICO, has stated that it will use more than 100 million EOS to fight voting cartels which may be arising in its delegated proof-of-stake governance system. 

Mereo Platform Launched to Vet EOS Block Producers

The Mereo platform, developed to rate and rank EOS Block Producers, recently launched amid fresh accusations of EOS governance problems and the formation of “cartels”. EOS developer may throw its weight into BP voting.

Filing Cryptocurrency Taxes Is No Walk in the Park

The rising use of cryptocurrencies has not gone unnoticed by global governments. Although many have attempted to curtail the flow of value into digital assets, the IRS seeks to tax them. The lack of standardized filing tools in the cryptosphere may be an Achilles heel for the taxation process, however.  

Vitalik Buterin Under Fire Over Ethereum’s Premine

In a recent Twitter exchange, podcaster Matt Odell called out Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin for popularizing premined cryptocurrencies. Vitalik also expressed concern for the energy used in Proof-Of-Work mining.

Renowned Rapper Soulja Boy Releases Bitcoin Rap Song on New Album

World-famous rapper, Soulja Boy has released a new album with a ‘Bitcoin’ rap song that is dedicated to crypto that claims the rapper made $100,000 with bitcoin investments.

Parity Technologies Appends Casper Code to its Custom Blockchain Toolbox

Ethereum developer Parity Technologies has added a new version of the Casper code update to its blockchain platform, Substrate. The new update is a combination of Casper and Sharding which the company describes as “Shasper”.

Blockchain Gaining Mainstream Legitimacy In The Supply Chain World

After an E. coli outbreak in lettuce made more than 200 people sick, Walmart told suppliers to start using blockchain to track food. The decision seems to bolster speculation the technology is catching on and gaining acceptance in the supply chain industry.

Mining Players Nvidia And Samsung Still In Record Profit Despite Crypto Weakness

Demand for DRAM, a critical component in cryptocurrency mining gear, is down; but chipset manufacturers are still thriving, for now. China working to decrease foreign DRAM dependance in all-important sector.  

Roger Ver Rejects Jimmy Song’s Million-Dollar Bitcoin Bet

During the recent CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise (held September 7-11, 2018), Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song and Bitcoin Cash enthusiast Roger Ver had a heated debate about the future of cryptocurrency.

Overstock CEO’s Firm Invests in Blockchain Solutions for Wine Industry

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne continues to make waves in the blockchain industry with his new investment in VinX

Bitcoin Stealing Malware Hidden in Cheats for Popular Game “Fortnite”

A recent investigation by Malwarebytes Labs has revealed that malicious code is hidden in a number of purported cheats for the popular video game “Fortnite.” Scammers have tricked gamers into downloading malware with the promise that they are actually downloading a hack that will give them an advantage over other players in the game. The vast majority of these cheat hacks are actually trojan malware files that steal important data from the user, and could even give the hacker access to Bitcoin (BTC) wallets.

South Korean Official Min Byung-Doo Wants Authorities to Legalize ICOs

Min Byung-Doo, a high-ranking politician who is also the chairman of Korea’s National Policy Committee, has called for the government to “open up the road” when it comes to the cryptocurrency market, according to a recent report. The report also explained that Min Byung-Doo, a member of the Minjoo Party of Korea– also known as the “Democratic Party” – will be introducing new ICO legislation to the National Assembly, as well.

Boxer Manny Pacquiao To Promote PAC Token At Blockchain Fair Asia 2018

Boxing legend and Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao is set to promote his PAC cryptocurrency token at the upcoming Blockchain Fair Asia in Manila as a “special guest appearance”. The token is powered by the Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX).

Filipino Authorities Deport Alleged Bitcoin Fraudster to South Korea

Local media reported authorities in the Philippines have deported a Korean national accused of defrauding people through a Bitcoin buying scam. The team of fraudsters were accused of stealing more than $33 million through a pyramid scheme.

One Year After Launch, SegWit Use Jumps to an All-Time High of 54%

SegWit, or Segregated Witness, is a controversial upgrade launched on Bitcoin last year. Since the upgrade is optional, users have been slow to join. Today, usage crossed 50% for the first time.

Bitcoin Cash T-shirt Used by MMA Fighter in the Main Event of Bellator 206

Rory “Red King” MacDonald, former UFC title contender and now Bellator welterweight champion, showed off his new sponsorship deal with Bitcoin Cash on the main event of Bellator 206.

4 Crypto Investment Funds Worth Keeping an Eye On

Bitcoin’s value has grown exponentially over the years, and that has attracted all sorts of individuals, from retail investors to cryptocurrency enthusiasts who believe in the principles of decentralization.

YouTube Stars Lose 1500 EOS After Downloading Malicious Wallet in App Store

Popular YouTube stars, the Hodgetwins, who have a following of over 4 million subscribers, recently revealed that they had thousands of dollars worth of EOS stolen from them through a malicious wallet that they downloaded from the App Store.

Bithumb to Launch Decentralized Exchange by the End of October

Hot on the heels of StellarX launch, South Korean exchange Bithumb will launch their decentralized exchange by the end of the month, partnering with OneRoot for the backend

$30 Million Dollar Manhattan Development Set to be Tokenized

A Manhattan luxury apartment development partners with Proppelr and Fluidity to assist in a turn towards tokenized crowdfunding as an innovative alternative to the traditional methods of financing.

Former Hedge Fund Head Mike Novogratz Isn't Bullish About Latest Bitcoin Price Prediction

The man behind Canadian Stock Exchange listed digital assets bank, Galaxy Digital, is usually wildly bullish in his bitcoin price predictions. Mike Novogratz has, however, dialed his enthusiasm back and predicts that mainstream investors will enter the market next year.

Bitcoin Software Upgraded to Version 0.17.0 As Ten Year Anniversary Approaches

Bitcoin Core team releases 0.17.0 update, improving speed and privacy of network, and ease of use for node operators.

Commercial Laws To Be Coded Into The Blockchain Akin To “Lego Blocks”, says Yeshiva University Law Professor

Aaron Wright, Associate Professor of Law at Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School, illustrates how law and blockchains will interact, how “natural language” law will be encoded into smart contract “legal primitives”.

Poloniex to Remove Margin Trading Products from Its Exchange

The U.S. based crypto-asset exchange, Poloniex, will be removing products pertaining to margin trading and lending on their platform by the end of the year. As regulatory compliance is now essential for exchanges across the U.S., Poloniex is the latest exchange to clean shop to ensure they are in-line with regulatory requirements

Venezuelan President Announces Official Launch of Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency “Petro”

The president of Venezuela has announced the official launch of the “Petro,” but residents of the country now have a vast selection of other cryptocurrencies to choose from.

Coinbase Adds Wall Street Veteran Dodds to Its Board of Directors

Recently, it was revealed that Chris Dodds, who serves on Charles Schwab’s board of directors, has joined the Coinbase’s board of directors in early October.

Gemini Exchange Secures Digital Asset Insurance

In a move to position itself as secure, Gemini exchange has obtained insurance for virtual currencies held in its custody on behalf of its clients.

Blockchain Considered As A Tool To Facilitate Post-Brexit Trade

Some British officials have expressed interest in blockchain as a tool to help foster and facilitate trade between Northern Ireland and Ireland in a post-Brexit world. Blockchain has been receiving buzz as a trade tool since it requires no border infrastructure.

Digital Searches May Threaten The Security Of Digital Assets

With the world relying more heavily on technology than ever before, the new battlefield in the war against crime and terrorism is cyberspace. However, digital search laws designed to combat the modern scourge may have adverse effects on cryptocurrency investors.

Crypto-Asset Trading Platforms At “Early Stages of Maturation” According to Financial Times, Office of the New York Attorney General

Some crypto-asset exchanges hew ever closer to traditional finance standards, others still out in the wild, say the Financial Times, crypto industry professionals, and New York Office of the Attorney General

Accenture Report Shows Semiconductor Industry is Bullish on Blockchain

A report by Accenture shows blockchain adoption optimism from the semiconductor industry, with the industry’s executive being the most interested, out of 18 industries surveyed in blockchain and other emerging technologies.

The Wall Street Journal Launches WSJCoin - But Does It Work?

In an attempt to explore the cryptocurrency space, a Wall Street Journal reporter travels to Tokyo, Japan to launch his own token. This 24-minute segment takes readers behind the scenes of cryptocurrency development and shows how easy it is to launch a cryptocurrency.

Deloitte Reports says Blockchain Adoption Barriers are Falling

Deloitte, one of the "Big Four" audit firms, has released a new report suggesting the barriers for blockchain adoption are falling. 

Binance Invests in Crypto-Payment Startup TravelByBit

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily volume, has made a strategic investment in TravelByBit, an Australian blockchain payments provider that aims to make it easier for individuals to pay in cryptocurrency.  Binance has injected $3.4 million AUD ($2.5 million USD) into the company, to help expand its terminals, which have already been successfully implemented in the Brisbane Airport earlier this year.

FEC Considers Request To Mine Cryptocurrency For Political Campaigns

The U.S. Federal Election Committee (FEC) is currently considering a law that would allow supporters of a political campaign to use their computing power to mine cryptocurrency.  

Brave CEO Writes Letter to US Senate Calling for Online Privacy Protections

After using the GDPR privacy regulation to go after Google for violations in the EU, Brave browser CEO asks the Senate to pass similar laws in the US.

ShapeShift CEO Voorhees Hits Back at “Deceptive” Wall Street Journal

ShapeShift CEO and founder Erik Voorhees delivers a scathing response to the Wall Street Journal, after he and his company were the main subjects in the Journal’s investigation on money laundering.

Ripple CEO Responds to Criticism That XRP is Centralized

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke this week at the company’s Swell event in California about the differences between Ripple and XRP amidst criticism that the two are the same entity.

Siacoin Says No To Mining Centralization With Upcoming Hard Fork

The Siacoin developers have decided to perform a hard fork to remove high-performance mining hardware from their network. Bitmain and Innosilicon miners will no longer function on the main Siacoin blockchain.

Name Service Developed for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Addresses

This week, the Portal Network, a company focused on making the blockchain space more user-friendly, has announced a new service to simplify wallet addresses for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The service, called the Bitcoin Cash Name Service (BCNS), will allow users to turn their wallet address into an easy-to-read name, instead of the long alphanumeric code that most cryptocurrency wallets use.

Old Meets New in Uganda as Ancient Royal Family Champions Crypto Revolution

Launched by South Africa startup Wala, $DALA is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that has brought hundreds of thousands of people across Southeast Africa out of financial exclusion. More than 100,000 $DALA wallets have been opened, with over 2.5 million transactions processed since the token launched in May 2018.

Name Service Developed for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Addresses

This week, the Portal Network, a company focused on making the blockchain space more user-friendly, has announced a new service to simplify wallet addresses for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The service, called the Bitcoin Cash Name Service (BCNS), will allow users to turn their wallet address into an easy to read name.

OTC Trade Data Shows Institutional Investors Now Dominate Bitcoin Markets With High Volume Trades

Crypto market volume is now dominated by over-the-counter trading as miners and hedge funds prefer OTC trading to exchanges as they can lock in prices for very large orders. Crypto adoption is now being championed by institutional investors not high-net-worth individuals, which many see as a sign of mainstream acceptance.


EOS' Dan Larimer Says All Businesses Will Use Blockchain in the Future

Daniel Larimer, the CTO of EOS, said he believes all businesses will run on blockchain in the future, and explains how the industry will get from “here to there.” Larimer said that early adopters of any new technology are driven by a philosophical belief, but mainstream adoption requires a different approach.

Bill Clinton Makes an Appearance at Ripple Swell Event

Former US President, Bill Clinton, charmed onlookers with his recent appearance at a Ripple blockchain event in San Francisco on October 1. Clinton impressed many guests with his presence and undeniable charisma, but also praised the possibilities of blockchain technology while talking as a keynote speaker at the event.

Tron (TRX) Launches Its First Game, Thanks to BitGuild

Justin Sun, CEO and founder of the TRON Foundation, recently announced the first blockchain game based on the TRON network to the world. The game is called Magic Academy and was developed by BitGuild. Blockchain technology will also allow digital assets to be verified in terms of their value and scarcity, which led to a rise in interest in the CryptoKitties game in late 2017.

Nobel Laureates Throw Their Hats Into The Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Worlds

Some Nobel laureates like Paul Krugman have sounded off against Bitcoin. Others have seemingly decided to lend their expertise and knowledge to certain blockchain and crypto projects, raising questions about how much influence their name and reputation really carries.

Russian Nuclear Agency to Develop Blockchain as Part of Technology Adoption Framework

Rosatom, Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy corporation has announced that it is fully engaged in developing “4.0 technologies” including blockchain technology. Russia has recently adopted a positive position on blockchain technology, however, their stance on cryptocurrencies has been mixed.

Tom Lee’s Twitter Poll Reveals: 45% Believe the Bitcoin Bear Market Is Over

Tom Lee, Managing Partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors, recently went to Twitter to measure the public sentiment on the cryptocurrency market outlook. His poll showed that 45% of followers thought Bitcoin had reached its bottom. The majority of participants believed XRP would be the highest performing cryptocurrency.

PundiX Moves Into Nigeria, With First Bitcoin-Fiat Transaction in Africa on Its Platform

The first exchange of bitcoin and an African national currency over the PundiX platform has taken place in Nigeria, according to a PundiX representative. PundiX slated to attend UN conference on sustainable development later this month.

Professional Chicago Traders Serious About Crypto Even As Market Dwindles

Cryptocurrency trading alive and well in Chicago despite downturn, as professional trading firms continue to hone skills and build infrastructure to trade digital assets. Several professional Chicago trading firms have entered the cryptoasset fray in a serious way.

Crypto Companies Move in on Expensive Hong Kong Skyscraper Offices

The 2018 cryptocurrency bear market hasn’t stopped some cryptocurrency startups and cryptocurrency-related companies from snapping up some of the top spots in Hong Kong, home to one of the priciest real estate markets in the world. Pushing out more traditional financial institutions such as BNP Paribas SA and Goldman Sachs.

Research: 36% of Bitcoin Lost or Unmined, US Govt Blockchain Monitoring Spend Hits $5.7 Million

Chainalysis research suggests that 36 percent of all BTC in circulation is lost, likely lost or unmined. They also estimated that long-term bitcoin investors sold approximately $24 billion worth of their holdings to new investors December 2017 to April 2018. Diar research found that U.S. government spending has increased.

Crypto-Lobbying Efforts to be Partially Paid in Ripple (XRP)

A group of respected cryptocurrency companies has enlisted the help of the Klein/Johnson Group to help lobby Congress to encourage lawmakers to clarify specific regulations regarding cryptocurrency. Alongside the monthly $25,000 payments the lobby group will pay 10,000 XRP which according to data from CryptoCompare is worth $5,732 at press time.

China’s Most Successful Bitcoin Billionaire “Will Not Invest” in Crypto or Blockchain Projects Anymore

Chinese blockchain venture capitalist Li Xiaolai has announced that he is permanently ending all involvement in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. The prominent investor, who is widely recognised as China’s most successful blockchain investor further revealed that he will take “several years off” to contemplate a career change.

China’s First Hotel to Accept Ethereum Opens

Despite China’s controversial and aggressive regulatory stance on cryptocurrencies, the first Chinese hotel to accept Ethereum as a form of payment is set to open, according to local news sources. The owners are not only pro-cryptocurrency but believe in blockchain and its ability to change the world.

The Beijing Sci-Tech Report Embraces Bitcoin for Subscriptions

In an attempt to appeal to newer readers and a wider audience, the Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR) has decided to accept bitcoin as a form of payment for the 2019 subscription of its publication. The announcement is significant as BSTR is China’s oldest publication that covers science and technology, the BSTR has been active for 50 years.

Japanese Cryptocurrency Regulations Tighten to After String of Huge Hacks

Japanese cryptocurrency regulations are being revamped by a self-regulating body in order to protect exchange customers and investors in the wake of ongoing hacking attempts that have blighted the industry in 2018. The Coincheck and Zaif hacks have highlight the urgent need to improve security of Japanese crypto exchanges.

TechCrunch Co-Founder’s Crypto Hedge Fund Will Leave US in Response to SEC Subpoena

TechCrunch co-founder Michael Arrington lashed out at the SEC on Twitter this week, saying that he will be moving his crypto hedge fund out of the US, and is urging other investors in the industry to follow suit. Arrington says that he has received multiple subpoenas from the regulatory agency seeking to gather unspecified data about the firm’s investments.

Gemini Exchange Unveils Upcoming Support for Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

In a recent tweet, Gemini confirmed that they will be listing Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) soon. These additions will expand Gemini’s altcoin offerings and allow more users to buy these coins with U.S. Dollars. With these additions, Gemini positions itself as one of America’s top crypto to fiat on-ramps.

Crypto Exchange Huobi Launches Its Own Social Media Platform, Huobi Chat

On September 26 Huobi, the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has released the beta version of “Huobi Chat,” its new social media platform. It has already invited over 1200 users and hopes it will be a cryptocurrency social network that can create connections within the cryptocurrency community between investors, teams, and consumers.

The Future of Ethereum Part 2: Casper, Sharding and eWASM

In Part 1 of our two-part series, we covered everything you need to know about the Ethereum ice age, the difficulty bomb, and the changes to Ethereum’s inflation rate set to come with October’s Constantinople update. Now that you have a firm grasp of Ethereum’s current development status and plans for the immediate future, we can take a look at the platform’s long-term plans, particularly Ethereum’s long-awaited 2.0 update, which focuses on Casper, sharding, and eWASM.

$88.6 Million Have Been Laundered Using Cryptocurrencies, WSJ Investigation Claims

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently released alarming results of its internal investigation of 46 cryptocurrency exchanges that are allegedly facilitating illicit financial activity. It focused on ShapeShift, a prominent Swiss-registered and US-based crypto-asset exchange.

Opera Teams up With Ledger Capital to Explore Blockchain Use Cases

Opera, the first major browser with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, has announced a partnership with Ledger Capital to see how blockchain could be further applied to Opera products, and to explore other general use-cases of the technology. 

Brits, Rejoice: Coinbase Rolls out GBP Deposits and Withdrawals to All UK Users

Coinbase, the world’s 24th largest crypto exchange by trading volume, announced support for deposits and withdrawals of the British Pound. British users will no longer need to swap their pounds to euros to use Coinbase.

Crypto Exchange Buda Turns to Colombia’s President for Banking Help

The CEO of Buda.Com, a South American cryptocurrency exchange, has penned an open letter to the Colombian president Ivan Duque, requesting his help to re-open and resume business.  This comes after the exchange was unexpectedly forced to shutter earlier this year, in June.

Pornhub Reveals Cryptocurrencies Are Used to Buy Less Than 1% of Its Subscriptions

Pornhub, the largest pornography website in the world, made waves in April when it announced that it would start accepting cryptocurrency payments, and has now revealed less than 1% of users pay using cryptos.

Congress Members Ask SEC Chair Jay Clayton Regulatory Clarity on Cryptocurrencies

Recently, more than a dozen members of congress sent a letter to the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Jay Clayton, asking the agency to present a clear picture of how it views cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.  

The 210-Piece Limited Edition Watch That Can Only Be Purchased With Bitcoin

Hublot has partnered with OSL, a digital asset brokerage, to release a limited-edition watch set, the Big Bang Limited Edition, that can only be purchased with bitcoin.

Port of San Diego Attacked by Ransomware, Hackers Demand BTC

The port of San Diego is the latest reported target of a ransomware attack demanding bitcoin payment. Core operations of the port continue to function, as only park permit, public record, and business services have been suspended. Port officials have not disclosed the amount of bitcoin demanded by attackers, nor is there any released information regarding the attackers’ identities.

Kraken Launches New Altcoin Markets: Quantum (QTUM) and Cardano (ADA)

On Thursday (September 27, 2018), crypto exchange Kraken announced that they will be adding two altcoins to their exchange: Quantum (QTUM) and Cardano (ADA).

Major Indian Bitcoin Exchange Zebpay Shuts Down Due to Banking Freeze

Zebpay, the largest crypto exchange in India in terms of volume, has announced it will be closing its exchange services later today (September 28th).

Ripple Announces “Ripple For Good”, A New Philanthropic Project

Ripple, the San Francisco-based fintech firm that has made tremendous headway in the global payments sector, has announced its social impact initiative “Ripple For Good” in a formal announcement.

Bitcoin Makes Its Way Into Scrabble As A Playable Word

Bitcoin is now able to be used as a playable world in Scrabble, according to a newly-published Scrabble Dictionary. This latest Scrabble update by Merriman-Webster’s also includes words related to the changing nature of technology.

Blockchain Could Tackle New Pharmaceutical Industry Requirements - But Huge Challenges Loom

A sweeping US law pertaining to pharmaceuticals tracking and accounting, which will require stricter tracking of drugs’ provenance from production to distribution, might be a perfect fit as a blockchain application, say health care analysts. This law, the “DSCSA”, will come fully into effect in a few years, and has sent the pharma industry scrambling for solutions for its implementation.

Japanese Banking Giant SBI Group Opens Blockchain-Based Payment Gateway to Africa

SBI Remit, the money transfer division of Japanese financial services company SBI Group is partnering with BitPesa to turn the bitcoin blockchain into an enterprise rail that permits its half a million users to send money cheaply and quickly to Africa.  

Coinbase Announces Coinbase Bundle

Digital currency exchange Coinbase recently announced a new service called Coinbase Bundle to verified customers across the United States and Europe. Bundle allows users to buy all five available cryptocurrencies in proportion to their market share in one click.  

Brave Browser Giving Away 100K BAT To Content Creators In New Contest

The privacy-focused Brave Browser is hosting a contest where they are asking content creators and publishers to produce a short video explaining why they are using the browser and why they are excited about its features. Brave is offering a huge cryptocurrency reward to the winner in the form of 100,000 Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), to be distributed between the top ten content creators.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Up 29% After Bitmain IPO News

Bitmain, the world’s leader in Bitcoin mining products, recently released their Initial Public Offering (IPO) prospectus report. This news was well received by the market, which rallied strongly behind Bitcoin Cash.

Samsung Partners with Square Mining to Create a Next-Generation ASIC Miner

Squire Mining, a Canadian-based company focused on manufacturing and selling mining equipment, has partnered with electronics giant Samsung and Gaonchips. The deal involves creating a next-generation 10nm ASIC chip by the end of this year.

BIS Report Finds Significant Correlation Between Regulatory Action and Cryptocurrency Prices

A new report by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has argued that actions and pronouncements by regulators have a very significant bearing on cryptocurrency market prices, despite the popularly-held assumption that crypto asset prices have no real fundamental basis, and that governments cannot control crypto.

Ethereum Leaders Reunite at the DAV Foundation to Build the Future of Transportation

As it attempts to grab a piece of a booming autonomous vehicle space and bolster its expertise, blockchain start-up DAV Foundation has recruited several current and former Ethereum Foundation members to its team. The Swiss-based non-profit has announced that current Ethereum Foundation members Dr. Greg Colvin and Nick Johnson have joined as advisors alongside former Foundation members Tung Chan and John Frazer.

CoinMetro Eyes Rivals Coinbase With Its New Crossover Consumer and Professional Trading Platform

Coinbase, which earlier this week hit the headlines with its revamped listing process, will soon have a new European-based competitor as CoinMetro releases the Open Beta version of its trading platform ahead of a full launch at the end of the year.

McAfee 2020? Crypto Enthusiast Continues To Test Out Political Ambitions

Cryptocurrency enthusiast John McAfee is continuing to tease out his political ambitions on Twitter by responding to comments from followers and posting polls, including one that asked his supporters if they would be willing to support him as the headline of his own party.   

Blockchain, One of World's Largest Wallet Providers, Launches OTC Trading Desk

“Blockchain,” one of the leading cryptocurrency wallet providers, announced the launch of an over the counter trading desk this week. The project will offer users the opportunity to make large trades outside of public exchanges. Kraken and itBit have similar trading options, but OTC trading desks are not common on exchanges.

Supreme Court of India Set To Hear Final Arguments on Crypto Exchange Ban

India’s Supreme Court is now set to hear final arguments from those against a virtual cryptocurrency exchange ban levied by the Reserve Bank of India in April. The Court was originally scheduled to hear the arguments on Tuesday, but is now likely to hear them today, September 26th.

Gemini Responds To Rumors of Winklevoss Twins Opening UK Exchange

An inside source told the Financial Times this week that the Winklevoss Twins’ regulated cryptocurrency exchange “Gemini” is planning a possible expansion to the UK. While no official announcements were made, a Gemini spokesperson released a statement responding to the rumors shortly after the story was published. 

Coinbase Revamps its Listing Process, Set to Increase Number of Assets

Coinbase, the USA’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has announced a new assets listing framework that will greatly increase the number of listed assets and make listings more frequent than they currently are,  

Research: Cryptocurrency Trading Volume to Exceed US Corporate Debt Trading

A recent study named "Crypto Asset Market Coverage Initiation: Trading & Custody," has bullish predictions for the crypto industry in the coming year. The report found that the trading volume will likely grow by 50% in 2019 and exceed that of US Corporate Debt trading in 2018 and that it is likely to reach 10% of US Equity trading volume.

Canadian City Balances Energy Demands With World's Largest Bitcoin Mining Farm

This week, the grand opening of the largest bitcoin farm in the world was overshadowed by a threat from the city that they would be temporarily shut down in case of a heat wave. BitFury and Hut 8 set up the mining farm in Medicine Hat, Canada with the expectation that they would be welcome in a region that is known as a top energy producer.

Meltem Demirors Calls Out Andreessen Horowitz Investment in Maker Stable Digital Currency

After venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz made a move to buy 6% of all the MakerDOW cryptocurrency in existence for $15 million, CoinShares’s Meltem Demirors questioned the deal on Twitter, writing how it seemed to be a failure from a governance and project management standpoint.

The Apollo Foundation Presents Invention for Overhauling Decentralized Blockchains

The Apollo Foundation has presented a mechanism for secure updates of blockchains with the release of their Updater. The Apollo Foundation’s newest innovation is designed to update the blockchain using a transaction on the blockchain itself, allowing the blockchain to avoid hard forks and to ensure the stability of each node contributing to the blockchain.

USA, China and Russia in Race for Military Blockchain Implementation

Military officials and institutions around the world are increasingly looking toward the blockchain as the next frontier of defense industry innovation and national security development. Blockchain technology may be providing a substantial amount of possibility for militaries, particularly in the field of immutable information storage and logistics.

Pax Stablecoin Has Controversial Backdoor That Allows Paxos To Seize Funds

Numerous stablecoin projects have been announced and launched in the past year, including two which were approved by US regulators this month. One of those projects, Paxos (PAX) was listed on Binance this week amid controversy about a back door designed specifically for law enforcement to freeze and confiscate funds.

URP & ConsenSys Combine Their Efforts Through Ethereum Technology to Engage the Consumer

Universal Reward Protocol ('URP') is pleased to announce that it has appointed ConsenSys France as technical advisor for the design and development of the blockchain layers of its protocol. ConsenSys is a venture production studio building decentralized applications and tools for the blockchain ecosystem.

US Congressman Planning Three Bills in Support of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) is planning to introduce three bills in support of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on the floor of the house. The three bills are titled, “Resolution Supporting Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology,” “Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act,” and the “Safe Harbor for Taxpayers with Forked Assets Act.”

Bitmain Announces Next Gen 7nm ASIC Chip Amidst IPO Controversy

New 7nm semiconductor chip will significantly improve power efficiency in what the company hopes will boost ASIC sales following prolonged rig sales market slump. The release comes as company is accused of concealing poor sales and using false information to boost its valuation ahead of its planned IPO.


Bitcoin Developer Refutes Dotplay Technology, Featured On CNBC Crypto Trader

Bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer has taken a swipe at CNBC Crypto Trader and its host Ran Neuner for unwittingly promoting an ICO which is claiming the impossible on the September 17 episode of the show. In a detailed twitter thread Wertheimer appears to have comprehensively debunked Dotplay’s claims, referring to the Israeli startup as “a group of blockchain-based liars, raising $50m in an ICO”.

Brazil’s Biggest Brokerage is Entering the Crypto Market, Despite Reluctance From CEO

Grupo XP, the largest independent brokerage in Brazil, said they are launching a cryptocurrency trading exchange in the next few months. However, the company’s CEO said he would rather not get into cryptocurrency, but understood that’s where markets are heading.

Research Report: No Evidence That Tether (USDT) Issuances Lead to Bitcoin Price Rises

A previous report by University of Texas researchers claimed Tether grants are used to shore up bitcoin’s support levels. A new report by University of Queensland Business School researcher says there is no evidence that Tether issuances lead to bitcoin price rises. A correlation between Tether grants and bitcoin trading volume was found, however, the researchers pointed out that there are many reasons besides manipulation for this.

Crypto Millionaires Go All Out on Spending Their Newfound Wealth

Despite market turbulence in 2018, cryptocurrency millionaires are still out in force spending their money on everything from fancy clothes, fast cars, exquisite houses, and lots of flashy jewelry. And many of them have no qualms about showing off their wealth on social media.

Robinhood Responds to Critique of Business Model

Following a series of allegations made by Logan Kane and published in Seeking Alpha, FinTech startup Robinhood has responded, defending its business model and denying accusations of favoring high frequency traders over retail users.

SME Funding Platform Investx Hires Royal Bank of Scotland Director

The continued movement of talent into crypto sees ex-Royal Bank of Scotland director Richard Chambers join crypto-startup Investx. Chambers will join as Chief Operating Officer, bringing over 14 years of corporate banking experience to the role.

Ten Years Since the Financial Crash: The Role of Crypto

Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin whitepaper was published just as the world was reeling from the financial crisis of 2008, and there has always been some speculation that the crash was a motivation for this project.

Circle's New Tool Aims to Bring More Women to Crypto

Cryptocurrency finance company Circle has released an educational tool on their mobile application to help new users get up to speed on industry jargon and terminology. Hopes are to expand the diversity of cryptocurrency investors across the board.

New Financial Action Task Force Standards Could Further Hinder Crypto Use By Extremists

The president of the Financial Action Task Force said the group is ready to agree to a new series of anti-money laundering standards in October. Strengthening regulations would make it a lot more difficult for extremists like ISIS to make use of cryptocurrencies.

Vigilante Botnet Targeting Cryptojacking Malware Discovered

A mysterious vigilante botnet has been discovered by security researcher Qihoo 360Netlab which appears to target malware carrying illicit cryptocurrency mining code for the purpose of cryptojacking. While botnets are usually perceived as security threats used to promote scams and covertly infiltrate computer networks in order to hijack their computing power, this particular botnet seems to be doing the exact opposite.

Brave CEO Says Users Can Earn Over $70 Per Year Using Browser In 2019

According to a recent online statement from Brendan Eich, chief executive of the privacy-focused Brave browser, users of the browser can earn sizeable rewards just for viewing ads. Earlier this week, Eich replied to a comment thread on Hacker News, in which he predicted that an individual user could make over $70 in the year of 2019 if they opt-in to view ads through the Brave browser.

Australian Regulator Goes After Fraudulent ICOs and Crypto Asset Funds Targeting Small Investors

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has disclosed its record of regulatory actions against ICOs and crypto asset funds that aim to defraud retail investors by providing them with false information and unrealistic promises, while preventing them from accessing investor protections and guarantees by operating without registering with relevant government bodies.

Crypto Bug Bites NBA as Bitmain Announces Partnership with Houston Rockets

AntPool, the world’s second-largest bitcoin mining operation, owned by Bitmain Technologies, has announced it is to be an official partner of the Houston Rockets for the 2018/19 NBA season. Revealed on September 21st, the partnership comes shortly after Bitmain announced Houston as its choice for a base in the US.

Launched In June 2016, Waves Platform Now Celebrates One Million Wallets

Waves recently thanked their community for helping make the platform popular, as they recently celebrated the creation of wallet number one million. The Waves team has noted a sharp uptick in recent growth due to the increasing popularity of the platform. 

Digital Asset Research Says Zcash Has Unmatched Privacy Capabilities

A lead technician at Digital Asset Research said the firm spent a good chunk of time reviewing everything associated with Zcash and the ZEC cryptocurrency. In a blog post, the company called Zcash one of the most important cryptocurrency projects and hailed its unmatched privacy.

Bitcoin Cash Fork Looms as Rival Factions Disagree on Future Direction

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency is facing a moment of crisis as more than a year after its fork from the original bitcoin blockchain, its community appears to be split down the middle, raising the prospect of another fork amidst bearish market conditions.  

Hashtoro's Alexander Petersons: Bitcoin Mining Will Live

Launched in May 2018, Hashtoro cloud mining service has set out to revolutionize the mining of top coins, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Zcash, introducing a new, efficient and eco-friendly approach. In this interview, Alexander Petersons, product director of the service, tells its story, shares some mining insights and gives his prognoses.

DigiCash Creator David Chaum Emerges With New Elixxir Platform

David Chaum, who gained fame for constructing a digital currency long before Bitcoin, has emerged to introduce a new platform, Elixxir, at Consensus Singapore. He claims Elixxir will be able to process thousands of transactions per second.

Binance Wants to Open Crypto Exchanges on Five Continents

Binance has revealed that it intends to continue its recent spree of expansion, eventually opening “five to ten” fiat-to-crypto exchanges across five continents of the world.  

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell Fires Back at New York's Attorney General

Jessie Powell, the co-founder & CEO of the Kraken Cryptocurrency exchange has recently found himself on the frontlines of a regulatory battle with officials in New York, after refusing to cooperate with a formal inquiry requested by the state’s Attorney General.

RippleNet Officially Active in More Than 40 Nations Across Six Continents

Ripple recently noted their flagship cross-border payments solution, RippleNet, has expanded to cover more than 40 countries across North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. 

Decentralized Exchanges Are ‘Not Just There yet’ Says Changelly CEO Ilya Bere

Ilya Bere, the CEO of instant crypto exchange service Changelly has stated that while decentralized exchanges have a good use case, the technology has not been perfected yet and it remains a while off. He made the comments during the course of a wide-ranging interview with Bitcoinist on September 16.

Former SpaceX Engineer Launches Crypto Exchange For Institutional Investors

Former SpaceX engineer and stock trader Joshua Greenwald founded a cryptocurrency exchange called LXDX, which intends to make trading easier for institutional investors.

NY Attorney General Warns Three Crypto Exchanges May Be Breaking the Law

The Attorney General of New York State Barbara Underwood has referred, Binance and Kraken to the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) for investigation of possible violations of state laws on virtual currencies. 

UK MPs call for Regulations on ‘Wild West’ Crypto Market

Members of the UK House of Parliament have warned that a gap in the country’s financial regulatory framework risks exposing investors to hefty losses and asset theft due to hacks amongst “a litany of risks” under current crypto market conditions which they described as “Wild West”.

Ethfinex Launches ‘Ethfinex Trustless’, an Anonymous Non-Custodial Exchange

The launch of Ethfinex Trustless, a new platform that allows users to trade over 57 Ethereum-based tokens, was recently announced. Ethfinex says the release is designed to fuel a new era of virtual asset trading that is based on security, privacy, and liquidity.

China’s Central Bank Issues Warning Regarding ICOs and Crypto Trading

The Shanghai branch of China's central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBC), released a notice on Tuesday warning investors and consumers about risks associated with ICOs and cryptocurrency trading.

New Lightning Desktop App Looks Like a Big Step Forward

The Lightning Network has been heralded as one of the optimal solutions to issues with cryptocurrency scaling. Some have found it difficult to find examples of progress, but the release of a new Lightning Desktop application by Lightning Labs looks to be a big step in the right direction.

Former Goldman Sachs Exec’s Crypto Hedge Fund Expanding, Despite Bear Market

BlockTower Capital, a cryptocurrency hedgefund co-founded by former Goldman Sachs investment manager Matthew Goetz is actually expanding its staff in the midst of the current bear market, according to Bloomberg.

Jack Yeu Reveals Switcheo Will be the First ETH/NEO Trading platform

Switcheo Network co founder Jack Yeu has announced that the NEO-based DEX platform is set to become the first ever ETH/NEO trading platform, offering services to support both frameworks with an all new trading interface and a new ERC-20 non-custodian trading platform to support Ethereum-based tokens.

Digifinex Replaces Tether with TrueUSD

Singaporean crypto exchange Digifinex has announced its decision to replace its platform stablecoin USDT with TrustToken’s TrueUSD in what comes as yet another blow to Tether’s embattled stablecoin.

TRON Foundation Burns Fifth Batch of ERC20 Tokens

The TRON Foundation said in a September 13th blog post they have burned around 4.9 billion TRON ERC20 tokens. The foundation’s fifth token burning event was designed to further facilitate a transition from Ethereum to the mainnet.

The Future of Ethereum Part 1: The Ice Age is Coming

The Ethereum Ice Age is coming, but there’s no need to be alarmed. Despite the ominous name, the ice age is nothing to fear, nor is the related ‘difficulty bomb’ set to blow up the network. In Part 1 of this two-part series on the future of Ethereum, we will cover everything you need to know about the Ethereum ice age and the difficulty bomb. 

Nearly One Million Computers Are Still Vulnerable to “Wannamine” Crypto Mining Exploit: Report

According to TechCrunch, there are almost a million computers and networks online still vulnerable to an exploit that allows unknown third parties to hijack Windows machines to mine cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Card Issuer Wirex Expands to Canada

Wirex has announced it is expanding to Canada, a leading nation in the global crypto market. The firm is set to offer residents access to its cryptocurrency wallets linked to physical debit cards.

Hard Forks Are a Threat to Cryptocurrency Stability, Study Suggests

A recent study in Springer's journal Environment Systems and Decisions, by Benjamin Trump, an ORISE Fellow at the United States Army Corps of Engineers, looked at cryptocurrency forks.

Popular 80s Brokerage Firm EF Hutton to Raise $60 Million for New Crypto Offerings

EF Hutton Inc., a once-popular financial services company that lost credibility after a cheque-kiting scandal in the mid-80s, is planning to relaunch its brand using cryptocurrency as a hook to attract younger audiences.

Potential Everipedia User Struggles to Deal With EOS’ Entry Barriers

A potential Everipedia user has found that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies aren't the most user-firnedly, at least for now.

$800 Billion: The Story of Crypto Derivatives Exchange BitMEX and Its CEO Arthur Hayes

Seaking to Tech in Asia, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has recently told the story of cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX: from its rocky start to trading $8 billion in a day.

SBI Announces Ripple-Based Mobile Payments App

Japanese banking group SBI Holdings is set to announce the launch of a mobile payments app powered by Ripple’s blockchain-based payment system. Dubbed MoneyTap, the app will be available to users on Android and iOS.

GAW Miners CEO Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Defrauding Investors

After fraud allegations in 2014 and a lawsuit filed by the SEC the following year, the case of Josh Garza and GAW miners has concluded with a hefty fine and a 21-month sentence for him.

Cryptocurrency Regulation Should "Do No Harm" According to US Regulator

In an interview at the annual Singapore Summit, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo showed his support for a “do-no-harm” approach to cryptocurrency regulation, stating that this would avoid inhibiting innovation whilst protecting consumers.

Is Bitewei Gearing Up to Be Bitmain’s Biggest Mining Competitor?

Bitmain has long been dominant in the cryptocurrency mining world, but some think their comfortable market share could be coming under threat thanks to Bitewei, who has garnered considerable press due to strong fundraising and cutting-edge chip technology.

The Future of Finance: Why 70% of Finance Executives Believe It’s Crypto

Consulting firm Greenwich Associates released a report on September 12th that polled 141 executives from institutional investment firms. Participants in the survey worked at a range of organizations including asset managers, investment banks, hedge funds, and brokers.The report showed that individuals at these organizations overwhelmingly believed that cryptocurrency will shape the future of the finance industry.

Cyprus's Regulatory Body Still Exploring Crypto Regulations

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission recently announced the launch of their Innovation hub, geared at developing regulatory framework for the ever growing fintech industry. The CySEC is also keeping a close eye on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


EOS Startup Uses Backdoor to Access User Wallets

A decentralized app (DApp) on the EOS blockchain, Trybe, attracted negative attention following an erroneous distribution of tokens. The developers of Trybe - a blockchain based content ecosystem - chose to then access user wallets to retrieve the accidentally airdropped 8,740 TRYBE tokens.

Another Smart Contract Hack? EOS Dice Game Pays Single User $600K Over 36-hour Period

Following a similar incident barely 4 days ago, a user on EOSBet has been paid more than $600,000 in winnings over a 36-hour period in what is either a record-breaking hot streak or a smart contract breach on the EOS-based decentralized betting platform.

Brave Browser Drops Google Search In EU Citing Privacy Violations

The privacy-focused Brave web browser has recently dumped Google in France and Germany over concerns that the search engine was sharing user data with third-party companies for the purpose of personalizing advertisements. Brave has also filed a formal complaint against Google in Europe, alleging that Google's advertising practices violate the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Huobi Purchases Majority Stake in Japanese Crypto Exchange BitTrade

Global crypto trading giant Huobi has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in BitTrade Co. Ltd, which itself was recently purchased by Singaporean entrepreneur Eric Cheng. One of only 16 government-licensed crypto exchanges in Japan, BitTrade currently supports user trades in some of the most popular crypto assets including bitcoin, ether , XRP, bitcoin cash and litecoin amongst others.

Cryptocurrency Finds A New Home on British Soap Opera ‘Coronation Street’

Mentions of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have made their way into songs like Eminem’s Not Alike, and a number of TV shows. Now discussion about a fictional cryptocurrency has become a plot point of a British soap opera that is watched by millions.

Who Are Today’s Crypto Investors? New Study Finds They Are Predominantly Millenial Males

A new report commissioned by crypto investment app Circle Invest surveyed a group of 3000 Millenials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers in the United States to understand their crypto investing patterns.  

Interpol: Cash, Not Crypto, Still King for Criminals

Despite international regulators' fears that digital currency being used to fund crime and terrorism, a newly published report by Interpol suggests that cash is still king in the world of organised crime. The report lays out ways to reduce use of cash in crime.

Top Universities Race to Teach Courses on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

With the start of the new academic year, students are anxious to enrol in courses focusing on blockchain and crypto technologies. According to a survey of 675 U.S. students, 26% of students want to take a class related to the subjects. Professor Kevin Werbach at The Wharton School notes that this could well be because of students’ desire to increase their job prospects - explaining:

Ripple, R3 Agree Settlement in $19 billion Crypto Lawsuit

Ripple and R3 have announced an end to their long running legal dispute with an undisclosed settlement finally drawing a line under a lawsuit that first became public knowledge last year.

ShapeShift To Shut Down "Prism" Portfolio Service

This week, CEO Erik Voorhees announced that the company's investment product "Prism" will be shutting down. Prism was a platform that allowed investors to create Ethereum-based portfolios with a variety of crypto-assets without having to hold their coins on exchanges.

Leading Crypto Analyst Chris Burniske Shares His Predictions For the Market

Chris Burniske took to Twitter on Monday and shared his outlook on the 'predictable patterns" to expect in the next few months. Though he expects the bear market to persist for some time, he believes bitcoin and other digital assets will break resistance.

Morgan Creek CEO Bullish on Ethereum's Future

During a discussion on September 7th with Yahoo Finance's Dan Roberts, Dion Rabouin and Rick Newman, the CEO of investment firm Morgan Creek Capital Management, Mark W. Yusko, voiced his optimistic opinion regarding the future relevance of Ethereum.

Chinese Company Plans to Repurpose US Defense Department Facility for Crypto Mining

A Defense Department Data Center Could Soon be Turned into a Facility for Mining Cryptocurrencies after Nevada-based crypto-investment firm Wuhan General Group (China) Inc. have announced plans to repurpose the facility.

John McAfee Bound for Malta Blockchain Summit

The Malta Blockchain Summit continues to raise the bar with the legendary John McAfee confirmed as a top speaker for the November show. The Malta Blockchain Summit is taking place at the InterContinental in St Julian’s, Malta, and brings with it four conferences and a massive, sold-out expo floor. Highlights include a Hackathon, an ICO Pitch, a Blockchain Awards ceremony and a Crypto Cruise. The Malta Blockchain Summit is expected to attract no less than 5000 delegates, hundreds of investors, 100 speakers and 300 sponsors and exhibitors from prominent players in blockchain and DLT.

The First Ever Canadian Mutual Fund Based On Bitcoin Has Gone Live

For the first time ever, Canadian investors have the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies without ever actually owing any. Canadian firm, First Block Capital has obtained accreditation to offer a Mutual Trust investment vehicle based on Bitcoin.

Does Crypto Really Need Wall Street?

Crypto was designed to as an anti institutional form of value exchange, does it really need Goldman Sachs?

Ether (ETH) Price Drops to Sixteen-Month Low

Amid a market wide price drop, Ether (ETH) has experienced a very sharp decline, losing around 90% of its value since its all-time-high. Sparking a surge in Ether shorting on exchanges.

KPMG Announces New US Blockchain Leadership

KPMG has followed up on its July 31st blockchain investment report with the announcement of a new US blockchain leadership made up of three industry-related experts, highlighting the auditing giant's intention to become a sector leader.

Apollo Currency Surprises By Declining HitBTC Listing

Apollo Currency, after being approved for listing on the HitBTC exchange has declined the listing - perhaps setting a new precedent for the industry. Could The McAfee Alliance harm HitBTC's reputation?

The Bank Of Korea Has Warned That The Kimchi Premium Could Resurface

After cryptocurrency demand outstripped Supply in South Korea, causing a disparity in cryptocurrency prices on local exchanges compared with global exchanges, the BOK (Bank of Korea) stepped In To Stop The So Called Kimchi Premium, But They Now Warn It May Happen Again.

LA Dodgers Baseball Team to Pioneer the ‘First Crypto Giveaway in Sports’

Nearly six decades after player specific ceramic figurines were introduced, the Dodgers will play a lead role in what is hyped as “the first Crypto giveaway in sports”. The digitized bobblehead giveaway will take place during the September 21st LA Dodgers vs San Diego Padres game.

The Supreme People’s Court of China Makes Blockchain Data Admissible As Evidence

Despite the People's Republic of China taking a notoriously aggressive stance against cryptocurrencies, the Supreme People's Court of China recently announced a ruling that blockchain technology can now be legally used in court to confirm the authenticity of evidence in legal disputes.

EF Hutton Publishes Crypto Research Covering Top Cryptocurrencies

The 114 year old investments services firm, EF Hutton, a subsidiary of HUTN Group Inc, has started offering 'subscription only' cryptocurrency oriented market research. The first report covers seven top cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), EOS (EOS), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), and Cardano (ADA). 

Ethereum Name Service Now Supports .xyz Domains

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) developer, Nick Johnson, this week announced that .xyz domains are now supported by the Ethereum main net's ENS domain registrar. Users who would like to purchase the domain can do so through any Domain Name Service registrar and use it like any .eth domain.

The Economist Labels Cryptocurrency Useless, But Not Blockchain

On August 30th, financial publication The Economist published a somewhat scathing article in which the shortcomings of cryptocurrency thus far were glaringly highlighted.

BitRefill Adds Amazon Gift Cards to Its Platform

BitRefill announced the new service and says it allows users of its platform to buy Amazon gift cards using cryptocurrencies in just four simple steps. The supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Dogecoin.

South Korea to Establish Financial Innovation Bureau to Nurture Crypto

The South Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) has created the Financial Innovation Bureau to oversee its burgeoning crypto sector. The new approach to cryptocurrencies has been developed to ensure consumer protection and help the country keep pace with evolving financial innovation.

UK Police Seize and Convert Bitcoin in Criminal Probe

Surrey Police have netted £1.25m worth of bitcoin from its seizure of money and assets from Seregjs Teresko, a convicted Latvian money-launderer with ties to organised crime. According to the FT, the force becomes the first in the UK to seize and convert bitcoin as part of a criminal probe.

Zug May Lose Its ‘Crypto-valley’ Crown Unless Regulators Ease Up

Switzerland renowned as a crypto-friendly nation due to its virtual currency hub, “crypto valley,” in Zug and its status as a tax-free haven for crypto investors, is losing popularity among crypto companies due to its more stringent regulatory framework.

Bitmain, Canaan and Ebang: The First Crypto Mining ‘Unicorns’

The three crypto mining companies have been valued at more than $1bn in the Q2 Unicorn Index from the Shanghai-based Hurun Research Institute. The report features crypto companies for the first time.

Quantreq Launches the First Crypto Fund-Only Administrator

Quantreq Capital Markets, an international provider of cryptocurrency capital market services, has launched with the first crypto fund-only administrator along with an OTC order-flow execution desk.

Japan’s FSA Forms New Division to Keep Up With Crypto

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has set up a new division, The Strategy Development and Management Bureau (SDMB), which will be tasked with tackling cryptocurrency, fintech, and money laundering matters.

Mastercard to Speedup Cryptocurrency Payments with New US Patent

Mastercard has been granted a US patent for a new process to speed up cryptocurrency payments. The company wants to reduce the limitations of the blockchain, namely the time taken, for a blockchain-based transaction to be processed.

Crypto Exchange Hires Senior PWC Exec

The talent flight to crypto sees another senior executive join the industry with Ben Ingram, former PwC director of digital strategy, appointed as CEO for crypto exchange

BitPay Becomes First Payment Processor to Receive BitLicense in New York

Crypto payment processor BitPay has received a BitLicense, the special virtual currency license from the New York Department of Financial Services (DSF). The permit allows BitPay to offer clearing and settlement services to New York-based companies that want to make transactions with crypto.

First Crypto Only Acquisition Inked in Hong Kong Science Park

The Singapore-based CyClean.IO has purchased a little known but innovative Hong Kong shared bicycle company. The acquisition would have been unremarkable but for the fact that the transaction was completed entirely in crypto.

South Korea’s Largest Exchange Bithumb Starts Global Expansion Plan with Japan and Thailand

South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is planning to expand into Japan and Thailand.

Kaspersky Labs Says $10 M in ETH Stolen This Year Via Social Engineering Scams

A new report from global cyber-security firm, Kaspersky Labs says that a relatively new fraudulent trend, cryptocurrency social engineering schemes, helped criminals net nearly $10m this year.

New York Encourages Crypto Miners with New Power Rates

Up-Sate New York has cheap electricity due to the massive hydroelectric power plants which provide an abundance of low-cost energy, as a result New York authorities cleared 36 municipal power suppliers to charge miners a higher rate than that paid by other customers.

Trump's New Task Force to Take On Crypto Crime

US President Donald Trump has issued an executive order authorizing a new task force to develop guidance for crypto fraud investigations. The task force aims to protect consumers and combat money-laundering and investment schemes.

India Reportedly Not Banning Crypto Instead Labelling as Commodities

The Indian crypto censorship battle rumbles on as new reports emerge that the government will now not ban virtual currencies after all but instead codify them as commodities.

Stasis Wants Its New Stable Coin to Be the Backbone of the Crypto-economy

The Malta-based crypto company Stasis has launched a new digital currency project called EURS which it says will combine the vast potential of the cryptocurrency market with the stability and reliability of traditional currencies.

Coinsquare and DLTA 21 Partner to Launch Crypto Exchange in Japan

Coinsquare, a Canada-based crypto exchange and DLTa 21 Blockchain Corp. a global blockchain investment bank, have announced a strategic partnership to launch a centralized cryptocurrency trading platform for customers in Japan.

'Taiwan Digital Token': Taiwan's New Ethereum (ETH) Based Stablecoin

A fintech firm has created a new digital currency tied to Taiwan dollar. Green World Fintech Services announced that the new 'Taiwan Digital Token,' a 'Stablecoin' based on the Ethereum block-chain network has been developed using the Ethereum network, and will be called the Taiwan Digital Token (TWDT).

A16ZCrypto, Binance Take a Stake in Oasis Labs Inc

Oasis Labs has raised $45m to launch privacy-first cloud computing solution on blockchain. The company managed to lure some of the biggest names in venture capital and cryptocurrency to the project.

Philippine Central Bank Authorizes Two New Crypto Exchanges

Two new digital currency exchanges have been accredited by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). The Deputy Governor of the BSP Chuchi G. Fonacier has announced that Philippines, Inc. and ETranss have now been authorized as exchanges, allowing them to convert pesos into virtual currencies.

Sichuan Floods Expose Key Risk for Bitcoin Miners

Extreme weather conditions are being blamed for a dip in the global hashrate. Published charts suggested a 30 percent drop in the hashrate and this is being attributed to the recent flooding in China.

Huobi’s Pushes into Australia with New Crypto Exchange and Blockchain Investment

Huobi, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, has launched in Australian. Trading has started with ten pairs exchanged for the Australian dollar and the company says it will add more trading pairs in the future.

Venezuela to Finance Country’s Social Housing Projects with Crypto

Venezuela’s Minister of Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel, has announced that the country’s government is planning to finance the construction of a large social housing project with its oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro. However, many believe the project is purely to pump demand for the Petro.

Interest for Bitcoin Highest in South Africa

South Africa is luring big payers in the crypto ecosystem driven by populous demand. According to data from Google Trends, South Africa is the highest ranking country worldwide with interest for Bitcoin. Demand is drawing international exchanges and major asset managers to set up their services in the country.

Bitcoin Mining Wars Are On with Launch of GMO’s B3

Japan’s Internet Giant GMO has launched a new upgraded 7nm Bitcoin Miner. The upgraded model, which it is calling B3, is equipped with 7nm ASIC mining chips. The previous model was sold out.

Japan to Change How It Regulates Crypto

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) is considering changes to the way it regulates cryptocurrency exchanges. The amendments will mean crypto exchanges will be regulated by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (FIEA), instead of the current legal framework, the Payment Services Act.

Crypto Hardware Prices Set To Plummet in July

The recent decline in profits for miners has led to a dampening of demand for graphics cards and many suppliers are planning to cut prices to clear their inventory. Due to the fall in cryptocurrency prices and a large increase in mining difficulty, mining growth has ground to a near halt.

Bermuda to Amend its Banking Act to Keep Up With Crypto

The Government of Bermuda will make changes to its Banking Act in order to establish a new class of bank to help deliver services to local fintech and blockchain organizations. This new announcement follows a recently created ICO Bill and Digital Asset Business Act which were drawn up to attract companies in the blockchain and virtual currency space.

Can Crypto Break Central Banks?

The European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) latest dialogue, Virtual Currencies and Central Banks Monetary Policy: Challenges Ahead, says cryptocurrency is unlikely to take the place of fiat currency, even in the long term.

Crypto is The Fastest Growing Segment of The Hedge Fund Industry

Despite the widespread sense of regulatory confusion and cryptocurrencies’ enormous value losses in recent months, investment from venture capital (VC) firms and hedge funds has grown significantly.

My Big Coin Could Determine CFTC’s Powers over Crypto

A legal case involving virtual currency My Big Coin is being closely watched because the outcome could determine if the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has the authority to fight fraud associated with cryptocurrencies.

Novogratz Invests $15 M in Crypto Startup

Ex-hedge funder manager, Mike Novogratz has invested $15m in AlphaPoint Corp, an exchange platform that supports blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in an effort to further develop the crypto-sphere.

PWC Report: 2018 ICO Volume Already Double 2017 Funds Raised

ICO sales jumped to $13.7bn in the first five months of the year, the report also found only a third of ICOs successfully closed funding. A new report by PwC Strategy and the Crypto Valley Association provides an update on the global initial coin offering (ICO) market. 

Binance Announce Launch of Uganda Fiat-Crypto Exchange

Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges has announced it will launch a fiat trading pair in Uganda. The new platform, called Binance Uganda, will be the company’s first foray into fiat-crypto trading, supporting the Ugandan Shilling, alongside major cryptocurrencies, and is set to launch imminently.

Florida Recognizes Crypto Growth with Appointment of New Crypto Chief

Recognizing the growing use of crypto payments throughout the US state, Florida is to get its own crypto chief. All ICOs and cryptocurrency companies will be under the supervision of the new crypto chief and will have to register with the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR).

Crypto Exchange Uphold To Acquire JNK Securities

Uphold, a global digital money platform has agreed to acquire New York-based broker-dealer JNK Securities Corp., in the latest move by a crypto platform to manoeuvre itself towards traditional markets.

European Parliament Says Yes to Digital Currencies but No to Crypto

In its latest report on Virtual Currencies the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee is showing support for digital currencies, but not crypto. The authors believe that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin cannot supplant traditional currencies to any significant degree.  

India Reverses Stance on Crypto and Plans New Regulatory Regime

Subhash Chandra Garg, Secretary of India’s Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) at the Ministry of Finance, has told reporters this week that draft regulations have been put together for a framework for the use of digital currencies. New crypto rules could come as early as July.

Celo Closes $6.5m Round From Coinbase, Andreesen Horowitz and Other Top Crypto Investors

Coinbase, Crypto Hedge Funds and some senior crypto CEOs have collectedly invested $6.5m in the blockchain startup, Celo. Also participating in the round were Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Polychain Capital, Coinbase, Reid Hoffman – co-founder of LinkedIn, Jack Dorsey – co-founder and CEO Square and Twitter, Naval Ravikant - CEO and founder of AngelList, Linda Xie, Arianna Simpson, Social Capital, Lakestar, and others.

Bahamas Will Pilot State-Backed Digital Currency

The Central Bank of The Bahamas is to introduce a pilot digital currency. The announcement from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Hon. K. Peter Turnquest was made at the Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference taking place this week.

Toronto Stock Exchange to Add Second Blockchain ETF

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is set to trade a new blockchain ETF (exchange-traded fund), the second launched this month in Canada and could lead the way for a Bitcoin-based ETF.

World's Largest Crypto Data Centre Partners with Leader in ASICs Mining Technology

Coinmint joins forces with mining hardware firm, Innosilicon, for its new 1340-acre facility. The 435-megawatt site in Massena, New York, maintains the largest capacity from a digital currency data centre in the world.

US Government Makes Execs Declare Their Crypto Holdings

The United States Office of Government Ethics (OGE) has issued a legal advisory notice advising employees of the US executive branch to disclose their cryptocurrency holdings. The notice declared that virtual currency is “property held ... for investment or the production of income” and therefore must be disclosed.

Ireland to Lure BlockChain Multinationals with Launch of New State-backed Platform

Blockchain Ireland launched last week with the ambition to lead the world in the fast growing Blockchain sector. The initiative is being led by Enterprise Ireland, the IDA and ConsenSys, the company established by Joe Lubin, one of the co-founders of ethereum. The project aims to position Ireland as a centre of excellence for blockchain technologies.

Jersey Government Inks Deal with Binance for GBP/Crypto Exchange

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is to set up the first Sterling to crypto exchange in Jersey – potentially bringing millions of dollars into the Island’s economy. Binance Labs uses Jersey as its stepping stone to European expansion.

Thai SEC Legalizes Seven Cryptocurrencies

Thailand has become the latest Country to permit Cryptocurrencies in its digital asset trading markets. The country's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced they have legalized seven cryptocurrencies and also released new regulations that will govern Thailand's growing cryptocurrency industry.

Apple Concedes To Developers with New Rules for Crypto Apps

Apple has made revisions to its crypto App rules following lobbying from developers. Apps that mine cryptocurrencies using the iPhone’s chipset are strictly barred allowing only those that do not perform crypto mining. Other rules affect ICOs, mining and various other crypto related topics.

Canada Closes Doors to Crypto Mining

Canada’s Quebec province has halted all licenses for new currency mining projects while it reviews their power usage and fees. Quebec’s energy ministry said it ordered Hydro Quebec to hold off on connecting new digital currency mining operations because it wants regulators set new roles for the industry.